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Let's talk Dune Analytics

  • Affordable project: what’s on your shopping list:
  • George: Akutars, MoonCats
  • Andrew: FewoWorld, Regulars



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[00:00:00] George: on all about affordable and FTS. We're talking about dune analytics. What is it? What can it do for me? Fortunately, we have an expert in house, Andrew who will be able to explain a bit more of that. But first, Andrew, what are you seeing in the news

[00:01:01] Andrew: Sorry, I'm just adjusting this wizard hat that I have on over here, of course, because it's not experts. I'm a dune wizard. Sorry.

[00:01:09] George: Gotta use the lexicon minus.

[00:01:12] Andrew: Uh, Anyway. All right. What are we seeing out there? So this is, this is an interesting one. We've got another, another board aid theft, you know, we've we talk about another crypto theft or scam all the time, but this one is uh, from Seth green. Um, It was with his board aid. I think there were a couple of mutant apes, maybe as well in the wallet, but this, so someone hacked the wallet, they got these.

[00:01:35] So, but what's really interesting about this was that he had been developing a animated series using these apps. So he had been working on this since July uh, It's a considerable amount of time that has been put into this. And we've also seen the price rise a lot since July. So he was smart enough to buy them at a much lower price and has been working to put these into an animated series.

[00:01:58] He has produced many of them in the past. So um, you know, I think it had a pretty good chance of. You know, seeing uh, seeing some production and get, actually getting out there, but now these have been taken. And there's a question of whether he has the right uh, the IP rights to continue producing the show.

[00:02:17] Uh, At least one of the apes was that was stolen, has been resold to another user or another uh, sorry. It's a Twitter user that he's trying to reach out to, to no avail at this point. Um, It seems unlikely that that buyer would have known that it was uh, stolen, but you know, it does bring up some questions about what happens with the IP here.

[00:02:43] George: I mean, there's no question. You don't know. You're not on the IP and suddenly you built an asset and some it, you know, what it equates to like domain squatting. You let your domain run out, but then you built this giant company which relies on that domain name specifically because it's built into everything that you've done.

[00:03:01] And you're just sitting out there in the breeds. Honestly, you know, the it's tough too, because this is so far into the public sphere of people being like, that's why NFTs aren't safe. I gotta be honest if you're building up that much asset around it, like you shouldn't have had it in a hot wallet, it could have been like click, click the buy on it.

[00:03:20] You know, that's, that's when you transfer to cold storage and you put it in a safe, if you're putting that much equity behind it, you know, it's, it's unfair maybe to expect that from the average user to be like, oh, well, you know, you got hacked, it's your fault. But if you're, if you're investing that amount, like, you know, that that's pretty serious.

[00:03:38] Um, That's pretty serious that in terms of you have to take your, your.

[00:03:43] Andrew: Yeah, absolutely. You know, the only, the only reason I say there's some question about it is that if it's stolen and that person is possessing them, they wouldn't necessarily. Own the IP, but if they've been resoled and the person doesn't have doesn't even have knowledge, you know, I don't know. That's, there's all sorts of questions about this, but I doubt that those will, that the production will happen with the same NFTs.

[00:04:07] So maybe there'll be replaced. I think it would be cool to see, you know, to see an animated series with these, you know, and start seeing how people can use uh, use the IP that are, that you get is trying to give to two holders.

[00:04:21] George: Yeah, I, you know, my heart goes out to him. It's like, it's, it's tough. You're, you're, that's a hard, hard place to be. And it's clear that he's like trying to make a lot of noise to try to get some sort of public support back. But there's no support customer helpline. There's a wallet with an address and a secret key. Oh,

[00:04:38] Andrew: And for some reason that seems to attract all of, all of the people that just, I don't know, see, see opportunity and we'll run a scam and try to do it without calling it a scam. We've got Martin Shkreli coming back out of get fresh out of prison. He's easy already. He says he learned how to use Metta mask while in prison.

[00:05:01] Um, He's, you know, all over Twitter spaces talking about this now has called uh, Vitalik Buterin, S as reading this headline, he's told him brilliant, but also full of shit. So, you know, he's wasting no time and stirring up headlines. Can't imagine that he doesn't see all sorts of opportunity in crypto and NFTs.

