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[00:00:00] Today on all Today on all about affordable and FTS, we're talking about digital land scarcity. So in The land of abundance or the land of and

[00:00:58] seeming to dictate what price

[00:01:00] something should go at, and we'll be teasing out some of the different models out there, open Metta versus versus what you know large and small projects you go labs, sandbox, and the like, or are up to. But first, Andrew, what are you seeing in Yeah. What are we seeing out here? Right. We've got some headlines here. Well, we've got this article that I think was worth pointing out here by Kobe a influencer. He's been around the, space for a long time, but he said that he had recently been someone on the. The Abe council, the, the, Dow responsible for actually issuing the coin to get their opinions on some governance staking of the parking it somewhere and earn a more by parking it there. So he. this opinion that basically the, this isn't What staking was initially staking was meant add more security to a network by having someone both the that in this case would be ape along with maybe Ethereum.

[00:02:03] So by parking it there you, you're showing more belief in the coin. And that more value locked up for that which allows them to build with more confidence. So now we've got a lot that's, what's kind of being proposed with this eight point. And it's not. Certainly not looked upon all that. Well, by, by, Kobe in this, article as he's saying, there's, it doesn't add anything to it What they should be doing with this is building building more that can be, maybe build a marketplace for the for the Eagle labs. NFTs, you know, they get you, as you pointed out that he spent, or there were over 60 million spent in fees of the last year on on open sea alone.

[00:02:46] So there's a lot of potential to build, that could could bring more people to the ape coin. I don't know, a more natural way than maybe just giving them a more tokens to, to lock up. So it's an interesting, definitely interesting article. I think it's worth reading through gives you some ideas of how the, the history of staking and how it's And you know, I think this, this. Ape coin a coin has potential to, we've seen it has potential to have some big influence on the NFP market. Certainly when it was dropped, it had a lot of inflow or have a lot of influence, bought a lot of liquidity to the market. and I think it's going, you know, they're trying to make this the coin for the big land sale, which we're going to be talking about today.

[00:03:28] So I, I, you know, I think it's important to keep, keep tabs on what's going on in with the.

[00:03:34] Well, It's incredibly smart because they easily could have just made the land sale and Eve And collected Eve. But instead, what they're doing is forcing people to buy right. Buy the coin, drive up,

[00:03:49] pricing it and pricing it and eight well.

[00:03:52] Yeah. Pricing at big move. Right. it's not pricing it on the P And L it's like no. an eight, which is going to drive more people to have to again, transfer that much, right. Three eith it

[00:04:04] into a coin. And by the way, I driving up the

[00:04:09] prices of the damn thing. So you need to get more aid coin,

[00:04:12] like, you

[00:04:12] know, there's, I'll tell you what, there's a few people over a few brain cells And they're doing some smart things.

[00:04:18] If you're

[00:04:18] like looking at it from. And economic perspective. And, you know, I think it's important to have that narrative

[00:04:23] of like, you know, you're misusing defy and you're going to break things like, okay. I mean,

[00:04:29] it's, you know, it's got to function and it's being extended. And so it's kind of

[00:04:34] interesting to watch people that are older in the sector would be like, oh, you're, you're doing it wrong.

[00:04:39] That's not how you're supposed

[00:04:40] to use defy. I kind of see a little bit

[00:04:41] of that and ringing, Yeah, I I don't, they didn't see that as much. I, think that there is a, there's a lot to be said too, you know, rather than just admitting that lock up a token, you know, say they're not going to sell the token. And there's, you know, he values that well, I believe he had it at $7 billion or so if that's $7 billion, could it be. Could be deployed in many ways to bring people to the ecosystem rather than just emitting more, which is also diluting anyone that doesn't do that. You know, So there's a lot of a lot of mechanics that go into it. You know, we're, I don't know, we've seen, you could be quite successful the way they've rolled it out, rolled far.

[00:05:21] So well, I should say this isn't technically yoga And you know, it is heavily. Influenced by the UGA team. So, I, you know, that's, that's a question that he you know, brings up as well as, you know, the fact that there is there's some lockup on the tokens by the investors team, but

[00:05:40] And there's an unknown lockup. is just like discloses, like, and an has got lock

[00:05:44] up. And it's very important if you're playing this game to understand when those

[00:05:48] cliffs are.

