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Solana listed on Opensea opens up a new market in the same way that altcoins getting listed on Coinbase help pump their value. Is there a play? But how to balance this with the fact that 26% inflation occurs on Solana annually and Avalanche is 9% annual inflation. 


[00:00:00] Today on all about affordable NFTs. We're talking about the Coinbase open C and F T effects. We just made that up just now, just for you. Andrew has.

[00:00:10] Going well, back in our normal recording scheduled George, it's good to, good to talk NFTs again. I feel like

[00:00:17] people would probably really missed us and we had a, I gotta say I didn't appreciate the aggressive schedule of the Monday, Wednesday, Friday until like we were both traveling for a week.

[00:00:28] It it makes it very difficult to stay on top of crypto news and also record. So I'm glad we're back. Yeah.

[00:00:35] Yeah. I mean, it's tough to stand up a crypto news. Anytime you take a day or two away and

[00:00:41] things, it's disturbing. I feel like it's, when you take that break, you realize how much, no, sadly or truthfully time you're putting into like looking at all of these things, because when you don't do it, you come back and you're like, oh my God.

[00:00:55] What's what's an internet. What's what's it been to?

[00:00:58] Yeah, it's a lot of times Dan, on top of these things.

[00:01:02] Yeah. But real quick at the high level, from the, the past seven days, it looks like NFTs up about 27% and there are certain projects that are taking off, but again, it's a lot of the power law, a lot of the common names you see moving and the long tail shrinking, but there's a couple of new, new folks moving up.

[00:01:20] Yeah. Yeah. We've definitely seen some big, big volume it seems to, at least as we record this, it seems to maybe topped off a bit. But one thing I've noticed is the number of sales has been climbing. It was the, just the other day was the most sales in a single day that I've ever seen and NFTs.

[00:01:41] So are at least on a theory and based NFTs. Not just, was it a big volume day, but it was. Well, so a lower average price and we've seen in the past, but that's, I think that's a good sign. I think the number of sales is

[00:01:54] that's a fantastic

[00:01:55] sign, probably a sign that more people are getting into it.

[00:01:58] I didn't know, to take a look at the the number of wallets that day yet, but but I think in general, if we're seeing more trading it's, it means people are going to see this as a more, see project is more viable to continue to get into and be able to get out of.

[00:02:12] Okay, what else do we see? We have open C just said they're integrating Solano, NFTs and ape.

[00:02:19] Yeah. All right. So, so wanna MTS, we haven't talked a lot about this, although we have talked a little bit about cross chain raising and we have not talked much about Solana NFTs. It's a big marketplace and they're coming to open sea. And as you've mentioned, that's an exposure to a lot of people with a lot of an FTE capital.

[00:02:41] This is a chance for sort of at least merging markets and for better or worse spoken, see is the. The leader, it's the town square and all copycats. It's also important. Well, sorry, copycats, maybe unfair. Other marketplaces will probably see this and realize they have to follow in suit that there is more than one hub and, and pulling them all together will spread that sort of larger larger, long tail of individual purchases.

[00:03:08] So they said sometime in April, I don't see an exact date though.

[00:03:14] Yeah, I don't see an exact date either. They did say in April. So I think that's, we can, at this point, assume that sooner than when Coinbase, when Coinbase NFT actually a marketplace that actually begins our debuts. Since we haven't heard much on that front in a long

[00:03:32] time We're going to be sort of looking at this, I think a bit more in our, in our theme.

[00:03:38] So I don't want to run too much of the conversation on that. You want to get into the real stuff with Gwyneth Paltrow, we always have to have a celebrity.

[00:03:45] What's going on here. We've got a few of them here. Don't worry. We've got . So there's an article in the Washington post, just discussing how they're pushing women to invest in NFTs.

[00:03:53] Kind of looking at, I'd say that it's not all positive here. Kind of looking at how they are pushing women to get into this in the name of feminism and maybe. Maybe it is that, but there's obviously an ask of invest your, your crypto in these products or investor money in crypto and then in these NFT projects.