[00:05:23] I would be very wary of, of what he is touching um, and state far away. If uh, if you can help it,

[00:05:32] George: Are you suggesting that cult personalities tend to lead toward disastrous outcomes?

[00:05:39] Andrew: we have seen a couple, couple

[00:05:42] George: Name one name one in the last, in the last two weeks. Just name one.

[00:05:46] Andrew: Okay, well dope. What are we counting at once? Or has another one already happened? He may have already rubbed everybody again.

[00:05:54] George: You cannot repeat offenders. You can't triple stamp a double stamp. Cool. Uh, Yeah. again.

[00:06:02] I joking aside be. Be very wary of cultural personalities and our recent episode, we were just talking about our suspicions of Adam Newman. I don't know when, you know, you are more selling yourself and selling somebody on an idea rather than your actual execution of work.

[00:06:19] There's a there's questions. There's questions that come up and it tends that you're, you're serving the ego rather than the true outcome of a. Uh, With, with potential leaders like this, there'll be interested in the watch from the sidelines though, on the plus side, he's very bullish Heath.

[00:06:38] Andrew: There we go.

[00:06:39] George: He thinks he is going to flip Bitcoins. So in this I support you. Anything you want to do to help that train, let me know.

[00:06:47] Andrew: All right. And one more uh, one more thing of note here. Super rare. The art platform has opened up a gallery in New York in Soho. Uh, I think it is a it's. It's good to see these galleries opening up. I think it's a good way to start bringing, bringing the art aspect of this to life a bit more and letting people see this from not just looking at it on their phones or computers and, you know, do this in a social.

[00:07:13] Public setting.

[00:07:15] George: It just makes also a ton of sense. Cities like New York where there's not a lot of wall space and you can essentially have like, I mean, I've seen your rig and love it. And you've got your art, like on display, rotating through you have one spot and you want to have pieces move through. And it makes a lot of sense actually.

[00:07:38] And I could definitely see it as a trend that picks up. Uh, It would help hopefully a longer tail of artists and collectors get in into that practical IRL case of why the heck did you buy that JPEG? It's common. We just, just gotta wait, wait for youth. Not to be under 2000 and the market nut to be bleeding every single week.

[00:07:59] I'm not going anywhere though. I'll say that I'm I'm pot committed. I'm full sunk cost fallacy. Um, Alright, affordable projects, the plus side, right.

[00:08:11] The plus side of the market's going down is it is time to keep your eye on a shopping list. You know, it's finally not about FOMO. It's about uh, what you know, and where you see long-term value. We played that game of looking back. A year into crypto slam and saying like, oh, this, these are the projects that survived and did.

[00:08:31] And right now there's two projects that I'll, I'll continue. Uh, There's more than two, but I'm choosing to, and Andrew, you can have uh, two or, or more, as many as you want as well. So one of the projects I'm going to keep keeping my eye on is . And this is the one that famously had that really sad sort of, I think it was like $30 million mistake on the mint, but they did launch and it is a, you know, a series and put together that has, I think a lot of upside, a strong, a strong team and founder behind it.

[00:09:04] And with uh, with avatars, what I also like is that there's a sort of movie plans in the future, so it's not like, oh, and then there'll be a game I'm like, I'm kinda done. I'm done with the game. You're not going to create a game that's going to change value, but I do believe in the raw truth of the more attention you can get in the future uh, the, the better the outcome will be.

[00:09:26] And this is a 15,000 unique 3d art guitars. And it's uh, one of the series that have been put out there, help me with uh, the founder's name. I just blanked on it, but the floor price is 0.6. Yeah, Mike and Johnson.

[00:09:38] Thank you. Former baseball dropped from that, moved into artists, and that guy is just plain old motivating when you hear him.

[00:09:46] And right now, you know, the price at 0.65, I'll say my um, my reservation price on this I'll make a definite buy if this kinda kicks down to 0.5, but you know, it was as high as you know uh, you know, 2.7 from what I see. Um, But there's a lot of things losing speed. And some of them I think, are going to weather the storm.

[00:10:08] And I think this in particular for the depth of work amount of motivation and what I like on the roadmap uh, how has my eye, what do you have on your list of shopping?

[00:10:19] Andrew: I like that picked there. I have been watching that one as well, actually in tech, definitely

[00:10:23] George: What's your reservation price, where you, where are you falling? I'm going to do 1.01 ahead of you.

