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Theme: Looking Ahead to NFT NYC

    • Potential winners? 
      • Andrew: Fewocious, SuperRare, Photographers, Moonbirds, NFT Ticketing
    • What themes may emerge?
      • Andrew: IRL Art Galleries, Independent creators vs VCs & corporations, IRL use cases of NFTs
  • Affordable project:
  • NFT News

[00:00:00] Today on all about affordable NFTs, we are looking ahead to NFT NYC. Is this the number two number the second time, this big conferences happening? Uh, second time in about six months, but no, they've had it. I think it's a. Conference. They actually were doing these pre pre pandemic and everything at one point.

[00:00:20] So I guess technically but yeah, they did the last one in November next one coming up, uh, end of June. So pretty soon as, uh, as this is released I will be heading out there you know, hopefully. Hopefully we'll have good things to report, but we're going to look ahead a bit and see what we think may happen.

[00:00:41] You know, it is a big event for the NMT space. Yeah. It is huge. And we've got, you know, certainly we'll have you there. So you'll do some live reporting actually. No, you'll just let us know what happened. I think it's just really hard to actually run around with a microphone and do stuff. When you're at a conference speaking as somebody who's tried to do that in the past.

[00:01:01] People are busy and you want to talk about stuff. There's apparently 1200 speakers at this thing. So I think if I just turn my phone on, I can just start recording people and I'll ask a question and pretend like they're answering me. I'll get us out there. Hey. Yeah. This is a random from a, all about affordable NFTs question for you.

[00:01:22] Again, that's all about afforded that's great stickers. We don't know, but we don't even have. I think if our audience gets to what we, Hey, we passed our hundredth episode. Congratulations. Oh, no, no, no. I'm not releasing any more. We're done. This is just us talking to each other. Okay. I think that's, that's what it was for the good for the first 50 or so anyway.

[00:01:48] Okay. Yeah. All right. Well, yeah, no plans, no plans for drop yet. When we, our audience gets big enough, well, we'll reward people in the discord somehow. Alrighty. What is the news? All right. Yeah, news. We've got, so there's optimism, token drop. The airdrop is live, uh, launched a couple of days ago. We had mentioned that they had releasing information on this.

[00:02:12] You could check a little while ago. This has actually come out. There was big demand for it. Some people were able to sort of get ahead of the launch or Buckhead of when they publicly launched this and a claim theirs and sell a bunch right away. So, you know, in the short term that hurt the price. There's also been some, uh, some discussion about what's going to happen here with further airdrops.

[00:02:32] If you'll remember, we discussed this in the past that this is the first airdrop, they haven't announced exactly how many they're going to do, but I think they said this is 5% of the total The total number of tokens. And I believe that 14% will be airdropped. So they're still going to do more there's discussion now, if they will, or if somebody proposed in the, uh, the governance form that anybody that sold immediately would not be eligible for the future rounds.

[00:03:00] You know, there's some discussion. About that, uh, you know, both sides. So, you know, I think that whether they go that way or not, or just, you know, you would just give it to people that are holding it at the time. You know, I think there's potential to still get more airdrops ad out of this. You know, as we've just talked about optimism a little bit, they it's another.

[00:03:19] Ethereum, roll-up a layer to Ethereum network that allows for faster transactions, fast, cheap transactions. There's, uh, I I've used it a bit. You know, I was getting ready for the airdrop year. Uh, you know, and I think that there, that. It sounds like this will be the first of a few potential, uh, potential layer, two airdrops.

[00:03:39] But certainly the first, uh, our first, uh, couple of their airdrops, so that's been big, you know, definitely adds, uh, some liquidity to the space and, uh, give some people some, you know, some ease to play or, you know, I'm sorry, some OT to vote with. Yeah, cool. I got to go check to see if, uh, if I got any, I move money through, but probably not enough to make a meaningful difference, but, uh, I'll go take a look.

[00:04:02] What I will say is a lot of these drops have gotten much sharper in terms of stopping farmers with various things in place. So I'll just be honest. I moved money into it and I moved money out of it. I wasn't using the optimism network. And so I'm not expecting very much. I think those are, those are becoming harder to sort of game.

[00:04:22] And they have to really like, if you're going to go actually earn the drop for anything coming up and to see that like any of these like Twitter threads that are like, oh, and then do this, do this, do this. Like you actually have to go in and seams use the platform, vote, participate in the discourse.

