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All About AFFORDABLE NFTs, hosts Andrew aka Rantum and George from Mostly Stable on ZED Run, help navigate new projects, interview expert guests and explore NFT trends. Whether you’re on your first or fiftieth NFT, we’re going to have something for you. Keep track of all recommended affordable projects with our ‘keep us honest’ spreadsheet

And a quick note that we are not financial advisors and nothing in this podcast should be taken as investment advice.

  2. NFTs coming to Ubisoft Ghost Protocol:
  3. Coinbase NFT Watch, interesting tweets: 


  • Affordable project
  1. Async Music (editions from ~0.04e) - 
  • Keep Us Honest: Quick highlight on any past projects
  • Go through the AAA valuation checklist

Theme discussion

    • Difference between game dynamics, gambling, and games people play
    • Many projects (wolfgame) using dynamics and others claiming a game, but only fun games matter. 

Top list of 2021 games