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Theme: Have Utility NFTs Peaked?
  • MoonBirds showed value of Utility NFTs as Proof floor >100, Moonbirds > 30
  • Speed up can be an indicator of speed down. Is this different?
  • New utility NFTs launching (PoolSuite, Quantum, VSP, MyBFF, MetaRelics, etc)
  • Monster projects seem to be coming up each 3 months 



[00:00:00] Today on all about affordable NFTs. We're talking about the very unaffordable utility NFTs a little bit more into moon birds and the the larger

[00:00:54] ecosystem of again, how utility is really justifying valuations and valuations of, of these projects.

[00:01:04] What have

[00:01:05] we seen in the news?

[00:01:06] Yeah.

[00:01:08] Yeah, here we go. Got a few headlines here. rare. They got a new sort of marketing tactic out here where you can know. The looks token by listing your you know, it's, innovative, I guess it's not my favorite favorite marketplace. But they are certainly trying to move some more adoption to.

[00:01:32] That to their marketplace one way or another. are rewarding users by adding there. So I think I read That you need to do 10 or so to make it worthwhile, but if you do have and have some that you want to list, it is check out.

[00:01:48] Yeah. I mean, looks token are actually about 25% over the past seven days, which kind of nice

[00:01:55] Right. I believe around $2 or so

[00:01:57] right now.

[00:01:57] Yeah, I got up there. I got up there. Cool. All right. So I guess another token news we've got Abe coin, which they believe last I looked was up over $15. It 30% in about one day. And that was after news leaked out. That UGA labs was planning to do their other side land sale or to hold that sale in the. Ape token rumors are, that's going to start at 600 ape, which would be w had $15 would be around 9,000.

[00:02:33] So a little bit over three eat at these, at these priorities, sorry, around three, that these prices. So that's sounds like an aggressive price. When you consider that this first land sale will have thousand pieces and they plan a second land sale for hundred

[00:02:50] Sorry, you said a hundred 200,000

[00:02:54] 200,000. Okay.

[00:02:56] So I don't, you know, that's a lot,

[00:02:58] I'm sorry. 200,000 things priced at three east. Yeah. So that would be 600, you know, if that's real, that's about ether, which would be over what over. Yeah. Oh, that's $1.8 billion or so, so I can't imagine they can really take that in. I would think that I, you know, I've heard also that it could be Dutch auction of, I don't understand how the Dutch auction or worth of work with I don't know. It'll it's, it's interesting. You know, I don't know. If it's too aggressive of a swing, certainly sounds like it may be. But they are going for it. Anyway, and so far people are buying the token in anticipation of that. We'll see closer to the launch. These are All rumors So far the actual mechanics you know, haven't been announced for that land sale.

[00:03:42] Although so far, a lot of these rumors that have leaked out of UGA have proven to be

[00:03:47] accurate.

[00:03:49] Yeah, I'm just looking 14 days. Roughly speaking, it's up 35%, but literally as we're talking over the past 24 hours, it's dropped 16%. So this thing is, this thing is getting wild, right? It's going up and I don't own any aid.

[00:04:04] I will say prior. I do own looks

[00:04:06] and I know that you own

[00:04:07] eight and looks right.

[00:04:10] I do not

[00:04:10] own looks anymore. Now I have a little bit of ape. Yeah. All right. So next

[00:04:17] I just like really quick, like on the eighth thing, like I said this in the discord, but like, I'm like, I missed the train. I missed the train and anytime I find myself trying to throw my baggage car, as it pulls out of the station, like I make a mistake. I buy it. So I am firmly of the belief that like I missed it. That's fine. I, I might keep an eye on the but I'm nervous about those numbers. Maybe we'll do about land perhaps.

[00:04:43] Alright, perhaps. All right, what else we get for headlines here? we've got a rate Georgia. You've invited to a castle, a Scottish going on.