[00:04:17] So I think it is interesting that there that there are are I think it's great that there are people trying to push more women to get into NFTs and crypto. We certainly see some projects that are more women focused do quite well. At the same time, I hope that it's being done in in the right way.

[00:04:37] And know, I think this article is at least worth a read if you're interested in in sort of the gender split in NFTs and crypto.

[00:04:45] Yeah. It I think you can, you can kind of tell when they're like pulling in the, the question marks and the truth is not all the projects. People go after are gonna go up, but hopefully it's more about the narrative of how to approach investing, but also the truth is there are creators.

[00:05:03] And if the market is only white males of a certain age range, and so too, will the projects they focus on. And if it's really going to be. A large inclusive environment. There has to be sub-markets and in this article they're comparing it to like designer high-class handbags saying like, no, I'm trying to, and starting to look at my NFT collection, like just things of status that I want to have and and own.

[00:05:26] So, it's it's interesting. You're right.

[00:05:28] All right. So we've got another, of course, a celebrity in this headline here, we've got the Tom Brady led autograph bio platform partnering with ESPN. So I'd say that's a pretty significant partnership for this platform, adds a lot of credibility. And I think with both fans and athletes and it seems like.

[00:05:47] At this autograph platform is is developing well, getting a lot of attention. And you can't ignore the Tom Brady name there again. You George.

[00:05:56] Well, you can, if you're Vitaly booter and. Doesn't know who Tom Brady is a

[00:06:03] good bird. I think he does know now that he knows he's a fan,

[00:06:06] now that he knows he's a big fan, he's like, you're the, you're the, you're the goat.

[00:06:11] But yeah, ESPN getting into it very clearly. It's not fully clear to me how they have a multi-year deal with autograph, but they haven't like bought the company. Right. It's still on their dislike saying, okay, we'll be pulling in these elements, but it's definitely gonna add credibility.

[00:06:29] Which is, it's the only word I feel like that now matters when you're talking about sports and professional athlete, likenesses that are being bought and sold and hopefully held over time and retaining value. So that's not a bad partnership.

[00:06:44] Yeah. All right. We feel a little more sports headline here.

[00:06:48] We've got major league soccer. They've partnered with so rare. Hey the existing an empty marketplace or platform for soccer. So they're doing a fantasy game now with between major league soccer and so rare. So I think sports are a great onboarder for people to get into NFTs and crypto, and here's another opportunity to to do so.

[00:07:11] Yeah, I'm all about soccer this year in particular we talked about that. The last one, the wrapped strikers, which was a, a project that we brought up before, and maybe it's a smooth segue, a rare, smooth segway into an affordable project. Am I doing it right in the middle of a sudden segue? Oh, here we go.

[00:07:32] Watch this. Well, thanks to first off, one of our members in the three, a and F T discord block bounce for, for bringing this one to us. But this one is the. NPL official. The Martian premier league is a collection of 10,000 at unique human and Martian characters living on the east block chain. And they are part of what's going to evolve into a football manager style game holders, train, trade, and compete, and the league and over time.

[00:08:04] There'll be a full evolution of it. It's a fully doxed team. Current floor price sits at 0.09. And so it has seemingly dropped from when the release seemed it was mid-March. It was I guess hovering from what I could see as high as 0.28, but it is at 0.09. There are 3,500 owners, which is actually a pretty decent distribution.

[00:08:28] I like that. I get a little nervous sometimes when it's a low percentage of owner, an item or item to owner ratio. But that's that's pretty good.

[00:08:37] Yeah, this is one I've heard about. Hadn't had a chance to check into it a whole bunch, but you know, was actually excited when somebody else mentioned it because in our discord when it was like block balance mentioned that because it is one that I had been interested in Yeah, I think the soccer narrative is a, it's a good one as well.

[00:08:56] Oh, it's nice art here. I think there's a good possibility that soccer becomes quite popular in an teas this fall with the world cup. And I don't know. Do they have, is there a game planned with these or is it just a collection? Do you know that George? Yeah,

[00:09:13] there's a, there's definitely a game planned.

