The NFT landscape is constantly evolving and there are plenty of great NFT news sources to stop on top of the non-fungible token market. Here's the 3a NFT list of the top NFT news sources.

General NFT News

  • Zima Red - Andrew Steinwold has been collecting and investing in NFTs for far longer than most, and his expertise shows in his Zima Red newsletter, which he’s published regularly for over 2 years. 
  • Lucky Trader - A relatively new NFT news source, Lucky Trader provides insights into specific projects and covers some practical tips for collectors.
  • Letters from a Zeneca_33 - Published by a successful NFT trader, Zeneca shares insights that go beyond news articles and get into some of the bigger picture issues around NFT collecting.
  • Daily NFT News - Branavan shares news on a daily basis, with highlights from Crypto-Twitter, notable NFT sales and highlights from the Treasure marketplace.  
  • NFT Now - NFT Now is a multimedia news & analytis platform focused on NFTs. Founded by well known NFT collector Matt Medved, NFT Now features a talented team of writers to cover the NFT space. 
  • Metaversal - Bankless’ NFT focused newsletter is written by William M Peaster, an experienced NFT collector & longtime crypto-writer. Topics are explained in simple manners that makes it easy to discover, understand and use new NFT platforms and apps. 
  • NFT Evening - NFT news with mulitple posts on a daily basis, covering projects, NFT social media, and more.
  • NFT Plazas - Regularly updated nwes covering the broad NFT space
  • Blog | NFT discovery and trend analysis | - In addition to NFT data, NonFungible published NFT news on its blog.

NFT Art News

  • NFTs Articles | Artnet News - Artnet, an online publication covering many relams of the art world, features a category of NFT art news.
  • CrtypoArtNet - CryptoArtNet covers crypto art, including many of the most well known artists in the space.
  • Blog — Artnome - Jason Baily, aka Artnome, maintains a blog covering cryptoart with the help of some well known crypto artists.

NFT Related Crypto News

  • OurNetwork  - OurNetwork covers a range of web3 topics from a data perspective. Many issues feature at least some mention of NFTs.
  • EthHub Weekly - A good roundup of all the major news related to the ethereum network.
  • Decrypt - Covers a range of crypto topics, including frequent NFT related news.
  • Cobie | Substack - Cobie is a longtime crypto investor and his newsletter provides good lessons and advice that can easily be applied to the NFT market.
  • Milk Road  - A web3 newsletter from Shaan Puri, who's created successful web2 newsletters in the past. Many issues include news related to NFTs.