[00:10:28] Andrew: I was going to say, I was going to go, price is right on you. And,

[00:10:34] George: I'm just going to be watching your thread.

[00:10:37] Andrew: um, So yeah, let's see, I've got a couple of my lists. One is fuel world, which we've talked about in the past. I, that seems like one. That's not getting much attention, but it's one that I think is still worth looking at and looking. I um, I think I'm pretty close to. To pick it up another one there. Um, I think it's, it's a, it's a good longer term hold and.

[00:10:59] People are overlooking some of the uh, the rarity aspects there. And uh, I noticed that uh, he posted a few times a few emotions. uh, posted a few times from the econ recently um, doing some paint uh, paint parties there. And I think it's just going to be something that um, I don't know, people pick up on it and just gains more uh, Just just more fans over time.

[00:11:24] So I'm still looking at that one. There's some good prices. Look, you know, I think it come it's around a little under 0.3, five right now. And I think, you know, he might be able to get that a little bit lower. Um, If your patient there.

[00:11:36] George: Yeah, quick take on that. I a full disclosure. I have two of them. I did pick up. I did like that. It was on my list. Try to get an wait, wait on it. A pink count of two, not a pink count of one. I was looking at doodles and I have a two doodle, but the pink count actually is a big differentiator. And every now and then someone just makes a mistake and listing it and they kind of go for pretty low. So take a look in there. Yeah.

[00:12:02] Andrew: those took two minutes essentially. Um, On nifty, when you first admitted those, you had to, you got, if you committed to it, morphed into a, to paint um, NFT. So there maybe. You know, maybe people, a little tired of waiting or that maybe just didn't understand what they were buying initially and thought they were going to get to.

[00:12:24] So that's good too. A good note to look for.

[00:12:27] George: Yeah. Also uh, another quick hack on that is check the nifty sites so far. It hasn't proven true. The lower prices I've been continually on open. See, but check nifty cause. Confused buyers, especially if there's a sudden shift and impressive beef begins to go up. Um, That'll actually flip the odds Right. now when you dropping, right?

[00:12:47] Because nifty gateway is a Fiat first listing And open C is a first listing, which means when those prices fluctuate, where weird things happen.

[00:13:02] Andrew: Right. And what else do you have on your list, George?

[00:13:05] George: Oh, I'm just checking to see if any recent two painters went for something low to two painter to paint or went for 0.5. I can't turn it off. Two painter went for 0.59. That's interesting. All

[00:13:19] Andrew: I've got this next one on here that we've talked about another few times as well.

[00:13:24] George: Yeah. I, I feel like I have to say it cause it comes up. I won't, I won't let a good moon get die. Moon cats. Oh, gee ponder where created them. They've been around for quite some time. And, you know, they continue to iterate ponder where there was a recent pump of this. When I probably, I mean, I floated out there to try to flip it, but it's back down to the 0.3 east.

[00:13:50] And here's what I think in terms of this play, this team is going to continue to push on it. And even if they don't, it seems like it's, you know, a project pun intended has nine. Where there's a, I believe a future where a lot of this money coming in and they say, Hey, instead of creating a new project, let's pick up one with history and revive it and Potter where has already put it out into the universe that they're willing to sell it for the Right. price, which could drive a lot of attention and upside again, even just the conversation did.

[00:14:19] So uh, no one's paying attention to this right now. It's hovering at 0.3. If it drops below that that's my reservation to, to begin picking up. If it's in the mid twenties,

[00:14:31] Andrew: Right. Yeah. That's a moon cats. Um, You know,

[00:14:34] George: No, more moon cast for you.

[00:14:36] Andrew: No, I don't need more moon cats right now. I've got some older ones. Um, You know, I I'd love to see some uh, some more interest pickup there, but yeah, they, you know, it's one that a lot of people still talk about and a lot of people hold just don't pay much attention to.

[00:14:50] George: What's the hot take. What's the hot take on, on what the shop for, in terms of new, since you know,

[00:14:54] that thing is.

[00:14:57] Andrew: Um, Well, you've got, so the rare ones are considered the ones from 2017 um, especially, but 2018. So most of the foreign ones are going to be, or they're all going to be at the 2020 ones. You may want to look for cures. Um, There's a number of different shades to these, but peers tend to hold more value across all of the colors.