[00:09:16] They've got a very robust. Frankly, white paper, pretty darn impressive. And then. Sort of like, this is just the first iteration and there's going to be a sort of trade in of these initial MPL characters have a whole funny narrative of saying like, all right, that'd be acclimated to and socialized to train and develop new players.

[00:09:36] And then each player will be able to like complete in these like marching cups find space to build the first stadiums in Mars. So hint, hint, land. But those get into Genesis teams and stadiums and gen one players. So it starts with this first PFP that then moves into these an L two I don't know, the look up,

[00:10:00] can't find it, but there is definitely a game.

[00:10:04] Oh, yeah. Taking a look a little bit more. Yeah, we've got 3,500 holders, so there's little less than three per holder. This one like price has come down a bit. It had gotten up to about 0.2 for a bit, but has now been. 0.15, and now it's dropped a little bit, the 0.08.

[00:10:21] So I don't think it's a bad place to to look, to pick it up. I, I think it's a practice that has been somewhat overlooked as some big projects have. I've taken a lot of volume and, and even some big drops have taken all of the. The, the Eve that was meant for drops, whether it was through the gas or they'd been to prices recently.

[00:10:42] So so I think this is, this is one to watch and maybe pick up at a very affordable price here.

[00:10:48] Yeah. Getting into it. There are 9,000 humans, 1000 Martians. It's unclear. I mean, so clearly the marshals are more rare. They've already been quote, acclimate. And there's going to be a sort of like discovery.

[00:10:59] It seems around figuring out like, who is good at what position as you get your your players in place. There's a footie token planned Mars governance token. So they've got a full economy planned for this and. It's it, it is affordable right now. How it I would say like take a look at the different rarities for that paying attention to specifically that, like, are they a Martian or are they a human?

[00:11:26] So parsing through the Marshall premier league, we're trying to figure out the traits and just to like help you, like, we're just like talking out loud they already talk about the we said the human versus Martians, they've got a character type which you can filter by. The human floor is hovering around.

[00:11:45] Call it 0.1, say, and then the Martian the Martian based floor 10% of the population. They're hovering at 0.18. The other thing that seems to be more sensitive though, to the rarity price, really, because they're going to be soccer players is the skill level, which ranges from novice up to God.

[00:12:07] So novice passable, solid, excellent, outstanding, legendary. And there's definitely some price sensitivity on those. So like the way my mind goes is I'm not just going to buy raw floor because I'm used to playing games and I'm aware of what the base base is. So I'm kinda like scouting out with that like outstanding level.

[00:12:26] Maybe human is or maybe floor marsh and I can't tell which way to go. And then it seems like there's a timeline consideration too, right? The timeline consideration. I'm not sure what you mean by that. Is there a date? I'm sorry. Yeah, they do say that the, the training camp starts in may. So the Mars training camp starts in may.

[00:12:46] They have mentioned that the, and I think you mentioned earlier that the Martians are already acclimated, so it makes me think that maybe the humans will need to. Acclimate via staking or something like that, to be able to play acclimated to the the climate in that, on Mars where the games are being played.

[00:13:04] So the, the marshals may just be eligible earlier to play. And I think you're right to look at some of those skill levels. Especially with a, I know it's a relatively thick floor right now, so there's not a huge difference in price between some of these levels. Definitely worth paying attention to that skill level.

[00:13:21] And looking at, I think the what is it? The character type is the the other trait that we're looking at as far as human and, and so only about 10% of these are Martians. Most of them are humans. There's a handful of, of astronauts, which I'm sure are praised at some astronomical level to, to go along.

[00:13:42] Yeah. You liked that. It's a powerful dad joke. The astronauts astronauts are at 1.58 is the floor for an astronaut. Although I don't know how you play with all that gear on. I'm not, I'm not bullish on astronauts. I'd rather I'd rather get some, some excellent humans or outstanding, maybe. All right. Cool.

[00:14:00] If I were founded that's the initial take I have on.

[00:14:04] Yeah, thanks for bringing this to us block balance. Definitely a good project to look at and hopefully we can discuss it a little bit more in the discord as well,

[00:14:13] actually. You know what screw you black bounds. I'm so frustrated with the, by another stupid soccer thing.