[00:04:36] Let's your contract actually hit a few things in the network. So, yeah, optimism had a few different criteria when they did theirs. They are a few different options of how you are options of ways to get into it. I guess, eligibility criteria. One was that you had, that you had used any other layer too. So I think you should be eligible even through your polygon use since you've used that fairly heavily.

[00:04:57] Then anyone that's voted on a. Uh, on a, uh, by the governance forum in the discord, I'm sorry, in the Ethereum world. And I believe gnosis signers. So, you know, that's a little different, if you have signed on a gnosis contract, then he signed her on a multisig, uh, transaction that will also qualify.

[00:05:20] So the RF, a handful of different ways that they've tried to, uh, reward people. PR not only just optimism users, I think they are trying to, to build a network. And I shouldn't say that it was not from the optimism team that suggested that optimism, people that sold the token, uh, the airdrop right away would not get the, uh, the token drop.

[00:05:40] So, you know, there's no nothing official about that. You know, I think that there, if you go and use it and can find, you know, ways to use it authentically, you know, will be able to. To qualify for that next round. But you know, like George said, it is getting a lot more complicated. Actually we have another article here.

[00:05:57] I've got a link here for, uh, top five airdrops and how to get them. So this is from Bankless, uh, you know, they've been, they've been pretty on top of the airdrops it's one that I looked at, uh, towards the beginning of the year. Uh, they had mentioned optimism at that point. You know, that a few others that have definitely worked out a hot protocol.

[00:06:17] They've got one I believe coming up. It sounds like maybe the out, by the time we were listening to this one. So go check out. This article they got open in here is, uh, number one, the open protocol, O P Y N. Uh, let's see, what else has mentioned. I think they've got across protocol. They've got Mehta masks.

[00:06:36] So if you have, uh, if you've done exchange. In Metta, mass, you know, gone from ether to USB-C or something like that. You may be eligible there. Uh, they've got Zuora, that's an NFC marketplace. I'm not exactly sure of what the, uh, what the specific use cases for the marketplace. And then they also mentioned that the layer two ecosystems.

[00:06:58] So that being that including optimism Lot of others there as EK sing start where arbitrage them, you know, these, they've also gone through some of the, the things that you can do to qualify yourself with, you know, keeping in mind that these protocols are getting much smarter about how they handle.

[00:07:17] These airdrops trying to make it so you can't farm them, use a whole bunch of wallets. You see that a lot in the past. So I think that's great to see that in general, it will be going to less fake people and more one-to-one users. Yeah. What I'd say is the, if a lot of this is like, oh my gosh, this is so many different things.

[00:07:35] Throw a dart at one that doesn't have a coin yet coming out and just dig in right through. But Ethan, there, you can move. You can just move your needs to that's it. Move your, you look around, participate. You know, buy a thing, flip a thing, immediately, show transactions, like, just learn it. I think this is important because it's going to hopefully incentivize people that are like, kind of doing this on the side.

[00:08:01] Like we all have different jobs and shit we do during the day. And then actually then the, like your side households night households, like this is a good way to say, like, okay let me go learn about a thing by moving money in. And you're going to get rewarded in terms of learning. And then you can go buy one of those pointless JPEGs that we talk about every day.

[00:08:20] That's right. So you can see your, see your tokens that way, right? Oh, absolutely. You got elaborate.

[00:08:25] All right. What else we got in the news? We've got, oh, that's right. We've got Kanye west. Who has been out around saying no to the NFTs for a while. Now he has, uh, filed for some trademarks of metaverse and NFL trademarks. Seems like someone has convinced him that there, there may be some dollars dollar signs over there worth getting.

[00:08:47] So, uh, you know, not that I think Connie may be motivated in that way, but, uh, you know, He'll bring some attention to the space. Yeah. You know, from convictions, loosely held famously held up. I build things in the real world. I don't dare do this. Drops it on Instagram drops. The mic walks away less than six months later.

[00:09:08] Yeah. Aping into getting all his easiest names. Uh, another eith idea, Yves name, address idea on the last celebrity alternative names, all of those sort of celebrities are going to be rolling in if they haven't already. Especially the ones that are claiming they're not like, come on, go get it.

