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[00:00:00] Today on all about affordable NFTs

[00:00:03] gas is low. What should I do? And of course we're not talking about gas on the the international stage or at the pump, which is experiencing rocket highs, but Ethereum layer gas.

[00:00:16] Is it now possible that you could get a transaction through for less than a gallon? I think it may

[00:00:22] tell you I'm paying five I five bucks per gallon over here. I'd love the over-under. We should start tracking gas to gas, lowest transaction for

[00:00:30] Yeah,

[00:00:31] of gallon,

[00:00:32] could get really could get really interesting there, it's not what I thought when I first got into this and, saw the guests here as being so much more, but we're seeing it go the other way.

[00:00:40] Yeah what are we seeing in the markets?

[00:00:42] Yeah. Mark gets a little slow. Still. It's quiet out there. That's why we're talking a little bit about gas low. What should we doing? But as mentioned, we're still seeing a lot of development, a lot of investment. So notice that Warner brothers is launching a new project. They've got a DC comics themed NFT training card coming out.

[00:01:02] So these will be. A physical and digital traded card. I think that's interesting that trying to do both we've seen it sounds a little bit like a top shot take on comic cards here, though. The physical aspect, add something new there. And somewhat similarly we've got time. If they are time is still related to Warner brothers or not the time they've been big in an F keys, they are launching a children's series based on the Little's NFT project.

[00:01:31] I heard a couple other projects talking about doing television shows. Many of the projects are definitely not children themed. I would say that a good number of projects seem. Really be stuck on using cigarettes for some reason. And the littles has stayed away from that and is actually children friendly.

[00:01:49] It'll certainly get some get some publicity when it's got time behind it.

[00:01:53] Yeah. It sounds interesting, especially from the media side, when it get.

[00:01:56] And Last year I've got that Stripe is getting into a crypto Stripe, the payments giant they've been huge in e-commerce and web too, especially it seems like nearly every company has some sort of integration with Stripe at this point. And they are getting into crypto. So I imagined that their network will also be able to benefit from This and accept crypto payments within some relatively soon timeframe.

[00:02:26] I don't know what that is but I think that is big. They're partnering with FDX to begin with. FTX has been very active in partnerships in sports market and marketing through sports and trying to onboard people. And this is just another way that they will try to do it by adding a new on-ramp to get crypto via Fiat currency with Stripe.

[00:02:48] This is exactly what we were talking about in the other episode about the on-ramp the on-ramp too. I have a credit card. Can I just get into this freaking NFTE game without getting, sent all around to find the way to move my money, to get to the currency, to ship it over to the right lane.

[00:03:03] You got to get rid of that. If you want any reasonable adoption, you especially see this in games. People want to play the game, want to experience it as quickly as possible. What is the time to first dopamine hit? And I get excited when I see this type of boring back office slash deep tech integration has, this is the kind of thing that could actually give you that little.

[00:03:27] That lives right onsite and says, boom, there you golf. Don't have a wallet. We're going to provision one, spin it up for you to show you right here. Would you like a custodial? Non-custodial I don't know what they're doing here, but that's where we need to get, because we are in the league early days of if we were to put the metaphor to, two thousands where everyone had to figure out their own credit card, payment processing so that they could take credit cards through the web.

[00:03:52] And they're like, all right, how do I figure this out? All right. I got our broker. All the major credit card providers. I got to do my own fraud production. I have to get that stuff just needs to happen. And once it did what happened, e-commerce blows up. It becomes normalized. We're like, oh yeah, obviously buy stuff online.

[00:04:07] Yeah, absolutely. This is big. I think I remember the days of when You had to go get your

[00:04:13] built here, you had a company. You didn't, you

[00:04:15] yeah, built up before that and then Stripe came along and made payments so much easier and it's amazing on the merchant side. And if it's now going to become easy to take crypto payments that's a game changer for companies right now. From what I, and from my experience, the easiest way to accept crypto payments is using something like Shopify or a WordPress or a plugin, but they all integrate with Coinbase wallet. That's not necessarily a don't know, crypto native payment. It. is a good wallet. Not getting, not taking anything away from the Coinbase wallet.