[00:04:56] Andrew, I'm going to have to have a whole new, a whole friends, because artists, Trevor Jones announces that NFT holders get to So Trevor Jones is an you know he's done a number Bitcoin angel and you know, this is an interesting project, one of the like

[00:05:13] tying to Integration to the reaches 7, 7, 7, 7, 7 of giveaway. However, this is

[00:05:21] really funny. Sterling castle in an invite only, I I don't think I'll be able to make it. It's nice to get. Usually it's just nice to be invited to a castle.

[00:05:32] I mean, I, I wouldn't see a few. You can just swing by, you know,

[00:05:37] I don't know. Maybe I

[00:05:38] can do it. I've got to talk to you a wife and see if she'll no, no, I think I know the answer to this already. Yeah,

[00:05:46] I got an extra I have to, I can give you one if you want to come with. right. Well, we'll see what happens there. I think that we'll see you when you make it over to the party. Sounds like anyway, moving on. Let's see what else we've got here. We've got this one and this one's good. so we've got the Ajax football team soccer team. We're caught like or trading on some civil rare and FTEs. had found out.

[00:06:13] that they were going to switch the starting keeper. starting keepers NFTs, bought the back. Before the news went public, of course, people have figured this out. They've got public accounts. So you know, fans and others quickly figured out what happened here. So, so far they're saying not, it's technically not.

[00:06:33] Regulated by commission. Although I imagine that that one's not going to hold up so well with their, with their league. I don't know about the the financial implications remember what you do on the blockchain can be seen could see the time. So even if it's not known right at the Yeah. I mean, clearly if it were a stock, that is

[00:06:58] something that is frowned upon by the And in general a public market in any ways. He's a big no-no, it's just dumb. Like, what are you doing? Don't do that. But it's the beginning of the complexities of when NFT marketplaces that offer liquidity to you know, players, trading cards and pieces that impacted, like, I wonder what would have happened if those were sports cars and instead they dumped them on eBay.

[00:07:26] I don't think anybody would look two ways about it. But because it's on the chain, it's with your name doing this and people will find out.

[00:07:35] That's true. Yes. You know, her too hard to complete that information when it's on the

[00:07:42] speaking of sports smooth transition here, look at me.

[00:07:46] Speaking of sports, the Vayner sports pass, you're bringing this to us. I have heard about it. We talked about it. This was AAJ Vaynerchuk, Gary Vaynerchuks brother, this was the notorious

[00:08:01] and infamous now uh, Supermint price where the cost of minty.

[00:08:07] Far exceeded the actual amount that was paid for the actual project. So do you want to talk us

[00:08:14] through the Vayner sports pass and why you see it as an

[00:08:16] opportunity? now. , So this is now it's the collection is now sitting at about a point for a floor. I believe gun back and forth a little bit under that. We. you know, has, as we talked about, this caused a quite the waste of gas when launch and has certainly helped to keep the full floor down.

[00:08:40] I think, you know, it got a lot of negative attention when it launched. So I think in some ways that is good as a, you someone at the collection now. We talked about at first, it is by AIJ banner who is Gary Vaynerchuk. Brother I don't know, a ton about his, ex his past.

[00:09:01] I know he's been some of guarantees projects in the past. believe, you know, I have to think that he's going to use a lot of his connections that he felt with with Gary over the years to to help promote they do have a, they've announced that they have a roadmap coming this But hopefully it is more than some of the roadmaps we've seen where they are quickly maybe a Google doc and published. That's this is my hope that it's done in a much more, professional manner. They have announced some partnerships with athletes in the NMA area. I've not terribly familiar with MMA.

[00:09:35] So I don't know, sort of the level of notoriety these athletes at this point. So these keys themselves are. There are various icons on various backgrounds and colors for the part or the basic ones. There's, not much difference among those.

[00:09:54] From what I can tell, I don't there's much different in what they give you in terms of access. There are a few levels of these. So when you're looking at see that there are so. Let's see different, there are different colors that do have a more, that are more rare than others. So you see different levels. Once you get, let's see into like the gold, those jump up a bit. Let's see. The green actually. Let's eight aren't much above floor. Again, I if there's something to that color I have to think that there will be certain certain levels of access with different tier cards on here.