[00:09:26] Maybe Jim carried out Eve looks like he's active. He probably already grabbed that one. Jim Carey became an NFT collector, bought a one-on-one on super rare. And, uh, it was a steam relative fee sizable purchase. I believe. Let's see. It was 20. Uh, this was a piece called devotion by Ryan Koopmans. So interesting here is that he chose to mean it's a pretty big splash to go with your first, uh, NFP as a one-on-one 28th purchase on, on super rare, you know, regardless of what you have, you know, getting into the space takes a, uh, I dunno, it takes some getting used to it, so surprised to see that as a, as an, as a first purchase, but, uh, interesting.

[00:10:11] Why? Why are you surprised at that since. Uh, 28th, super rare purchased, you know, I guess it depends how you're coming at this. I think a lot of, you know, I certainly, I have a lot of super air pieces. A lot of art pieces from their 28th is a lot for anybody to make as a first purchase, I believe. When buying a JPEG, I think it's a little bit different.

[00:10:30] To to understand that before you've tried it a few times and understand that you hold this in your wallet. You know, that being said, this is the first name, that public wallet. We don't know that he hasn't tried this under, you know, something that some other pseudonym or, you know, another anonymous wallet, or even that he maybe had some help from someone that had been convincing him of this, showing him the ropes for a while, or at least I hope so.

[00:10:55] You know, I think it does. I think superhero has been somewhat. Over the past year as PFPs and these collections have really dominated the space and super rare. I think it's starting to get a little more attention now as a, as a platform for one-on-one art for, uh, for some of the higher end art pieces.

[00:11:18] A I don't know didn't, you know, not these just JPEGs that are. Pictures of, you know, a lot of different variations of pictures and nothing wrong with those. I think they can be good art, but they aren't necessarily the same thing that art collectors are generally looking for. Yeah. I think there's kind of some intelligence of buying a one-on-one because you are the floor.

[00:11:40] There's no like, oh gosh, what a dumb mistake. You're like, it's mine, it's worth a million, 1,000,008. I just listed. Okay. Also I think with, with his obviously like Brandon cachet, he's got the ability to kind of really know, you know, Ryan Koopmans maybe a bit more and add cache to the overall artists and, you know, not that he needed because he's got some amazing, uh, amazing work on, on super rare.

[00:12:03] It's uh, it's not dumb. I will say that because you are a market, this is Stockholm based photographer. By the way, I have had heard of him looking at his art a little bit more. Definitely go check it out. It's get some cool pieces. You know, he good looking stuff. Nowhere near affordable. No, don't look at it in that respect.

[00:12:22] I was just looking at if there was a play with, uh, with anything else that's created now, there's no, there's no affordable flat breasts. All right, everyone. Move on.

[00:12:28] All right in the, I guess, one other news thing, news item here, we've got that a Florida art dealer was arrested for selling some fake Boskiet, uh, pieces as NFTs. This was a well seemingly a real art gallery selling these NFTs on authorized. Good to see it. You know, we know that there's a lot of, a lot of copies out there.

[00:12:56] Glad there's somebody, somebody working to crack down on some of this. Yeah. It's, you know, it's just showing you the laws paying attention and there's a lot of scammers out there and, you know, double check, triple check. Constantly, I don't know. I think a lot of folks in the ENA world that have been here for more than six months are getting hardened and so hopefully less, less likely to get.

[00:13:19] I hope so. Yeah. And you know, I just know there's a lot more coming in and ghetto is be careful.

[00:13:25] All right. Well, I think, oh no, we, we I've been looking for an affordable, here's what I think we did the shopping list last time. Uh, I think I went with moon, birds and avatar, not blue moon. Unless moon birds buys moon cats. You started what? I did hear someone talk about that. That was me. I just talked about it just now.

[00:13:51] Oh yeah, that's right. Yeah. No, this is not financial investment. So I brought on two projects. Uh, last time I say, let's challenge ourselves for the shopping list. Like what's in, what's in your sort of like watch list right now. All right. We can go back to this, you know, and, uh, let's see. I. Well, what am I watching right now?

[00:14:09] What do, I mean, I've got a lot on my list that I have mentioned here in the past, you know, at this point, although I'm not buying more of the, uh, Alison hace is, you know, those were on my list wrong until they got way out of range for me. Let's see. Well, I'm still watching few oceans, but I think I've mentioned those. Yeah, I mean, you mentioned. Yeah, we'll get to that in a bit, but also they're, they're coming out in the F and F T N Y C. And I think you mentioned that they were also at, you know, the Gary B's conference. So I didn't see a big pump after that, but it's been, it's been inching up.