[00:14:18] I thought it was done buying soccer things, but this is interesting. So.

[00:14:21] Well, we have different opinions, block

[00:14:23] it out on me and discord okay. Onto our theme, the Coinbase NFT effect. And this is just a fun way of saying that if you are familiar, Coinbase and the ecosystem there, then you are also familiar with what happens when an alt coin gets listed on Coinbase and gets frankly access to a lot of potential capital that's floating around on, on that platform and can pump it's a sort of legitimising moment where they're saying like, oh, okay, Coinbase did some bedding, and now this coin is listed.

[00:14:59] I'll move into it versus. Even more speculative of the speculative not listed there. And so the open sea and Ft fact is following on sort of that news of Solano getting listed on open sea opens up this new whole market, but also is a nod saying, Hey, you can shop alongside of it now. No open seat already has, as far as I know.

[00:15:23] The theory. And then the layer two polygon layer, tuition polygon listed there on, on the open seat platform for you to interact with. And that's it for right now is that.

[00:15:34] Yeah. And I know there's been talk of other networks or at least talking to users of, at looking for other networks. I think there's a lot of talk among users of asking for Tezos or and that has not been announced yet.

[00:15:49] I haven't heard anything along those lines. So this is the first New platform, but it is a significant one in terms of volumes. So you can definitely see why open C would be interested in introducing salon NFTs. That's a small percentage of, of the, the the trading volume. There would be a lot to add to their bottom line.

[00:16:08] Yeah. So, I mean, that gives me some extra thoughts on saying like, okay, so Lorna salon is moving on there. But we have seen initial increases in reports saying that a lot of the floor prices, especially top projects on Solana are beginning to get some, some new life on this expected new. I'm always a little wary of the sort of like, oh, and then we get listed on this market and then everything is sunshine, rainbows, and butter cakes.

[00:16:38] I I've seen, I feel like that sort of hype and hope get, get broken a little too often. Like, what I have seen work is like slow, smart, grinding over time with individual products, projects. Bringing bringing that attention and, and utility because just opening up, I would say to the new open seed market won't necessarily drive that, that attention into into those projects in the same way, or maybe such a, such an increase.

[00:17:06] Do you agree or disagree with that?

[00:17:08] Yeah, I absolutely agree. I mean, I know for one that I'm not going to be rushing into salon NFT projects, even. Even with me. I wouldn't say that I have an assumption that prices might rise, but I guess if I knew that prices might rise, I'd still have to price in some security risks of going to Solano and not just security risk, but the risk of.

[00:17:29] Of other people reacting to perceived security risks on real pursuit, but real risks of security on other networks. We've seen this with the recent Ronin hack. We've seen it with other cross chain bridges before we've seen it. We've seen it with Solano actually. And I think there's, there's a risk to, to moving your assets to to a network like that and moving it off of Ethereum.

[00:17:55] I mean, There's multiple that the urine provides more security. There's a lot of potential around the the upgrades that are happening to the Ethereum network this year. And I think anytime you move off of that, you risk missing out on the benefits of Ethereum. So that for me is still going to be an issue regardless of the accessibility I have been willing to go to other marketplaces to other networks and give them a.

[00:18:24] Anyway I have not tried Solana and that has been one of the big reasons this, the security and the security risks have been a big reason holding me back from doing so. So this won't change that in my perspective. I could certainly seeing the accessibility changing people's mind over time though.

[00:18:42] Yeah, I hear on that. The other thing is I think when you're in, you're playing on. So Lana, for instance, you, you have to realize that annually, there's just natural inflation of the actual soul, which your NFT is priced in, and that is appreciating or inflating, I should say. And fleeting at a rate of around 26%.

[00:19:05] And that's based on the white paper, that's based on them making more sole over the year to fund right, sell to investors that underwrite the, the, the work that they're doing. And so that is as soon as you move off of Ethereum, you're kind of playing. With this game of wait a minute. If I had bought or even held a hearing, right?

[00:19:27] Like I think it's going to become, if I does hell this amount of money and Ethereum, would it be what I'm doing over here? Maybe, and frankly, an FTS are so much more volatile and if you're right, you're really right. And you can have multiples we had, in that previous episode, when a hundred percent is a loss like doubling up, oftentimes it's just not, not even enough.