[00:15:17] Um, Otherwise I'd

[00:15:18] George: So that's the code color. So like red, pure, or

[00:15:21] Andrew: Yeah. So orange Tabby, I guess, would be the orange Tabby is generally the most expensive of any of the floor pieces. Um, Things that look like characters, things that look like Garfield or um, other famous cats tend to hold extra value. Um, You can also look for things that have twins.

[00:15:42] There are, there are collectors that are looking for the twins. You can get even one half of that, you know, you can sometimes end up finding that those have more value. Um, Yeah. You know, I'd also look at, look at the face of it. Um, There's some that don't have the clearest faces, the, and those don't tend to sort of don't tend to send, sell real fast.

[00:16:04] Um, It's just based on how the coloring is, you know, the different spots or stripes within the face, but a clear face is generally a preferred when people are buying those. So that's some of the, some of the traits that I know about these, I know more, more, but you know, you feel free to hop in the discord and ask me if you are a

[00:16:21] George: Getting that discord, get them talking about moon cats.

[00:16:23] He won't stop.

[00:16:27] Andrew: All right, I've got one other. And so this is one, this is a newer project, but it was one that I was going to even mention as an affordable project. And the price has been bouncing around a bit. Um, It's now up to about, up to 20. I'm sorry. Point two, four right now. Uh, What I was first going to mention it, it was at like 0.1, eight or so I have um, I have one of these, sorry.

[00:16:53] I have two of these, not it's actually in my alt wallet. So wouldn't have noticed this. Uh, But I, I staked one NFTE ex um, where. They were offering a good uh, sticking percentage for putting it there um, was able to pick it up, but a good price. And like I said, it's moved quickly here, so I'm not recommending necessarily jumping into it right away.

[00:17:18] I am going to adding link here so people can, can look at it. Um, Uh, Sorry. And so this is a collection of a thousand pieces. It is, I believe that it is. Hold on, let me, let me check that one. Um, It's by the artist pops. So there it's very realistic looking faces um, that it's just called regulars. It's kind of 3d ish faces.

[00:17:50] Yeah. The floor is at point just, just under 0.2, four as we speak. So I think that may come down again. So it's one that I'm kind of waiting to come down. I have noticed that there's a lot of people kind of picking up some of the rare traits. At higher prices also, you know, relatively quickly. So, you know, you may, you know, it's worth watching because people list um, you know, certainly don't realize what they're listing at times.

[00:18:14] Um, I don't know. It incredibly well. I've looked at uh, things like the type um, and then just various uh, Characteristics like the glasses or hair color to try to, to understand, you know, some of the rarities here, but you know, there's definitely some visual aspect to this. Um, When you're looking at these, I don't know much about the future plans.

[00:18:36] I don't know a ton about it. So, you know, don't have the whole in-depth part, but I, you know, got that the one in starting to look a little bit more at these. Um, And yeah, like I said, that price has run out, but. Does it makes me, it makes me want to jump in and realize that I shouldn't do that because I should wait for that pro that for, to fill back in.

[00:18:56] And, you know, I think we will see that a bit here. So it's one that I'm watching and looking for a good entry price for more, you know, as I said, I did do, I did get one.

[00:19:06] George: Yeah, this like it launched in 20 21, 11 21. So in November of 2021, and then sort of like, I mean, it drifted at 0.03 for quite some time. so that's like, those are the times to find these projects. That's what we're trying to do with some of the shopping here. I see. It's like beginning to taper off from that, that recent peak where it, and it got the 0.5 as a, as a floor for Ethan.

[00:19:32] It seems to be calming a little, but it's hard, hard to tell from the peak trough here. Interesting Sama. And I just added my watch list, but I got a lot of stuff here. I think um, I'm really hopeful that I can pick up a knock guitar. And affordable thing and I have to sell a thing to get that done. Really trying to be judicious about how much more money I'm pumping in cold. All right. Our theme. Um, Yeah, let's talk to an analytics, What are we talking about?

[00:20:04] Andrew: Yeah, so an analytics uh, I use this tool every day. It's a lot, like I use this for a lot of work, but I also use it to, you know, just to start analyzing things that I need more information on this. Lets you look at anything on the blockchain, any transactions that are happening on the Ethereum network on polygon on optimism.