[00:14:45] It's not a bad one to keep an eye on. I think we've mentioned that before. W well, if you've got someone to kick us off here, kick us off list. I am watching, I keep mentioning. But I didn't say for last time, my shopping list is and I'm watching for that Florida drop post wrecked guy. It had an initial bump somehow, and it, uh, it definitely moves around quite a bit, but I want to get this, uh, my, my absolute definite buyer price is 0.3.

[00:15:12] If this thing hits 0.3, I'm definitely buying another. So the network gives you access to their, you know, discording community and clearly you get drops. They're continuing to invest, uh, in in and out. We're going to, it's the original D Jen's not the, uh, the version two that they created. So that's, that's one on my list, uh, for sure.

[00:15:34] Yeah, that's a good one. Yeah, I have two of those now. I actually was able to pick one more of the 0.3 when people were trying to make this work, this is what people are trying to sell to get the, uh, the rec guy. So I was happy to get that and I still have one rec I probably should have sold that, but that was, I was thinking that I, I liked the DJs as the overlooked play.

[00:15:55] They're well-recognized getting a lot of attention. So here's one that's on my list and this is one that you actually I think you have this, and we've talked about this before, but it is the pod Gans by Tinder van Arman. So this, we each have one of these, but you still have one. Is that right, George?

[00:16:12] I do. You know, I'll make it a gift of whenever I sell it, it'll guarantee that the price will go up and that's when you can use your, your indication. I am the harbinger of the price about to go up whenever I start. Right? So this is the floor right now. It's at 0.4, four. So, you know, it's not. Super cheap, but this is also a very thin floor.

[00:16:35] It goes from 0.4, four to 0.49. The next one is 0.639 and then 0.7. So in four listings, we go from 0.4, 4.7. I think this is still a, a platform that I like that it's just one of the first three on this platform. Uh, one of the first three projects on the brain drop platform. Sorry, I was blanking on that name for a second.

[00:16:56] But I think the platform will be around for. A while and that it will, will deem value over time. Pindar is a respected artist. So it's one that I'm looking at. I've made a couple of bids, nothing coming in quite yet, but it's, it's really quiet over there, which, uh, which I like as a buyer, it looks like, okay, so one sold two days ago was the last one.

[00:17:17] And then five days ago, six days ago, 12 days ago. So four sales in 12 days is pretty quiet, I would say. So that's, that's one that I'm looking at, keeping an eye on. Yeah, you have to be careful because you have to, you just a lot more patient, a lot more game of patients there. And it's, it's hard to tell if the overall market is more about holding or more about folding right now, but I agree that's a mighty thin floor.

[00:17:40] I mean, yeah, that could move quickly. What are we getting out? That 4.3 was the mint. That was a 0.1 minute. Actually we did a 0.1. That's good. Yeah, I liked it. So that was, it did get up over, over one eighth at one point. You know, I don't expect it to get up there immediately, but you know, like I said, I think if you're, if you're patient and you can buy at the right price, I hadn't thought of that.

[00:18:05] That's a good that's not bad. That's not bad at all. As if I needed another thing on there. Okay. I remember add more to your watch list. Don't jump, don't jump at prices. That, that don't make sense. Just find another project to look at. If you're getting too, too close to jumping a little too high.

[00:18:26] Remember what else? I will say another one on my watch list is dead fellows. Now this is pretty high still. But dead fell is, was, you know, sort of, it had a, had a peak of, you know, it was kicking up at like four and a half Yves at one point it's down at 1.27 and. Pretty strong community, female, a female artist who's, you know, definitely known in the space, had a strong following.

[00:18:56] I mean, what else could you add about, you know, it's one of those 10,000 PFP, 6,000 owners, so large owner distribution, and it's just, you know, it's running out of steam in a downmarket and we'll say I almost even added. Dead fellows. And to my, my list of potential winners from NFTE NYC, I know that Betty from, uh, the artists Betty with a, you know, Eve of course simple for me is speaking at, uh, At NFTE NYC on the main stage at radio city music hall.

[00:19:28] So that should have a pretty big audience. I think that has potential from, I don't know a ton about the project or the Otter artists specifically, but she's very well known in this space and seems very well liked and well-respected fully doxed. And then around the space, I think it's going to bring some more attention to the, to that collection and, you know, I think that's what.

