ZED RUN has been around since 2018, has been featured in the NY Times, received $20M in funding from Andreessen Horowitz in the summer of 2021 as it surpassed 80K stables. An NFT based horse racing game with fun complexity continues to grow and entertain more racers.

Cool project, am I too late to this?
Short answer: no
Long answer: no

The ZED RUN platform continues to evolve and some of the best stables have only just got started in April of 2021 because of how quickly the rules of racing change. Arbitrage Racing has been able to CRUSH old-school stables with more expensive horses by simply following the data and opportunities of the platform.

What's more, there are still thousands of Genesis horses still to drop and there are tons of new features of the game that are going to drop according the product pipeline. In addition to this, they are growing in a horse racing gambling audience that has TON of money and upside: "The legal market handle on horse racing in the United States in 2018 was $11.26 billion while experts predict the illegal sports betting market could be anywhere from $80 billion to $150 billion annually." (Wikipedia).

Finally, the ZED RUN community continues to add value for new racers including launching $20K per day in free races open to anyone with a horse.

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