[00:10:33] But I think it is you know, it's at an affordable price now let's see. Point three, nine, five as we speak. I've been watching it, do not have any yet. And I don't think you have any at this port point either, right? George.

[00:10:46] I don't, but like my macro piece on this you know, from podcasts I've been listening to. Including overpriced JPEGs and people that have worked firsthand with ADV Vaynerchuk, the guy is sharp. The way that this was coded on chain was done intentionally. So the, the bad byproduct was the cost of gas and sort of getting this out there.

[00:11:08] But it was in favor of a long-term technical decision. So far. What I know of the Vaynerchuk brand is succeed and is tied to the whole. And that they're

[00:11:20] very, very deep into these sports

[00:11:22] media. and what's more the sort of the

[00:11:26] Vayner VaynerMedia And the marketing therapy works with a lot,

[00:11:31] As you

[00:11:31] mentioned, sports teams and has a lot of access, and they're becoming frankly, the leaders

[00:11:38] in crypto consulting and NFT consulting. and I dunno, you combine those things for me. And I think.

[00:11:44] It's very clear that

[00:11:47] this probably pays back with drops alone. And the other reason of sort of like why now because that was one of the worst drops I have

[00:11:54] seen ever, and I think

[00:11:58] it's still holding at a price,

[00:12:00] It would have killed a lot of projects and I think

[00:12:03] in the water. You kidding me?

[00:12:04] and I think it's really, I think it's, it's, it's great that it hasn't killed this one. and I also would have been surprised if it actually did because you know, Vayner name, they don't, they don't take it lightly when they put it out there.

[00:12:16] As you said, You know, I think it's, it's interesting to think about how they think it's all part of the the whole, and you know, one bad project is going to you know, make it a lot harder for them to continue going. They've been in this space, you know, for a long time. You know, at least as, as long as you can be in it it's not like some of these other names that are coming in getting involved and then launching a project, you know, within AIJ has been in the space, you know, has definitely been around and with both Gary and Vonda own, in the space.

[00:12:49] So, you know, that makes me more positive in thinking that they're to continue on this project. I also think that there's a very. A very strong likelihood that a lot more young athletes begin to get into NFTs and Vayner sports has a big leg up on the competition. When it comes to getting involved with getting those, athletes, athletes involved with them, they are already here.

[00:13:13] They're web three native, and I look at that and look at this as one of the leading brands.

[00:13:20] Yeah. just to make this even more complicated in addition to the card type which has escalating at that peak looking at diamond, in addition to

[00:13:29] that it looks like there. are icons on them about each one, has like a couple of icons and

[00:13:35] each one is associated with things like e-sports golf, football, So.

[00:13:41] do actually have. Value to that. Are there, are there, are there like that's, I didn't believe that there were, there was anything to

[00:13:49] those, but I wouldn't

[00:13:50] This one has a baseball ache. Just one. So some have one. Okay.

[00:13:57] Yeah, I don't know exactly if there is something to, you know, if there's actually a valued, tied to what is shown on the card or not. You know, so it may be worth looking into a little bit more. I haven't found anything about that at this point, if you do find something or we find something we'll of course discuss that in the discord.

[00:14:16] So hop in there. If you are looking to get into this one, and hopefully we have discovered a little bit more, we can share

[00:14:21] there.

[00:14:22] Yeah it's, it's worth looking at. And I, And I like the why now, And also getting back, you know, to what we're gonna be talking of main utilities and new moon birds, watch this smooth transition. I think when you have a project like moon, birds come in and literally move the entire market. and when I say move the market like crypto slam for the past seven, Shows a hundred percent increase. and guess what? 375 million of that came from moon The next highest is, mutiny at 68 9, which all these numbers are absurd. So when I see that, oh, I, you know, I know I'm frustrated about missing the boat few weeks, which is. actually a lot, I'm missing a boat on, on moon birds, but the opportunity is that.