[00:19:49] You know of these, you know, like you said, we're starting to see some separation of the winning projects and what the, on the ones that are going to be around here for, for at least the foreseeable future. And that, that does, that's starting to look like a good potential buy. What is the, what's the floor on that, George?

[00:20:06] I think I called it at 1.2. Yeah, 1.2, 1.3. And, you know, there's, there's sales every single day happening in and around it, a back door into this also is, you know, we mentioned Ash chapter two, metamorphosis, you know, technically Betty's got pieces on there right now that are actually at like 0.2 or 0.1. So that's like an affordable play, uh, for yeah.

[00:20:32] Creator dead fellows. Yeah. So she's got an animated on Ash chapter two and I'll include the link in the show notes. I just want to be careful though about. Oh, someone's on the stage. It's going to make them pump. Like I never actually see that come to bear. It just, I, I wouldn't do it as a, I certainly wouldn't look at it as a short-term pump play.

[00:20:48] I think it's more about the space starting to respect the collection as a, I think that's right. Respect and recognize artists Capitol. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I, you know, you know, unfortunately it seemed that a lot of the, sort of the, the women PFP projects, you know, world women rise has not been just good and they don't, you know, I got to say they don't feel super connected to the NFT space overall, where.

[00:21:19] Yeah. I mean, I see that, but he's posting, you know, regularly interacting with the community and, you know, even speaking at this event, you know, that, that says a lot to me. Yeah. I mean, I agree over time, someone is willing to like continue to push and like recently detoxed herself as well. So you know what you're getting as opposed to, you know, it was, it was 20, 21.

[00:21:41] It was like much more fashionable to be like, oh, we don't know there's mystery here. It's like, no, There is authenticity, mystery being trumped by authenticity of who the artist is and how they're going to align their identity with a project over time. So, uh, interesting. Yeah, I don't, I good stuff. You, so you kind of see what we're looking at and how you should have your own list.

[00:22:03] You should play the game of like your side watchlist wallet. It'd be like, what if I did this? It's a fine game to play, uh, and really looking for people that have, uh, Uh, the, the projects that will have the persistence to push through the, the bear market.

[00:22:19] All right. All right. Well then why don't we. Move on to our topic, looking ahead to NFT NYC, like I said, I will be heading out there. So if anybody is going to be around the New York area that, you know, let me know of course up in our discord, there are events going on all around New York for this. And I think it's kind of fun to just look ahead what we think may happen.

[00:22:43] You know, what the user may emerge, you know, there's a lot of people attending things it's supposed to be about 15,000 this year. I'm not sure how much. You know, last I saw they were, they jacked the price. So I bought my ticket right away after the first blending, or maybe it wasn't right away, but like they, they did an early bird and I think I got a ticket for, you know, 150 bucks.

[00:23:03] And last I saw they were like 500 and some odd. So they've, uh, recognized that people are interested. Wow. I mean good on you. Nice shit about too, right.

[00:23:14] There's a podcast about that actually. Yeah, so some things I'm looking ahead to, you know, you mentioned that will be out there. I, I think that, you know, he's still a young artist. I think a lot of people don't know him. I think that there's going to be some, I don't know anything about any official plans.

[00:23:27] I think there's going to be some more paint parties there. I, it seems like. Then building up some bigger collector base. I've seen that, uh, that paint collection, you know, getting some, some good buys and it, you know, it goes up and down a bit, but I think that he could be one of the kind of winners of the space that as people get a feel for the.

[00:23:48] I don't know the physical connection to the pieces and actually painting there. And I think that some buzz could build around that. And again, this is nothing looking at, like we're not looking at short-term price action here. We're just trying to, to look at some of the things that need some of the, uh, I don't know, trends or ideas that could, uh, gain some steam here.

[00:24:07] Yeah, it's just, it's important. I mean, I think I learned a quick lesson at that through a lot of things, but also sort of econ realizing that it's just a parade of a braid, a parade of people and there's over, it looked 15, uh, 1500 speakers, uh, at this. So just because someone's talking at this does not mean their project is about to go up and also keep that in mind when you're going to start to see, you know, as seen on NFT NYC and as a validating station.

[00:24:38] There are a lot of folks that are attending and also speaking. And so keep that as that sort of validating thing in mind, I'd say, yeah, definitely 1500 speakers. You have to, basically, if you were late, you didn't, you didn't want to speak, you didn't want to apply to speak. I thought I'd go. I thought it'd be more rare this way.