[00:19:47] So the, the thing that mentions in my mind, I have to say like, just holding this. So on an NFT is going to depreciate at a rate of 26% in terms of its value. It's got to crush that just as a starting point. And if we're on avalanche, by the way, if that's coming up, it's 9%, it's less. So knowing that inflation rate for your underlying currency platform, that your NFD is on, I think may start to matter more in how you're holding it.

[00:20:12] Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I think there's, I think there's real. Risks with moving to any other network off of Ethereum, when you start thinking about it that way. And I shouldn't say any other network, but you have to think of each one in the case of preventative presents, but you know, for me, the inflationary nature of Seoul versus.

[00:20:32] What we're coming up on is actually a deflationary period for Ethereum, most likely. So that's, that's a big difference. And I think there's, there's a potential for a real catalyst in the price of Ethereum. Whereas I'm not necessarily sure that. That Salonica can, you can continue to sell tokens at a higher price with continually with more supply available.

[00:20:59] Yeah. And especially if they're their big thing is like, oh, we're lists. And here's the contrarian view saying like, oh my gosh, all these things are. If your gas list and suddenly you're like, oh, here's our big advantage. And you're on open seat and you're sitting next to that polygon, which is also by the way, gaslights.

[00:21:14] And then maybe Tezos gets in there. Maybe avalanche gets in there and you're all sitting next to each other. What is this sort of like unique advantage? Because the whole thing is how do you support and find that secondary market that can transact. And then it's more about the underlying quality of. The project and what it is promising and delivering, I'll say promising delivering for, for its audience.

[00:21:38] Yeah. Yeah, I think there's, there's a potential that the initial exposure to open sea could lead to some, some price increases. I think there's also a potential that, that, that it may already be built into the price at this point. And even people just looking for Looking we're speculating a bit that it will continue to pump.

[00:21:58] And I think that there's a lot of people ready to sell when the open seat integration comes. So I keep an eye on that as well that it's, there's initially going to be a lot. There's going to be a lot of action, I would think right away. And I don't know. We'll see how sustainable that is over time.

[00:22:16] This is the first new. Non a non Ethereum based network that open seat is introducing. So it is it's a bit of a change for users.

[00:22:25] It is I think it, yeah, it's a good one. I think overall. Yeah. A lot of people will sell the news when it comes to. And yeah, I don't see myself getting into Solano based NFTs.

[00:22:37] There are some on other projects that I keep watching. I'm like, I continue to wait in terms of like that moment. I felt like a couple of weeks ago I was like, all right, I'm releasing my, like my big idea projects and the price is low and we're ready to go, but I don't have anything cooking on salon. I have, I have some thoughts on Tezos now.

[00:22:55] Yeah, I think

[00:22:56] there's yeah. I shouldn't say it. There's no other, no other networks that have quality projects. I haven't looked at Solanas projects enough. I'm sure there are quality projects again, that's that's not the biggest issue for me. And with the number of traces out there on other networks.

[00:23:12] For me, it's just easier to focus on, on networks that I trust more than, than Solana with and getting into a new ecosystem that presents a whole new basket of options.

[00:23:25] Yeah. Well, cool. I think this is an interesting one to watch for sure. And that, and that Coinbase open, see NFT effect.

[00:23:34] We coined it. We coined the Coinbase open sea effect on this very podcast. So enjoy it using good health. Hopefully it helps you actually find some, some good ideas that maybe we missed. You know what we love being proved wrong. Drop us a note. And the discord, if you've got you, like, no, no, no. I'm a DJ and on Solano and that's the way to go.

[00:23:54] Like I'll, I'll, I'll hear the case.

[00:23:56] Yeah. I'll tell us where I'm going wrong. I'd love to hear it. I mean, I don't know enough to take the other side of this one at this point, but, and I haven't heard a convincing argument, but I would love to hear it. If you are that person hop into the discord and tell us.

[00:24:11] But be prepared, bring more than it's gasoline because I'm aware. All right. Thanks man.