[00:20:23] Uh, I think that. The electric, maybe a couple others as well, but you can use basic sequel queries to start looking up information on this and then present it to, you know, being able to visualize this in a very uh, you know, very easy um, graphs, charts, tables um, make something of this blockchain data, you know, it sounds, I don't know.

[00:20:48] I think in some ways it sounds more complicated than it is. Um, If you. SQL is a relatively um, relatively approachable programming language that a lot of people use for, for maintaining databases it's been around for, I don't know, 30 years or so. Um, So it's, it's a lot of documentation on it and it's relatively.

[00:21:10] Approachable to, to get going on this platform with, with not without a ton of knowledge of the coding language. So I think that's, that's really powerful because otherwise you're looking at, you know, trying to read blockchain data in a completely different way. It's, it's much more complicated. This makes it relatively easy to see um, what aspects are making up um, each transaction um, from there.

[00:21:38] I mean, you can take it to any number of uh, any number of degrees of how much you want to look into it, what you want to cross the, the data with, you know, look at various wallets specific activity. Um, You know, it's, it's really endless how much you can uh, start working or continue looking into transactions once you.

[00:21:58] George: What's really great. Here is also if you have a project and you're kind of wondering about it, it gives you another place to drop it in. You can do a search and see if anybody has built a custom dashboard for it. Uh, Built for various communities that have literally hired you to build out these custom dashboards.

[00:22:13] And then those dashboards are public. Most of the stuff on dune seems to be just open in the air because that's how they essentially have built it unless you're paying for like a premium membership to, to make it private. So there's a lot of quality stuff out there. And if you're. Looking to get into it.

[00:22:28] You can always, I feel like you can, am I write, copy these things as a template and then modify them and kind of learn from what the queries that are already in place are

[00:22:38] Andrew: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you can fork any of these, you know, that these different term for it, because then that sounds so much better than copying someone's work, you know, or just forking that work a fork in these dashboards. And that is really one of the cool things. If you see that, you know, if you see that there's a great.

[00:22:53] Dashboard for neat bits or whatever. And you just want to do that same exact dashboard for um, you know, for act Qatar. Um, You can go, just get the contract address. You swap out the contract address and you're looking at the exact same information just for a different contract. Um, That's one of the things that I've done with my dashboards is try to make it so you can put any contract address rate in there so you can make these.

[00:23:18] Um, You can customize them to whatever the project is that you're using, but I can go for it. That goes for anything on the platform. And I mean, there's some really impressive dashboards, both for NFTs and for uh, Nate, just crypto work in general. I mean, any, any crypto project, it seems has a dashboard in there.

[00:23:36] Um, I know that there's looked at some, some uh, search query data and they definitely get people looking for. You know, for um, moon, moon cats dune on, you know, there are people searching for that kind of thing on Google. Um, There are people looking for doing specific dashboards when they go into Google, which I think is uh, it's interesting that, you know, it has that sort of name recognition already.

[00:24:03] Um, It has been around for awhile. It's a real. Relatively old the team in the crypto space, they launched, I think back in 2018, but I think they are a team of under 10 until this year. So it's been um, been around, but they have been able to do. a platform that um, I don't know that they can deal with all sorts of different parts of crypto.

[00:24:28] We've seen, you know, defy be extremely popular. We've seen obviously NFTs rise in popularity and it's been able to be used for, you know, for all of these different use cases, which I think says a lot about both the platform and the nature that we're all working on the same, Ethereum, blockchain, you know, granted, I said other other layers as well, or.

[00:24:48] But it's pretty cool that this data it's all there, we're working on the same thing. And no matter what the transaction is, we're using the same chain.

[00:24:57] George: I'd say the good parallel here is kind of like Google analytics and data studio in some ways, if you're in the marketing world and to that end, I think there's a huge upside. If you're trying to get a job in crypto, you're really trying to like actually refine a skill, like no offense to our super abilities here to pick out affordable projects and run a podcast.

[00:25:17] For a tangible, freaking skill. Like you have this course, we have linked to it directly in this episode, start there, start somewhere. But like, this is sort of raw skill. This doesn't have to do with coding. Cause frankly, Luke, look, we're not all going to suddenly switch our day jobs. You know, chain, chain on chain coders like that, you know, that's a different path, but certainly I think there's a lot more intelligence that could be built into a lot of projects.