[00:05:49] Right. So there's not, not all of this is locked up. There's some already, already available for those investors, early investors and the team to sell. They unlock more at about six months. And that's, that's because at the same time they're incentivizing everybody else to hold. So, you know, just be wary of.

[00:06:08] Of what's being said, and what's being done. I'm sure there will be other reports. And I'm not saying that they are definitely going to sell and dump it just that they do have that opportunity. And there's a lot done to to incentivize others to not do this.

[00:06:23] Yeah, I'm not

[00:06:24] So anyway,

[00:06:26] anyway,

[00:06:27] moving on, we've got ponder where ponder, where the developers of moon cats. We've talked about them in the past. They have that they may be selling off the IP to cats. Interesting story here.

[00:06:42] Well, I was because I feel like it was the last week where I put you on the spot. I was like, would you buy more moon cats? Or would you buy like this other thing? And you're like, oh, I guess I'd buy more moon cats with this. Right. But like these older projects, that frankly have have the, sort of the history behind them and they have a team and there are people that hold them.

[00:07:02] Like I think the

[00:07:03] project. Really kind of, I'll just be honest underperformed for where I think

[00:07:07] it could and should be because you know, maybe these,

[00:07:10] these folks are developers and they're not marketers. clearly there's a strong element of marketing community must be developed. But anyway, the the net effect of that is that there's been a I think you know, it's starting to come back down

[00:07:23] again from, from what I see in activity, but it was downloading. Point three, two. goes below a 0.3, them. And I feel like they knew it and they just ran up and on the car.

[00:07:35] Yeah, they did have a good little run here, so we'll see. We'll see if any buyers emerge. I'm definitely curious to make a little bit more of this project. It seems like one that is talked about by, I don't know, by everyone at some point and definitely has underperformed. it's it's, it'd be exciting to see somebody else get an opportunity to do something more with it.

[00:07:56] Definitely not. Marketing is not the strong suit of the team behind this right now. So much like the larva lab think they comfortable developing and not as into the marketing of things.

[00:08:10] I feel like moon birds could just like buy this with one day's worth of trading volume.

[00:08:17] Moon cats. Aren't good for birds. I can't imagine.

[00:08:20] You get your owls? It's very much a similar graphic style. I got to say it wouldn't be that,

[00:08:25] true. It's true. They got the moon,

[00:08:27] stretch.

[00:08:29] the moon verse. else did we have here? Oh yes, I saw this one. George, you've got a good control on NFT data storage.

[00:08:37] I know this is kind of a bit more of a wonky one, but this it's important. To understand like how they're sort of mapping out and where things are living. And basically it's sort of showing us where things are being Over time, if your file is stored on a server on an Amazon cloud infrastructure, and somebody stops paying the bill,

[00:08:57] your NFT is gone. Image is Sure. You still want. The code that's on the chain, but the image right where it points

[00:09:04] to who've gone so that, you in the past is where IPF asks. a protocol file storage, I think is in play of putting the actual assets on chain when you're assets.

[00:09:16] And this is just kind of breaking down

[00:09:18] kind of where things live and it's, I dunno, it's a good technical an

[00:09:22] understanding cause this much money on a JPEG, you mind, my mother makes sure the server bills

[00:09:27] are paid.

[00:09:28] Yeah, did mention that a lot of Ethereum projects make use of IPFS, but also make use make use of Penn pinning service to share easily, get URL to the IPFS so that Kenyatta is somewhat at a point in that it's single company providing those links.

[00:09:51] So if something did happen to their servers or to the company there those links would break. it's best if link and, or a alternative link with projects using that our weave is also mentioned, and I was surprised to see that our we is actually the preferred method for projects on Solana.

[00:10:08] That's. Surprising because it is a more secure from my my vantage point. Anyway So it's it's good. And there are some theory projects using it. I think we'll start to see more attention being paid to where these things are, are actually held at least perspective when people are looking at these projects, you know, we haven't fully experienced you know, a long. haven't seen a lot of these projects be around for a long run. Yet many of, most of them are under a year old. So it's still going to be a developing story. What happens as people lose interest in our move on to some of the on some of these projects and the bills go new project who dis the breakdown is interesting. Yeah. Are we've is definitely now kind of on my radar as a result of this, but for NFT, metadata storage for the top 100 Ethereum collections, they have this interesting pie roughly call it 50% are on IPFS. 40% are meaning that sort of, you know, got to pay the server.

