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Project success of World of Women. Self-fulling prophecy of guys having more access/headstart creating projects that appeal to guys and so on. A smart strategy could be to start looking for female-led teams/artists as the market grows. 


World of Women Galaxy - Collection | OpenSea 


Women Rise is another relatively new female-led NFT collection in the space. Yet, it’s already supported by celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuk, who minted 10 NFTs during the project’s December launch. In a short span of time, the project has raked in over $13 million in OpenSea trade volume. Acclaimed visual artist, Maliha Abidi created the collection of 10,000 NFTs representing women across the globe. A Pakistani-American artist, Abidi has been advocating for social justice through her art. 

  • boys club:
  1. Only ~15% of Bitcoin and ~12% of Ethereum investors are women
  2. Of the 121 founders of the top crypto companies, 5 are women
  3. Men are 2x as likely to invest in crypto as women
  4. BlockFi found only 9% of women say they understand cryptocurrency

Women Crypto groups/projects
  2. SheFI
  3. Black Women Blockchain Council
  4. BoysClub Dao



[00:00:00] Today on all about affordable NFTs ladies rule, the rise of female led NFT projects. I'll be honest. Like we could have done this episode anytime, I think over the past six months, but we've been waiting kind of gathering some, some notes on it and excited to share some of that. Some of that conversation and alpha with.

[00:00:20] First, I think we somewhat alluded to this in our last podcast to listen to that recently, just discussing this. George recently picked up a couple of pieces from the Sarah show and Sarah Zucker and Betty from the artist behind. Dead fellows. Yeah.

[00:00:38] So the funny thing is, is like it's been in my like personal investment narrative for a little while and we've kind of been waiting to share it, but I, yeah, I, I'm excited to get both of them.

[00:00:47] And I actually I tweeted it the Sarah shows there's soccer and saying like, Hey, picked up when your repeat. And she's like, oh, awesome. Thanks for collecting. So it's kind of cool. Like she knows me.

[00:00:58] Yeah. Cool. Well, yeah, I'm excited to talk about this. I think we have seen we've definitely seen some some projects, some women led projects get some, some big headlines, so it'd be good to dig into this a bit more, but you know, as he said, why don't we start with some headlines?

[00:01:13] Okay. E Toro getting in aping into blue-chip NFTs with a $20 million. Okay. So this is a, an investment platform and they are actually putting a, a, sorry, a portfolio of NFT investments together. This isn't a portfolio or a investment fund to invest in infrastructure tools around NMT. This is actually investing in the NFTs themselves.

[00:01:36] So haven't seen a ton of. Direct investment. It, of course is coming from a more I don't know younger sort of financial company and not too surprised that this is happening, but I think we'll start to see this kind of thing more and more.

[00:01:52] Yeah. They talk about saying they want to be one of the leading and if T collectors in the world fully deployed to collection, that already includes an Ft projects from board eight yacht club, crypto punks, and right on theme world of women.

[00:02:05] World of women. I think being, I'd say the largest, would you say? Yeah, that's what I kind of look at his leg, his WomenLead NFT collection at this point. And there's been a handful of successful ones and I think that has led the way I believe in terms of price, it's still up there and certainly gotten a lot of headlines.

[00:02:24] So yeah, interesting here. Next one, we've got nouns, Dow backs, NFT crowdfunding. So now in style up to something, any indie candidate film for Calla Dita definitely didn't pronounce that. Right. So what does announced dial up to here?

[00:02:40] Yeah, I guess they also, I've heard about this this films and indie film is being funded through NFTs and I believe it is connected to let's see, it's connected to.

[00:02:51] Martin Scorsese's daughter. She was on a. I believe so I'm now reading through this and not seeing that right away. But anyway, they announced out is putting some of their significant ease towards backing this project. As we've mentioned the past the the downscale There is the release one new NFT each day.

[00:03:13] They're still going for a pretty hefty sum. So they haven't spent a ton of that. So they are putting some of that towards this film. It will be the first NFT back film. It's so interesting to see. It looks like they do have some that they actually have a bit of a trailer here. Click, I'm not entirely clear on the status of the film at this point.

[00:03:34] Yeah, it seems like they're going to feature those glasses. So somehow that's going to be fit into the narrative. So there'll be a there's that like the content and that content inclusion for that nouns. That was a funny, one of it is. Just keep turning out those, those nouns every day. Good for them.