[00:25:45] A lot of creators that do this, but there's a whole whole world. And like, you're one of the top creators on this platform and you know, not gonna, not going to give too much away, but you, you taught yourself this, like you went from zero to like, let's figure this out. You knew a bit about code in the past, but you've uh, you know, you've been able to March up the way.

[00:26:02] Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, I think you're right. That is, it's a very, I mean, it's a relatively easy way to get involved and start working a bit in the space. Um, As I didn't learn this a lot on my own, I knew a lot about SQL already, so that definitely helped. And it worked a lot with platforms like Google analytics. If you've used any of these things, then, you know, it's, there's a way in to learning this platform.

[00:26:26] Um, One of the, I mean, like I said, one of the cool things is that you can just build on top of what other people have done. But one of the things that I really liked is that there's a ton of bounty opportunities and these. Paid opportunities to, to do work. Um, In some cases it's, it's just paid to one person.

[00:26:43] In other cases, it may pay, be paid out to all the participants um, actually serve on a committee of, with the unit swap grants um, program. And this is part of unit swap and they've gotten a grant to uh, community grants. So we get the name exactly of it. Um, But the idea is that we're helping to uh, Provide a bounty or we're creating bounties to get people involved in the um, the unit swaps community um, by looking at these analytics in different ways.

[00:27:16] And usually that's usually we have one that is very low end, relatively easy, meant for beginners to get in. And everybody that enters that gets some kind of boundary, as long as they um, actually complete the task. And then we've got a higher end one. More competitive, but there's a much bigger, I think it's a thousand dollar bounty on that one where I think it's, you know, I think it's maybe a hundred dollars on the entry one, so that's still a relatively nice amount to be able to get to do.

[00:27:45] But um, the other part is once you start doing these and can build something. a ton of uh, there's a ton of people. There's a ton of demand out there. If w we're looking for more work in this, and I think that's just going to grow because it, most, most of these web three businesses aren't even paying attention to these analytics quite yet.

[00:28:05] It's, you know, there's not enough people working in the industry. And as we've said, there's more and more money being, you know, being invested in the space.

[00:28:14] George: The other cool thing that I like about doing is that you can embed. Natively into a website. They're really just sort of unpretentious about like, oh Yeah. sure. Take it, run with it, go do it. And you know, on three AFT you'll find a lot of those dashboards embedded on, you know, random in your site. You're going to find a lot of those dashboards as well, embedded.

[00:28:32] So you could spin up a full fledged, you know, analytics tool with uh, information about how to particularly use it pretty darn quickly. So here's, here's some home. During the downtime. When, you know, we are maybe not buying and flipping as fast as we, like, you could still sort of spend some of that cycle time.

[00:28:53] I feel like it's that night at night, time away from your day job uh, picking up the skill. I think it's, there's a lot of upside here and this would be the platform that I think is going, you know, we're going to make it like, that's the platform that's going to make it because of the way that they're built in a, in a sustainable way was real smart tech.

[00:29:14] Andrew: Yeah. Yeah. They're just being, so they're building a lot more to make it even more extensible. Adding API is just spending. I think it's great that they make it open, make it a bit of, you know, the source for, for web three data. And I think that.

[00:29:28] George: Actually question. I know Eve yes. Polygon. Yes. What about other layer ones? Do you have like, are they like washing them? Like what can I, what kind of build on here? Okay.

[00:29:40] Andrew: Yeah, I was actually going to look what they actually have right now. So they do have, I know that they are working on cross chain analytics. So right now they've got a theory. Um, Gnosis polygon, optimism, Binance, and then they are working on. Actually having cross chain analytics. So right now you'd have to run it, run these queries separately, but we'll be able to start running.

[00:30:06] Together so that you can much, it'll be much easier to see where uh, you know, how, how Ethereum, how it different transactions, health and things are tokens are flowing across um, various uh, various layers, you know, cause right now we've got this thing where you basically parking your Ethereum somewhere and then you're going and transacting on another layer.

[00:30:27] And. Sort of, it's sort of like putting a wall in the middle of this uh, of this visual of transaction. So you've got to look on the one side of what's happening on Ethereum. Then you park your Ethereum there, and then you're looking on the other side. So this will allow it to, well, at least two. I don't know, provide a more transparent view of what people are actually doing when they go to, from a theory of polygon or optimism or, you know, any of these other layers.

[00:30:52] And I think there probably will be more coming as