[00:11:12] And 9% on chain and 3% are weave. And the R wave is like um, basically you pay at one time and they So That's like, all right, that

[00:11:22] generations anyway.

[00:11:23] yeah. But what happens after

[00:11:25] to like relax fella? Not your problem, right. those are dead people problems. Ethereum NFT media.

[00:11:32] So media is slightly different. A lot more people, it looks like 60% rely on IPFS and those top hundred collections for media storage 27% centralized, and our we've has 4% on chain, 9%. It's interesting to, you know, where, where are your wallets captain? And then they Do the breakdown by as you mentioned, Solana and polygon.

[00:11:52] So this is. I love this article. Actually. I love articles like this. I wish they actually looked at more than the top 100, but interesting data.

[00:11:59] Yeah, absolutely. All right. Well, let's move on. Let's say we do, we

[00:12:05] don't, have an affordable project for for you this week. Let's see. Do

[00:12:08] I, I was checking out one, I'll be honest and I ruled it out because the community had died a bit and it was affordable. it just make sense. I ruled it out also because I felt like it was a Dow that had a target to acquire a noun and they didn't achieve their goal. And it seems like when you don't achieve that goal, like it's like, it's a rallying point and it'd be great. and it's really wonderful. Let's go get the constitution. Let's go buy this like super expensive thing and make it our mascot. But like the is it's a very all or nothing type of vision and mission. And so that's. It's less so like, oh, aim for the moon land on the stars. it's like no, no, no. It's like you aim for the, moon Or you land on earth cratering down because the community says, we can't do So it's, you know, it's kind of just an interesting take away, but yeah, no affordable project. Quick note on past projects though, is peaceful battles have begun, peaceful that X, Y, Z.

[00:13:09] He's hilarious, double dragon style,

[00:13:11] graphic, a little fighters, you get three battles and it's really a fun game dynamic just to play it out a few, if you haven't been in there, you basically choose your attack style.

[00:13:21] You have a couple of days to choose it and you matched up

[00:13:24] against. And it's like this game theory the, you know, water to beat fire? Or do you think that they're going to choose something water? So therefore you should go with lumber. So there's a whole funny back and forth game

[00:13:36] dynamic going on.

[00:13:37] Fireplace on piece falls about

[00:13:39] 0.15 right now, I guess. So fun stuff. Interesting game dynamics. I'm all about the games. All right. Digital land and scarcity. You go labs, you go labs, other side,

[00:13:51] no scarcity, No scarcity. Well, I, I shouldn't say that. I mean, I shouldn't say that there's no scarcity, 200,000 plots as the plan or at least the rumors. And this is, I believe it was originally from the pitch deck that leaked back before other side video Oh leaked And was officially released thereafter.

[00:14:11] But anyway, the upkeep or the recently leaked information was that it would be praised ape. mentioned that staring at six, 600 ape, which is $9,000. So a hundred thousand plots then, and then another a hundred thousand plots coming in the summer is the rumor 200,000 plots is enormous.

[00:14:32] That's. That's a lot bigger than, I mean, when I was looking at it a hundred quite realize that there was another a hundred thousand coming, I was already thinking that a hundred thousand was, it was a really aggressive number they have a white list that includes many of The top and Ft collections. And I don't know that that is necessarily enough to get people to to go. thousand worth of these, especially at a three Eve price. You know, we did see moon birds do crazy numbers, you know, but that was a 10,000 piece collection minted at two and a half. And if the price has run up, but the, scarcity part is helpful.

[00:15:11] There, I don't it's, I think it's going to be a lot harder to see, to see a hundred thousand sellout and for that price to hold anywhere, right now I could be The my, my hesitation. Is it just that there, that first part is is so once people, once they have that, they know that there's still another hundred percent.