[00:04:49] I don't use it all the time, but it's not. It's not a technology that is, these technologies are designed to work with any wallet at this point. And that's going to change when Stripe comes in here and makes it easy for anyone to accept a crypto payment from presumably any wallet and including Mehta mask the market leader by far, at this.

[00:05:08] point.

[00:05:08] Yeah, I those are those, like those small things like that lead to big shifts. So I was excited and said, all

[00:05:15] all right.

[00:05:15] Let's get onto our we don't have an affordable project this week. It's been, as we mentioned a little hard today, I'm sorry, it's been a little quiet. We are going to look at a one we've mentioned many times in the past. What do you have? Where's your looking at Zed

[00:05:29] I was able to convince that we looked for some affordable. We're trying to be a bit judicious in what we're throwing darts at especially right now. Here we go, Zed run. I've talked about it before in the past, I, had recommended. Going after legendary and in terms legendaries females to get you the best possibility to breed potentially this time I think I would recommend from where I see the market at, to look at going after a the breed type of Genesis.

[00:05:57] So that's the original legendaries one step down Genesis. And then just look at the floor right now. The Genesis floor is currently sitting at points 1 6, 7, and that will land you a bloodline, which is Buterin or booter. And depending on pronunciation you choose, and those are, the lowest tier horses in the game.

[00:06:17] However, as in terms of why now there's a couple of things. One that there is a token drop imminently coming and there. Algorithm will be favoring the bloodline as well as Brie type as Genesis. So like original holder they still haven't officially dropped all of the Genesis that will be out there.

[00:06:36] And Zed has been picking up in momentum in terms of total number of users in gameplay going on. And they figured out daily rewards. There's they're getting a lot of things. Right these days. So even if you don't intend to race, frankly picking up something in the genocide might be an interesting play in this period of time.

[00:06:53] I will say if you buy the cheapest Genesis horse, it will not be a good resource. Let's just be clear. It might be a good breeder, but that thing won't run. If you actually want to get into it and under. Instead of going to open C you should go to Haku and then start to play with win rates and flame rates and get into the, like the miles and miles of data that there are inside of this game.

[00:07:15] If you were listening to this and are considering buying a Zed run, boom. Go into our discord and ask mostly stable for his advice. He will tell you whether that is a good buyer, not this George dosas horse as well. And we are we're happy to answer questions in the discord, but really, if you do have any questions, he knows a lot about this, that run in.

[00:07:39] It can be confusing if you are not well-versed there. But the token drop is interesting. I think they've probably been waiting to make sure they get this right, as opposed to some of these other somewhat fly by night projects that just promise that they will do a token, does that run if it wants to stick around, they've been around for a long time and they want to get this right.

[00:07:57] I think that's exciting that they will have that coming in and it really provides a lot of opportunity to. To kind of ship the gameplay, as we know they are apt to do, but it provides different token omics aspects that they could make it very interesting.

[00:08:09] Yeah. One other element is the game is still evolving. They're going to roll out different types of track services, which will change how a horse performs, which is interesting. Now we don't fully understand what that is, but it could mean that a bad horse becomes a, not so bad horse on a certain type of track, as well as weather.

[00:08:27] So question. And also it's gambling and also full disclosure. I don't know a lot of these silly things and their online courses. Just one more time, if you go there, make sure you're using re type filter Genesis don't buy. I will say that. Buy whatever you want, but the current overalls that run floor place is 0.005.

[00:08:47] So if you go there and you were confused, that is because those are bred horses. Those are Pacers. Those are. Lowest of the low, like Zed, 200 and some odds I'm talking about and that other floor at 0.1617. Because I think that would actually hold value rather than something else, which is just what we call in the game.

[00:09:02] All right onto our theme. Gas is low. What should I do? We were joking about this inflection point of could a gas transaction on Ethereum drop below the price of gas, and I've started to see, I get so excited when I started to see cast numbers in the teens. I w I just ran around being like there's that like semi Dorman project and God.