[00:15:09] These other projects some of these like high value, you,

[00:15:12] know, projects are out there and have an opportunity kind of some value. Right. And that's what we're, we're trying to do here. Find something affordable and all right, Andrew, let's talk about, and FTS. We just talked about members.

[00:15:29] They showed the value of utility NFTs. Can you just explain, like we're throwing around utility? What the heck the actually get if you have like a moon bird, what is, how has utility. defined.

[00:15:41] I mean, that's a good question for me. What the utility of the moon bird is. It seems to me that the proof pass was more of the utility They created this moon bird collection approved pass gives you, gave you access to mint, one of the moon birds. You know, I guess, how would you ex how do you think, do you consider the moon bird project, a utility still?

[00:16:02] Or do you, or, or is that just a PFP project?

[00:16:07] it is definitely utility And that you get access to a certain type of discord. Right? I know that you're going to be able to hang out in discord room. Kevin Rose. Cool. you're going to probably be surrounded by a lot of whales and people. Influential or at an absurd amount of money, for these things.

[00:16:25] And I believe that there's going to be continued utility. They talk about what is it like towers or elements that they're going to be developing. And the way that I see the utility is like yeah, you get access to this discord. Yeah. future drops as people tripping over themselves.

[00:16:40] You know, do the next partnership and drop and you'll get

[00:16:44] to two of them. And, you know, you'll probably have like an art blocks effect where, you know, it'll have the sort of shiny gloss of something exciting. And then the other part of it is you're kind that this is going to be the next Hugo labs because of hype and potential of a at this point. Like for that much money, you're like essentially a

[00:17:05] seed investor in a company. that's kind of guess what I'm looking at. When I looked at the utility there and I was like at play ball.

[00:17:16] Yeah. think we're we're sort of getting started with, with these utility NFTs. You know, we've talked about Vayner sports, you know, that's at a pretty low price, you know, I think there's not, we haven't seen what that is seeing up.

[00:17:30] Quantum art the Photography platform by Justin Arsano. They've released a quantum pass recently. I see that six or seven eat now. And access to future drops. We seen some others pool suite is one they've been operating as kind of a, I don't know what you'd call them, but an agency of sorts doing pool sweet they've recently done a NFT project, That again, is going to give access to things. I think we're going to see a lot more of these especially with I don't mention this before, but when people start looking at the, the amount that was raised by moon birds, so quickly 78 million, and have, you know, have. The credibility of people like Kevin that are looking at that and starting to make plans right now. So I don't think that I don't think they we're even close to seeing utility in FTS peak yet. I think we're, we've an immense demand. And I think everyone's trying to maybe spin their project, the mold of a utility and Ft.

[00:18:41] Now, you know, it's going to be, I think we need. To start thinking about, you know, how to actually at what a utility, what utility really means to an NFT, because it's going to be a term that every project uses now.

[00:18:57] Oh, yeah, for sure. I mean, they were using it before, but this is just to look at this. It blew away. Even my high-end expectation of like price tracking and what I thought would actually happen when a bunch of frankly, random you know, two things that they had bought and it just, it was incredible.

[00:19:19] And so I, I also agree, I don't think utility utility is peaked, but I thought it'd make a good subject title. So I toss it in the top. And the reason ties into, I think you're selling in part belonging, tied to financial website, and both of, those things are quite powerful in and of themselves.

[00:19:38] But what I mean by belonging is the same. Dynamics that happen on Sunday in a church, in your neighborhood where people show up into the same room in the same way and say the same with the ability to feel like you

[00:19:53] belong to a group is in large part. What I think I see the value of a utility when you talk it about

[00:20:02] as like, all right, we have access to this discord.

[00:20:04] Oh, I'm going to be able to socially identify as this, you know, group of people. Capture some part of my identity and you know, there's very much value in that utility There's a reason why people signal with,

[00:20:18] you know, $60,000 Rolex watches, because they want

[00:20:21] to show off that they have been club.