[00:03:53] All right. We can move to our featured project, which

[00:04:00] actually we talked briefly about this. I think one other thing we could talk about, if not, maybe NFTE specific is just the. Oh, the news that's been going on with Twitter recently, it is still a very popular place for NFT discussion. And we've had Ilan recently by about 10% of the company and then kind of put all his chips out there and say that he wants to buy the whole thing.

[00:04:22] And as we've mentioned this on a recent podcast and it made the news may have changed by the time you're listening to this. But I think it will have some sort of impact on the, on NFT discussion and crypto. Twitter. So it's definitely one that I'm looking at and keeping, keeping tabs on.

[00:04:41] Yeah. I mean, you see when all those announcement happened, like speaking as a dose holder the price of doge moves kind of aggressively when that happens. And also remember that as Dorsey left, he was a Bitcoin maximalist and maybe we'll actually slowing down the integration and adoption of more NFTs into web three tech into.

[00:05:02] Twitter. So I think all moves there. It seems like the path of Elan having his way or not having his way, all paths lead to Twitter, more broadly deepening its relationship to web three, which will increase adoption and usage. So it's all upside from where I sit, but I'm really rooting for him to do it and then make doji official currency of Twitter.

[00:05:22] And I'll be right back on my dose to the moon.

[00:05:25] That's all right. I imagine that's all part of the plan. It's

[00:05:28] all, it's all planned out. I just have to survive the trough.

[00:05:30] All right. Well, now I think we can move on. I thought that we should at least get that in there, but let's move on to our affordable project. And once again it is George bringing one to us. And what do you have to go along with our theme this week? Wait a minute. Is that three today? This week you're doing this week today.

[00:05:49] You owe me you want me I dunno, a moon cat pop for forever.

[00:05:54] Oh boy.

[00:05:54] All right. So ladies rule is our theme, but the project that we found is women rise. And so I guess relatively new female led NFT collection, I'll say the current floor just to get you anchored is. Two one. And that is a, I would say relatively thin floor.

[00:06:15] So this thing pat us on our back, I we get 80 downloads, this could move the floor. So all the more reason to join us in the discord, because I'm about to post it there. So they'll get to see what's going on really great art here. And it's celebrating. It says and representing women, scientists, activists, artists, coders, and more.

[00:06:34] And they're focused on advancing women's rights and girls' education through NFTs and web three, and even trying to build the first school in the metaverse and really sort of exciting vision. I would say it's a collection from an artist activist Molly hat, Z art is her tag and, and focused on advocating for social justice.

[00:06:55] So what do you see in, in this project? I'll say 10,000 items. Yeah, 10,000 items. You've got a, let's see, we've got about 5,700 holder. So a pretty pretty good unique holder count. I would say for a collection that size as you mentioned that it didn't get a lot of attention when it came out earlier and actually had a, we got an average price of over one eith at one point it's been kind of sliding down since peaking in.

[00:07:24] Let's see, mid February or so. But you know, it has, it's a fairly fairly affordable project at this point, I would say, especially compared to where it's been and where many of the sales have been. The holder count has been relatively. Daddy increasing slightly, but you know, I'd say definitely not.

[00:07:44] I wouldn't, it doesn't look like there's people dumping this project. I think people are looking at this as one of the more affordable women led collections out there. As you said seen world of women do quite well and it's even grouped in with the Crypto Punkin board ape projects in the blue chip collection.

[00:08:04] So I think this is a way to get in on a women led project at a much more affordable price. And one that frankly seems to be being overlooked. Maybe because who knows what the reason is. But I, I think there's a very good chance for some of these women led projects to to get more attention in the future.

[00:08:24] We know that there's a lot of Hills in the space and it's very dominated that way. I think as new people come in, we're going to maybe see the the numbers shifted that for awhile. And some of these projects could benefit.

[00:08:40] Yeah, just doing some trait analysis inside of

[00:08:46] It's all over the map because there's a bunch of attributes and I really can't find a salient attribute that I would say to go on. So like it's one of those to, to take a look at more closely and see what you see in and see what like draws you to it. But there's accessories, background, badge, body clothes.

[00:09:04] I make up glass hair, head helmet, light background lifts, reflection, ribs, and the list kind of goes on. There's some, some big deltas in here between floor and the gap. So this is like a gap analysis essentially of saying what is the micro floor was what I look at at, at different traits to be like, all right, where, where is maybe somebody mispriced something along the way for, for the traits are, but there's a lot of, a lot of variants here in, in these gaps speaking to again, the thin floor and the psych sort of our recent loss of attention.

[00:09:36] Certainly if you have a a longer view of this, this is interesting. This is very interesting.