[00:09:23] My AI guitars, I was like that done like gases low. There are some other projects that I still think have staying power and their prices haven't moved up. And so I think there's an opportunity to buy on old buy on old projects that you still think have life. What other things are you doing when you see guests low?

[00:09:40] So I think one of these I've been, I should be doing right now and intend to do is try to move some of the pieces that I really intend to hold on to for a longer period of time to cold storage. We've talked a bit about that. But putting it in even a more secure wallet, I'm not necessarily. Concerned at this point, but I'd rather move some pieces around, not have it all in one wallet, as we've mentioned that someone gets access to that.

[00:10:04] They have access to everything in that wallet. So maybe trying to partition that a bit and not have it all sitting in one place would be a good thing to do if you do have a lot in one

[00:10:14] Our security episode. Scared you didn't.

[00:10:16] Yeah. Yeah. It won't tell me thinking, it's better to be better, to be scared ahead of time. And here hear horror stories from other people than to have it happen yourself. At least

[00:10:23] And you're on those lists. I'll be honest, like I'm not really on that. When you hold certain collections, you're on that sort of oh, that wouldn't be a bad wall to hit. Like you got an X copy in there too.

[00:10:32] Tray, it's, that's a bed to, to move some of that around. It's thought about that. And, even just having it different places, Hey, I can make a mistake on my own. Doesn't even take somebody else necessarily. Being malicious. I, I. I've made plenty of mistakes online and I don't want to do it with a wall.

[00:10:49] I try to be as careful as I can. I think that's when you can look at I think another one that I've done is updated my ENS profile. When you update things on that, I've got, I own random dot E and then I wanted to update the profile or I'm sorry, the the Twitter. Account and the website that were on it.

[00:11:07] I hadn't done that initially. So I wanted to put the website right on the profile, so that actually caused a gas to do it. So didn't really want to do that when it was going to cost me, over a hundred bucks to do, but find did that recently. See it's also a good time to maybe buy an ENS named is, are relatively cheap.

[00:11:25] Or I guess you've actually paid annual fee, but the

[00:11:28] the fee? Do you know fees on that?

[00:11:30] It's not a lot for a name. Let me check what that is right now. It's based

[00:11:34] those unfamiliar, as ENS is going to be able to map over that hash so that you can essentially just have your much reader-friendly name to it. And groups like, Budweiser getting their, beer Dotty's and every major company is going to be buying their beer daddies.

[00:11:50] And also let's just be honest. You could go become a bit of a domainer and that, and try to park people that you think may be coming off. And that's not a terrible idea,

[00:11:59] at all. So right now it's actually only about $5 0.00. To Eve per year for a domain over. And I believe it's over. It's five letters or more in a shorter domain is where? Sorry, not the main, a charter name is a little bit more. So with gas right now, it's telling me that it's about $33, total $5 for the the annual fee.

[00:12:23] So you may as well do a couple of years if you're going to do it because most of the fees still gas, but like I said, it's a whole lot better than paying a hundred bucks for gas on and only $5 for the the name itself. Pretty good right now, Maven look at picking up a couple other names.

[00:12:40] I still, I like these, I think it's really helpful. To me, we've talked about how the hashes are somewhat it makes people think that it's maybe anonymous and it looks cryptic. This is a way to make, to, make it easy to read the domain or sorry to read the name. I keep saying domain, in many ways, this is very similar to a domain name.

[00:12:56] Really? The domain name is just. Interpreted into an IP address. Anyway, so this is really the same thing. It's actually surprising that it's not more of the the primary way that people are transacting. It is really hard to read if you've got the wrong, if you've copied. The wrong address and you're sending something to someone especially if you are, if you're copying address a lot, I'm working with contracts and addresses all day and, often we'll copy one and, don't, they, I can't tell the.

[00:13:26] Between one and another, just by looking at it.

[00:13:28] because it's 42 characters that all look pretty similar, they all start zero acts, and then there's a lot more characters, but with a name you can actually type random dot eith is what I have, there's, you can see what it says that you've typed it the right way.