[00:20:25] I am successful because I have this thing, so that's not going away. So it's not peaked. It's very much endemic to

[00:20:30] our

[00:20:31] Yeah. So I had argued that that part The value for the sake of having it be high value. Isn't that more of a PFP sort of aspect to a, a, collection than a utility. And if key, I mean I don't know nobody who, people, at least weren't calling board apes and, utility and Ft.

[00:20:52] Although they've proven to be that if you've held the I've given away all these things, but, you know, initially it was more like, well, you're around these other people that want to hold this thing that is absurdly you know, I think in that regard, but you can always say that as long as private discord and it's a high for praise there's, you know, It's a there is some.

[00:21:14] Utility to it and that It's keeping out people that can't afford that if that is not saying that that is what you're you know, I'd say, I'd say that these, the moon birds is certainly prompt. You know, they're already talking about adding more to this. dates And and have to do this, at the time.

[00:21:28] And I don't think that it would have meant much to people to say, to promise all these things, you know, nobody knew that that were going to hold any value. Now people have seen that play. kind of explicitly saying we're going to continue to build they've even they've hinted at tokens. all out there. So I think there's a, it's much more known that these are going to not just be a highly valued collection or not. And I can't say collection. It's not just seeing it's a highly valued collection. It's also that they will.

[00:21:58] Give holders more value or at least more assets, you they'll have to prove. But they're going to give them more assets. They're going to continue to build. And they're going to put, put effort into this, that a lot of projects maybe have promised and have yet to deliver on.

[00:22:14] So your original interesting and I can take the extreme that a position that all PFP projects and all NFTs have a promise of. I could put them on a utility spectrum. Right. I bought a one-on-one piece of art and the utility I get is it's beautiful. I like looking at it you can say, I get access to a discord. I have, you know, an extra that I can own and I can, I have all of the rights to so I can put it on a t-shirt And a mug. So I think the, question is what is the versus what is the actual utility you get? you know, You're seeing now it's more about execution and trust. I'd say there's no longer a, a new clever, like, and by the way, in our roadmap, we're going to have sparkles.

[00:23:05] I think the, the magic of the are kind of fading away. And coming back to what happens here is it is trust in the founders. And you know, he's built up this community of people that listen to his podcast. that like this is, you know, the guy

[00:23:19] behind dig knows how to build things.

[00:23:21] And then, you know, the, that vision, you know, getting behind that vision and believing it is, is you, you're just acting like a seed investor. More so baked, into there somewhere. five spot. There's a new competitor, right? Like this time you, the labs didn't freaking exist. Like hold that in your mind for a second, And punks were like dominant.

[00:23:45] Leave. They were out at this point, but it was right. they were just in their infancy. Believe it was around.

[00:23:52] I could be

[00:23:53] Let's look it up. I'm kind of saying they hadn't launched yet and you're saying they have, okay. See, 30th is the first

[00:24:14] day I saw.

[00:24:16] All right. So about a year

[00:24:17] ago,

[00:24:18] I'm a mirror almost on the universe. Like when this comes out, this will be so, so about that for a second, right? Like time, suddenly this like massive company

[00:24:26] starts you know, it didn't take off until a couple

[00:24:29] months after the project, then you have something like a Zuki, which launched like massively in,

[00:24:35] I think you know, Q3, whatever it was.

[00:24:37] Have to get the

[00:24:39] memory of a

[00:24:39] Right. I mean, I think we've seen a lot. I mean, I think even going back further unit. Two a year ago This is in 2021. It, you could even look at it. If, if you want the market was there was nothing going on And it would, it's amazing to think then you the labs launched their project. And it people into it.