[00:09:44] Yeah. Going on my watch list for sure. So thanks for bringing that to one that one to us, George.

[00:09:50] Yeah, absolutely. This is a fun one and it's definitely on a, on my watch full disclosure. We don't own it as of, I don't know the recording of this, but who knows?

[00:09:57] Because. We buy things.

[00:10:00] This is true. This is true.

[00:10:03] Okay. All right. Ladies rule rise, the female NFT projects and at a high level, look, the, this, the fact of this is at a high level, this is a boys club. Look, I will speak as someone who's running a podcast to two men talking to each other about NFTs.

[00:10:20] You see it a lot in The numbers as well, where according to some stats that only 15% of Bitcoin and 12% of Ethereum investors are women. So that's like if we imagine a world where it should be 50 50, because it's supposed to be open architecture and pulling in everybody into this community, let's just like, hold up the mirror and look at the data which is readily available.

[00:10:45] That's just sort of, not the case.

[00:10:47] Yeah. I mean I actually haven't seen the data necessarily behind this. My, I think that is somewhat harder to, to come by just by wallet addresses, but I think it's pretty apparent when you interact on. Crypto Twitter discords or just look at the the people behind projects, the ones that are docs it's, it's very heavily male.

[00:11:10] I'm sure you do have some, some other numbers that you can share with us here on not seeing it. But you know, it is very obvious that it's, it's a lot of males and we've talked about how will you know how there are fewer females in the space. And they, I don't know. I would say it's it's. It's almost there many are overlooked.

[00:11:32] And I'd say that there are a handful that get the attention in place of actually trying to promote it to be a more more open space over are, I shouldn't say open, but more, a more balanced space overall. It's it's almost like if there's enough attention and put upon us, you that it somehow makes up for, for the inbound.

[00:11:52] Yeah, some of those just sort of other top line stats of the 121 founders that they found in a research report of top crypto companies, five are women. Men are two times as likely to invest in crypto, as women. That's like a pew research coming out, block five found that only 9% of women say they understand cryptocurrency.

[00:12:13] So certainly based on these kinds of surveys and whatnot, but it's look, it's a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy that. Frankly, if men have access to the capital and creation markets for NFT projects, then they create, guess what? She, that appeals to more men that then fulfills their sort of like next project.

[00:12:35] And they can kind of go on and you see this also with top artists it doesn't, it doesn't take much sort of top line analysis. And we were talking about the total art market on the the, the crypto art. Crypto, like go and look, and then as you go through, you'll realize, what do you.

[00:12:52] You have people, you have POC, you have X copy, free Ross. You have basically men, men, men, men, men, for all the top pieces inside of here for, for individual orders. There are in a, we've chatted out to a few, a lot of female ed projects, the largest being a world of women that are really risen up and sort of held the rise.

[00:13:16] And I had a recently the galaxy world of women galaxy drop that Andrew, I think you bought into right.

[00:13:21] Yeah, I did buy some of those. And I looked at that as an opportunity to get into what I, what I sort of considered and what a lot of considers, one of the premier women led projects, as I mentioned earlier it was an opportunity that the, to expand there their whole, their group, much like a board apes did with mute names and other projects have done in the past.

[00:13:43] So they're growing that and it's still a, it's not one that we can put in our affordable list. It's much more affordable than their other projects, but I think those are still about a 1.2 floor. So I think there's, there's a lot. Good things going on with that project. But I think some of that will flow over to other similar projects like this, like the women rise project in another excuse me.

[00:14:06] Other projects.

[00:14:07] Yeah. I mean, like just sort of continuing down continuing down that list you kind of end up with a top artists and I'll go track this down in the show notes and you can kind of look at yourself. Late at yourself. You'll, you'll see that you gotta get into like number seven before you end up with hackathon, which I believe is the first one on that list for.

[00:14:25] Top artists nothing to shake a stick at 40, 41 million doing just fine and total art group

[00:14:32] value, which is really right. And I believe that that's a partnership of a male and female partner there. Right? So it's Monica, Monica Rizzoli is number 10 on that list. And believe that I know that she's done a very popular.

[00:14:45] Our blocks collection. So that that's that's impressive, but you know, as you said, this is largely dominated by men. Going down the list further, we've got Trevor Jones, shell, dear Mike Johnson, these are all men. And so you do have to really start going down a list and it's I wouldn't even say that it's the position, but just how few women are, are even on this list to begin with.

[00:15:09] And so to take a step back in terms of the, the upside of this, and let's just be honest, like you're, you're collecting NFT art because it speaks to you you're collecting NFT art or entity projects because you want to flip it. You want value there. And I think there is a inherent rarity to.