[00:24:58] You know, I'd be one of the few not speaking and actually on a legitimate case that you could have done a solid Dean analytics talk that people would have been like, oh, well this is just useful. Probably. Yeah. You know, and instead I used to do like getting on a stage or no, is that like, you're like, yeah, I'll pay.

[00:25:15] I can't say done a whole lot of that. You know, this is, this is pretty comfortable talking to everybody, right. From right from a desk here, though. You prefer this audience of us. So talk to me about an FTE NYC. You know, we'll do a follow-up from it. What is your strategy going into this? Are you trying to hustle to get dropped?

[00:25:34] Do you think? Like there's certain parties and you'd be like, oh, here's my pull-up proof of attendance. Yeah, there's a few things I'm looking at, you know, there's, there's, they have more, it seems a little bit more organized. Like we said, that there's a lot of speakers. They sent out an email today actually asking which afternoon and morning session people want to go to on the first day of this looking at the, uh, various locations that they have, but also kind of getting an idea of, of what they'll be covering.

[00:26:00] So. Areas that are sports in, that are more on the investing side that are more focused on the community aspect. So I, I like that. They're trying to give some tracks to this this year. So that makes it a little easier. I was definitely jumping around between buildings relatively quickly, quickly trying to make it to from one, talk to another that started, you know, maybe 10 minutes later, but with.

[00:26:27] 15 minutes walk away. Uh, so I think this will be nice that they're trying to, to put these in the same place. I don't know about the two yet. There are a ton of, of non offsite, uh, events. So I know that moon birds is doing a big one, a big event. Of course, board apes are doing a big event. I think they've rented out some huge place on the pier for the whole weekend or, you know, some fear.

[00:26:53] It looks like a massive place, you know, as, uh, as of course a board apes lake to do it big. But I think, you know, I think that this will be the first time that a lot of people will get a chance to, to attend an in real life event, you know, as this is, it's the first big end, really big NFT one. Well only in a couple of months, but we know how much that means in NFG in the NFD space.

[00:27:16] I think it's great. It's keeping the community engaged and connected and. Keeping the energy, uh, with, uh, the core group of committed folks that are, are going to be quintessential to building and supporting through the dip. You know, I'm looking at the program and it's kind of interesting to see how many ways they divide it up.

[00:27:37] And there's general art, film, music, gaming, sports, social fashion, collector, legal ticketing, finance all with NFT tracks inside of it. So they're really starting to. To separate out and show up kind of like, this is kind of like how south by Southwest got overtaken by a south by Southwest interactive. If you're familiar with that conference and kind of what a, what a spectacle it became.

[00:28:01] And I've, I've been to that a number of times it is fun and it just, it is playing fun. Do you actually end up learning anything though from like a speaker or is it just everyone pumping their bags? Yeah, that's a good, that's a good question. I mean, I don't know that how, I mean, who's getting on stage and giving away what they think is a real secret here.

[00:28:18] You know, what they think some serious alpha, just a thousand of you need to know. Right. It's a lot of people, you know, finding something to save, putting themselves on the stage. Right. And I think that's, yeah, that's a lot of what it is. It's a lot of just bringing people together. I think I'm not sure that you learn a ton at this.

[00:28:39] Events. I think some of the, I think probably some of the smaller events are, you know, maybe the non-male stage and looking for very specific things. If you're, you know, if you are very into film NFTs, you may be able to learn something there because there's just so little out there right now. And I think that's a chance that you can actually engage with, with people that are in the space.

[00:29:03] I saw that there are many, you know, many of these stages end up being, or many of the audiences ended up being quite small with this number of speakers. So if there. Something, I think that's a potential to learn something, but yeah, otherwise you're not learning something, you know, it's, it's like taking a, uh, you know, a huge lecture course in college or something, you know, when there's a lot of people in the, in the room.

[00:29:25] It's, uh, I'd say the quality goes down a bit. Yeah. Well, uh, it'll be exciting to have, uh, have you there and let us know what you let us know what you see. I'm uh, I'm eventually going to go to one of these things. I just, I I'm. Yeah. I, you know, some of the things that I'm looking forward to, I know that super rare has an art gallery out there.