[00:25:00] We saw art blocks going it was kind of leading up to that. It wasn't until the summer that it really went crazy, that has certainly died down, but then started really noticing the UGA labs success or bird ape success. And I, you know, I think it spurred a lot of. Copycat projects you know, just some other animal project that you know, we're promising the same things and people have, over time kind of maybe realize that it's not a matter of just a ton of different projects of the same of the same ilk. you know, you need different projects. And I think that's what we're seeing here with, You know, with proofs and with with moon birds, even with the quantum different projects lead of categories and. become the project to to, to sort of dominate that category.

[00:25:50] And we don't necessarily, we're not going to see said we're not going to see maybe, you know, a hundred different projects that are successful with that same model. You'll see a few different ones, but they're going to need this. have something different to them. And I don't just mean the animal that they're using.

[00:26:03] You know, I think we've, we're seeing, we're seeing board aid to be very successful, what they do. You know, obviously you see move birds right young project. We don't know, you know, I don't want to, you know, I don't want to say. Overstate what they done at this point. You know, I think that come back down to a a level below that 38th floor and still be as quite successful.

[00:26:25] But, you know, it's hard to say the long long-term success, but I, I think it is, you know, it's interesting to think, you know, as, you know, getting back to what you were saying, like how we've seen different projects, take the lead and. Yeah, I guess, you know, another one is at a Zuki and seeing more of the sort of into this.

[00:26:40] I think that was a big entrance and we do see a few projects, but it's not like it's completely shifts the market. And I think we're starting to see that a bit that the best projects from these different, continuing to

[00:26:50] shine through.

[00:26:52] Yeah, another one I was going to call out was artifact And when they, when they dropped but it's like it's like every three months. it seems like, there is just this sort of like,

[00:27:02] Huge

[00:27:03] setting,

[00:27:03] launch. What I'm also noticing is different than board apes, which frankly sat at a 0.5 E floor for like a months. is that these newer ones, right? the ones I just went through, like every three months, we're getting these new big. There they're up. into the right almost day one. you have to take really uncomfortable levels of risks to get in on these, on these hype cycles. Right? Like we looked

[00:27:33] at artifact and we talked about it as affordable project.

[00:27:35] We were like, oh, Nope, sorry, psych your

[00:27:37] mind. and like Zuki went from zero to 60 immediately

[00:27:40] within a matter of like days and hours, not months. So like, clearly we just talked about what happened with boomers. So these new large

[00:27:47] projects. In my mind

[00:27:49] prior was this idea that like, oh, there's like very treasure around.

[00:27:52] One of

[00:27:53] these is going to take off. And that the truth seems to be more like there's going to be something that is absurdly hype that comes up. And the question on something

[00:28:04] So massive size bet. I would say we have to start thinking about this a little bit more. They are it's big bets. They are big sized bets. But I think what is interesting to notice, these are some of the most hight and they're succeeding. So you know, in, in the sense of the risks, Reward as risky as risky in the terms of it's going to go to down, you know, at least if you can get in at the very early part, you know, now at 30th, obviously I think that can that can go down 50%. Pretty easily, you know, at, at that 80th floor, when you see the volume that had, it's a you know, in you know, I'm thinking about that And that's not, it it's, it's hard to think that it D volume was Oakland to all of a sudden disappear to the point that the floor would printed 80 is a lot of ease to get into that part is challenging. You know, it it's but I am starting to see that the big projects, it's not exactly these, these diamonds in the rough they are, well-known, everybody's talking about them. And if you can get into them, even, you know, at the, the inflated floor, the initial floor price of them, they've been.

[00:29:20] Extremely good investments. And especially compared to kind of trying to find the, the follow on projects that, that launch hopes of, you know getting some of the, you know, getting some of the success of those bigger name projects.

[00:29:39] Yeah, I, I, guess, you know, kinda, still, I'm still like frustrated by like the fact that like, even if you see the next one coming, the, the level of risk you have to be in it is like pretty darn high. and you know, I think coming back to like, what we're doing here are the look at things like.

