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Theme: What IF you had a 30-second Super Bowl NFT Ad

Last year was the crypto bowl, this year FTX stole everyone’s money before they could waste it. But What if we were given $7m  (4630ETH) for 30 seconds to move the needle on NFT adoption. What would it involve?

  1. A clear and concise explanation of what NFTs are: The ad should explain NFTs in a way that is easy for the average viewer to understand, highlighting their unique characteristics and benefits.
  2. A memorable and impactful visual: The ad should feature visually stunning and attention-grabbing graphics, animation, or imagery that captures the viewer's imagination and conveys the excitement and potential of NFTs.
  3. A call to action: The ad should include a clear call to action, encouraging viewers to learn more about NFTs and how they can get involved in the market. This could be in the form of a website, social media account, or other promotional material

1. The emotional appeal of the timelessness of the art. Passing it down to the next generation
The uniqueness and rarity of NFTs, highlighting their scarcity and value as collectible items.

2.The democratization of art ownership through NFTs, allowing anyone to own a piece of valuable and authentic digital art.

3. The investment potential of NFTs, emphasizing their potential for appreciation in value over time.

4. The environmental benefits of NFTs, highlighting the reduced carbon footprint and resource usage compared to traditional art.

Maybe… not call them NFTs. maybe call them #Ownies  :P


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