[00:29:45] They opened up a, uh, calling it a pop up for the summer in like the Soho neighborhood art blocks is going to be doing a big event in a Samsung building there. So I think they'll be able to have a lot of there, a lot of pieces on display that are actually moving. You know, I've certainly had a hard time finding ways to display a lot of pieces, especially ones that have movements.

[00:30:05] I think, you know, I think that. These in real life events have, can still go a long way. You know, we're still gonna coming out of, of diver. Nobody was doing anything and NFTs have certainly burgeoned. During this time. We have not seen how they can be fully used to use sort of the digital and in real.

[00:30:24] Uh, aspect here. I mean, with these conferences, it's very clear that it's like, it's the floating crap game where if you've got, uh, a membership to a group and you're like, where do we meet up? Or wherever that conference goes, you get this like special access to a thing is becoming more standard. I know also the Vayner Vayner sports pass folks are offering up like an event and trying to see how many people would RSVP.

[00:30:44] So I don't know. Did you sell yours or. Yeah, I, I can let you want, if you want to go to the party you gotta gotta give it back though. You gotta promise to give it back. I think that's, I think I can do go there with my, with my past. Tell them to. To when, when floor and when moon tell him, I said when, when moon.

[00:31:04] Yeah. I mean, it'll be interesting on the mood is at different parties. You know how people are,

[00:31:08] we get a last minute notice that the party has been moved to the basement. It was a party and it's a cash bar. I think that's the perfect signal to us. Everybody have you seen, but I put my cash into the,

[00:31:20] well, you take a JPEG. Here's my phone. Oh, here's a quick question. Are you going to go with your hot wallet on. I'll go with, I'll go with a, a hot wallet on my phone. Not my, not my primary wallet. Yeah, no, I don't want to use that. And you know, hopefully, you know, that's something that I'm hoping will, will change here.

[00:31:40] You know? Right now we've seen some tickets tough, like, oh, here's like, here's a book, here's a situation. Right. I'm just gonna put it out there. There's going to be an eight fast getting, you need to show that you have the wall that has the eight. I needed to do something I think right now. And I think that, you know, we've got to figure something out.

[00:31:55] This isn't a great system that you should have to have a, a potentially a hundred eighth, uh, ticket on your hot wallet while you go to have drinks at night with a bunch of other, Hey, I'm having a party in the middle of New York, but everyone in order to join has to have a hundred thousand dollars in cash in their pocket to walk in the.

[00:32:18] Yeah, this is where they are and when they'll be there, it's certainly something I'm keeping in mind. I heard some, some stories of people, you know, you have to worry about the physical type attacks. Yes. I mean, there's, it's certainly a brute force attack you really? And when everybody realizes that there's a lot of NFP collectors there and you know, I mean that, or at a party that is, or moon bird's party, you know, everybody's holding a 28th piece to be there.

[00:32:46] You know, that's something to think about. I know don't, I'd also say the bigger, I think the bigger risk is probably. Uh, people that people that really know it, you know, people that are there that can take advantage of the fact that maybe you've had a couple of too many to drink and they know how to use a Metta mask wallet, and they hold one of these and they know how to get rid of it quickly too.

[00:33:08] You know, that's, there's a lot of different mistakes. You can do it on your own, but when there's a lot of savvy people around the, you know, I'm certainly going to be more careful. I don't want to, you know, if I have to have something there, I, you know, if I have to have somebody to get into. A party. I'd rather be able to show it a different way if there's a third party sort of verification thing.

[00:33:29] And I, I hope that there's something like that coming along. You know, I think these NFT ticketing, I think NFT ticketing when I went last, November yellow heart was doing one of the kind of off-site events. Uh, it was in the back of verse gallery and it. It was one of the only ones that I actually saw making use of it.

[00:33:47] And it was pretty good, but not great. And I think that we're going to see a lot. That come to play here. And I hope that we see some that are finding a way so that you don't actually have to carry it in your hot wallet. And maybe I don't know what the answer is, but I'm sure someone's thinking about that.

[00:34:03] Well, look, I'll go out on limb and say, if you need it and you want to hold all of your X copies, squiggles and whatnot, it's like right here, you know where to find me mostly stable that just ship it or, okay. Yeah, no problem. Here we go. Uh, w you scheduled for a podcast today? Oh, oh no.

[00:34:21] All right. Thanks for that. And we're excited to kind of learn more as you learn more about what's going on there.