[00:29:57] I'm not giving up on that I think there's a lot of fun to looking at, you know, pieces that won't make the top 10 and that's fine, but you, know, things that, by the way, still can like provide value and like give access still very much part of this Coinbase

[00:30:14] bringing in the NFT market. And I'm hoping that brings more life to the middle market. Because look, we're, we're dealing in a market and we're like suddenly looking at

[00:30:23] Lamborghinis and we're like, we don't drive fricking things. Like I drive a, you know, a cheap, a cheap plugin. I want to that's fuel efficient. it's just, it seems like we're being asked to look at markets that outside of our size range. In general,

[00:30:39] you know, if you, if you talk about

[00:30:40] what's. Appealing to you know, it's just a disturbing show of money being thrown around at a I'm still doing it. I'll still look for affordable projects. They're out

[00:30:54] there.

[00:30:55] Yeah. I mean, yeah. I mean, I think there's affordable projects. It's I, I'm, I'm more wary of, of, of thinking that the market will follow a leading project rather than just that leading project becoming the sort of category filler. And then moving to sort of, what's going to be the next innovative project that that does something different to define.

[00:31:17] A project rather than just a lead or follow along with the trend.

[00:31:24] Yeah. Well, I mean, what's interesting is that every quarter Massive run-up because one, the Capitol is going to look for another place go with it and throw, throw around.

[00:31:34] And there are so many talented founders, leaders, developers, companies that have not

[00:31:40] even touched this space yet. And you know, they're coming and there's going to be

[00:31:45] opportunities in there. And know, that. that, that is exciting. So I'll, I'll get over my I'll get over my phone.

[00:31:52] Eventually and look at, look to project, but man, I don't know, Maybe next time

[00:31:58] I, when I, have that high conviction, just, you know, it up and just say like, all right, should I do this? and maybe I'll just trick you into splitting it with me.

[00:32:09] All right. Yeah, we've got, I mean, it isn't, these are great wins. If you do win

[00:32:12] the the raffles and those

[00:32:13] course, I did respect that they did the raffle. that was very

[00:32:17] they did, gas. And obviously there were some big winners there. So, you know, I'm a happy for the people that were able to spend the two and a half Yves and now are sitting on a 30 each asset.

[00:32:25] So that is that you know, that. Didn't have a lot going into that. We're able now, Ooh, that's a big, that's a big win. So hopefully there are a lot of people that really appreciate that and you know, whether they take it or not you know, that's you know, that's a tough choice, but

[00:32:42] yeah.

[00:32:43] Good one to have,

[00:32:44] Yeah, I had one more note just to call out here is that I get I'm always concerned about the speed and time with which something runs up as and time it takes to run down things that burn fast burn out. so there's, of this coin for sure. And those founders know it though.

[00:33:02] I know is very, very savvy in terms of building tech tools And user engagement. As you know, as far as dig your window to execute is, is very

[00:33:12] narrow, I would say. And

[00:33:14] also the risk of saying like, you know, it took, you know, three, it took one week to get like 36 ease. Okay. I'm much more comfortable if that's like it took three years to get to this point.

[00:33:25] Like that's a, sturdier base with people that have been sort of like holding in a competency And tested. You know, the board ape apes and moon birds right now is, is really not a fair at all. But those prices, I imagine, like their minds, they're like, oh yeah, this is like going to be a blue chip stock. Oh yeah. Bloomberg's is blue chip now. And you're like, because prince.

[00:33:48] Yeah, I'm sure there are already people putting that in there. And I think price is a dangerous indicator of it being or dangerous sole indicator of something being blue chip. You know, there is a, there is definitely a concern that it. could come down relatively quick. We have seen it in the in the past, not saying it's going to happen.

[00:34:06] And I think that. Nesting slash staking mechanism will help some with with a sudden flood of, of listings. You know, that being said, you know, things, things can change in in very quickly and, and FTS.

[00:34:25] All right. That's what we got. Hopefully that was helpful. In summary, utility NFTs have not peaked. All utilities have NFD. All, all utilities have NFT, you know, NFTs have utility.

[00:34:37] One of those is maybe true, possibly true, but one, well, we'll let you think about it.\