[00:13:42] That being said, I still want to double check everything and make sure you get it right. But I can read that. That know, as opposed to trying to memorize a 42 digit code, not going to happen.

[00:13:53] Yeah, no. And especially if you're talking about a company or a brand and those pieces, like that makes sense. But I may actually run around and look for the sneaky domain parking strategy. That could be the affordable, Hey, you know what? You stayed this long into the episode. Here's your other affordable projects go find a brand or someone who you think should probably have an essential.

[00:14:13] C check if it's available. And when gas is low roll in and say oh, Hey, and then go ping them. See if they want to buy it

[00:14:20] Not a bad idea. Yeah.

[00:14:22] for principally, for princely eat some.

[00:14:24] That's right.

[00:14:25] I have on my list staking projects, so sticking in a T projects. So we, in the past, I did a quick scan and I found a wizard treasure collective that we talked about and crypto bots, both of those have. A staking mechanism where you submit your entity to earn the native crypto also. Oh, crypto the crypto unicorns.

[00:14:48] They also have a staking element, but not really because you can't afford to stay some of them. Because of it's the unicorns that are so expensive. So whether treasury collection, credit bots, basically like the pay to transfer to that staking wallet that took gas and it like, kills me how much it costs at the time when I did it.

[00:15:06] But I was like, I don't know, it's what you gotta do. You gotta stick it now. I'm thinking now oh, if I still believe in those projects or whichever I could, buy another and quickly for much less, get a get my additional entity into that into that sticky.

[00:15:18] Yeah, that's a good idea. You really don't want to be doing that stuff. When the guests costs you a lot Yeah. I to think about the things that I do have steak places where maybe I either want to move it out. I've got one where I actually want to move another one in and was hesitant to do it.

[00:15:30] Need to be better at making lists of the things that I always say I'm going to do when the gas is low. But I think this is a good reminder. Just wrote that down for myself here.

[00:15:39] This is just oh God, I gotta get off this pocket. I've got to do this stuff.

[00:15:41] Yeah, it is great to see when gas is so well. Like you said, I've been seeing the teams lately. It feels like you should be doing something when it's that low. It's just otherwise wasting the opportunity.

[00:15:51] You could pull out your looks or SOS tokens or tokens that United States somewhere that you're like, ah, I don't have a ton staked here or my reward. Super high at this point. And maybe my faith has waned. I'm not saying that one way or the other here. But it, is pretty annoying when your claim reward is less than the amount of gas you'd have to pay.

[00:16:11] And I would say another one is to actually send. Send money over our sin tokens over to layer twos to gas lists layers. Right now you can get it there for cheap and then be able to transact with it on those layer twos, whether it's going into polygon and looking for projects there, or even just staking your eith or whatever you may do, you can do so many more things on layer twos, polygons in one.

[00:16:36] I spent the most time on, but there are others optimism as EK sync is talked to when there's a lot of funding going on there. So not a bad idea to maybe even just rotate some money around occasionally or they'll get around in these different these different networks where there may be tokens coming at some point where we've talked that there may be airdrops from some of these that don't yet have a token.

[00:16:57] Mentioned arbitrary, I think in the past,

[00:16:59] Arbitrary optimism is another's EK sink that the, all these are all layer twos on Ethereum. So they are getting some of that Ethereum security, but also they will have essentially gas lists, cheap fees. We will see which how they all develop. I think they'll all end up with different specialties and use for different different use cases for each of, them.

[00:17:21] But not a bad idea to just try them out. You can get it over there, cheap and then move things around for next to nothing on those networks. Anyway. So once gas does go back up, you're not stuck in stuck having to pay these fees to get it back out.

[00:17:33] Andrew. I'm going to be honest with you. I had low expectations for this particular episode. I am very excited to get off and start to do some of these things. Cause I'm like, oh God these are things I need to do right now. So hopefully it has been useful to you. If you have a minute, a second, a thought, please drop a.

[00:17:51] Or subscribe on whatever platform you are currently listening to us through. And of course, during some discord, we're trying to have some fun there. And as you can tell, just to share some share some alpha. Wow. What kind of affordable projects are you looking for?