[00:15:32] Women that are leading projects or a women artists that have really defined themselves in this space, meaning they have to be that much better to have, have fought their way into it. And so that is when we look at a project like metamorphosis that we highlighted, I immediately went to what was the.

[00:15:50] Female creators in that list and like, where are they undervalued? And sure enough, they were, I felt very undervalued. So I was like, yep, I'm going to go pick up that dead fellows. And I'm going to go pick up Sarah soccer because I, I liked where the value of their workforce also within created you look at.

[00:16:08] Saying like at the time and Frida Kahlo getting completely overlooked and women in the art world. This is like not, not a new story, it's history repeating itself. But I think that there's a lot of upside when, by the way, remember that distribution of, we were just talking about the number of people that have bought into NFTs.

[00:16:28] And if the majority of the NFT projects that have been created. By then potentially unfairly necessarily for men. What happens when that begins to hit more of a mainstream market? Where are the older projects that are going to get more appreciated by? I don't know, say half of the population holds.

[00:16:48] Wallets. There's a whole side of the market that hasn't even come in we're early. And even earlier, still when it comes to a female lead female represented projects. And it's very much part of my capital, a art, a I'll say a capital, a art investment Yeah. I that's part of what I was thinking about earlier when I was thinking about I think that the, the ratio of people that are coming in is going to shift over time.

[00:17:13] If you've already got a heavy, a user base of, of then it. It's natural to think that at some point that'll swing the other way. And we may have more of a lot more women coming yet. It's at a certain point and not as many quality projects to to look to. I think that could change.

[00:17:31] So I actually was thinking one other project. I've been impressed with don't own. But is the cyber brokers project that's led by Josie? Who's like, what is her last name, Josie? Let's see, she's been around the NFP space for a long time. She's done pieces on super rare. Very impressive collection and super impressive artists that was doing this when nobody was paying attention.

[00:17:56] She's actually married to another person in the space Andrew Stein, who I've talked to a bit as well. So they're both very in a very into NFT or they're butchering entities before anyone paying attention. And she recently put this collection together. So it's one that just take a look at, I think, to kind of.

[00:18:13] I don't know. Let's see, just see a different idea of a collection this was done with SVG files which for those that aren't interested, but that aren't familiar can let's see. So there, there aren't actually graphic files in there. These there's there's I'm sorry, there aren't actually like heavy graphic JPEG files in there.

[00:18:33] It's a much later weight code based way of displaying these images so that they are all on chain and it's. Relatively expensive to do, but it is cool that these can be shown in any size at all. I just, I think it's a really cool project, regardless of who's bleeding it, but it's cool to see that it's been some is a female at project, by someone that's been so dedicated to this space for such a long time and doing it when nobody was paying attention like we've, we've talked about that as being such a, such an impressive.

[00:19:04] Just an impressive part of an artist's work. If they were doing what nobody cared. I think there's a pretty good chance. They're going to keep at it when people are paying attention. Yeah. Like

[00:19:13] that. It's Josie Bellini. And either Rigo, I will go ahead and say not affordable

[00:19:20] for. Pretty

[00:19:21] impressive now. Yeah, it's a cool project. But I think it also shows where some of these practices can go. There's a lot of potential here and there's flip to other affordable projects before that unless you've got way too much, you've burned a hole in your pocket.

[00:19:37] No problem. It's not a problem I have as of late anyway there are. Also some really great women in crypto groups out there. She five black women, blockchain council boys' club Dow, which is kind of a nod to the fact that it is a boys club. So it is. Or women, and there are meetups and more gatherings.

[00:19:58] And I think more and more this, these types of groups will hopefully come up, educate investors and then say, Hey coming back to our thesis, like, where should we invest? Should it be in, I don't know, somebody that is creating art that represents us, represents what we believe in, or is it just a.

[00:20:17] Sort of like, oh, let's go find generic project X that we can go flip. It seems to probably have maybe a bend toward picking up some of these, these projects and celebrating some of these artists in their continued work.

[00:20:32] Yeah, absolutely.

[00:20:34] All right. Well, I'm, I'm ever hopeful that this market is going to become more and more inclusive on every manner of it. Also speaking as a as a girl, dad I, I do hope to see a future of NFTs that are well, I guess at this point would need a lot more unicorns though. I am invested in a unicorn stable and a lot more rainbows based on our current.

[00:20:56] But I know those will grow.

[00:20:58] Cool. Well, good discussion, George.