[00:15:33] Inventory coming. And I just, I don't know if that's going to take a lot more people coming into the space or especially into the, the UGA universe. And there's, you know, most people have had a good opportunity. I think there's a lot of people that have an attitude, like, like you've had that they've missed that train.

[00:15:50] Looking for the next thing, not necessarily looking to just get in at this late stage and try to hope that in the this bull run for UGA. Yeah, the metaverse hype in game certainly kicked off, right. It kicked off in the fall of 2021, Facebook famously renaming itself, Metta, you know, in the sort of peak of all peaks, the things that seem to be keeping the value when you're getting into digital real estate is scarcity. And as soon as you have, you know, just to just absurdly high volumes, especially out of the gate, then, you know, the risk is over saturating the market.

[00:16:30] And the problem is like when one part of the market goes at all does because of the way floors work, I believe they'll provide utility, but that is a very, very high starting point. And maybe maybe the bellwether that like Our idea of like owning property in the metaverse is like antiquated and frankly anachronistic simply because like, oh, I understand how property works. I have address for three whatever. and this spot you know, the idea of the metaverse Mr. Rogers neighborhood of places I can own mistaken ultimately. And it may be that, you know, you don't own the land, but you. your character, you own your network. We, we just, I think we have a weird fixed mindset just to go like a little high level I own this little plot and it's like valuable and I'll do whatever you want, but like in an earnest, I don't go on a

[00:17:21] different type of parallel.

[00:17:22] You know, I don't go on to Instagram to look at my own And my own little plot of digital. I look at other

[00:17:27] people's. I go there to see what

[00:17:29] other people are doing. I want to walk around digitally speaking. and see other stuff, and I'm less so

[00:17:35] about this like own owned piece of land. And I see other

[00:17:40] I see

[00:17:41] other projects beginning to take

[00:17:43] that tack.

[00:17:44] So I'm, wondering if this game dynamic is spent or is it still hold water?

[00:17:48] It probably still holds water, but I'd be shocked if that 200,000 goes

[00:17:54] for three E each Yeah. I mean, we'd be looking at It nearly a $2 billion raise. It'd be about, And so that would be. I mean, it would be unprecedented obviously. just, I don't think that there's enough liquidity in the NFT market or, or that, much sitting there ready to come in that they could do that, you know, and granted that's over, You know, that's, that's over So, you know, the idea, I be that one would go so well that it would, you know, for more interest in the You know, that being said, I don't know. I'm I'm, you know, I've seen how. As a crypto voxels holder, I've seen, you know, what has happened when land and it hasn't been good, you know, that has been largely, and I think that's been a effect to grip the voxels overall.

[00:18:38] It had a pretty, pretty good. And I feel like has largely been surpassed by other digital lands. You know and I think we're seeing that you know, maybe there isn't, you know, maybe there isn't as much value to those and maybe that's okay. You know, we've seen another bottle launch recently, this open metaverse project.

[00:18:58] Oh, M by punk 6 5, 2 9 pretty influential NFT Twitter person who has launched this, been working on it. It's pretty impressive. you can actually go in there. There's all sorts of buildings. There's a museum in there this expect United museum as a full level. Generative art most are, I think there's a generative art museum in the middle. it's, got another museum as well, but it's, a very different model Anyone at. this point can fill out a form to claim. I don't know if it's necessary to claim, but you basically can say that you want either a building a district different sizes. So depending on the size of your organization, you can go in and just say, you want to do with the land?

[00:19:40] They are taking this as very not scarce in giving this land away. So, you know, I think it's, it's that they are not going with, a scarce model and, it doesn't seem that you guys has much scarcity. Either. The net one is one of looking to charge once looking at. At the prices for a tube for $2 billion in sales. one is looking for people that are most interested in building things can, can see and use. interesting to your point of, you know, what do you want out of this? And know, I think when you've got an incentive, when you can build for free, you've got a lot to really, you better make it compelling for me to come in there.

[00:20:21] Right? There's not this this perceived value that is just sitting there, like look at my, look at my 60th. Plot that I am probably not doing much with, because I have six east to, to move around and, and put into these plots and probably own a few of them. You know, I think it's a very different So you know, know that that one is necessarily right. And UGA has definitely been aggressive about about pricing things recently. And they built that up by giving things away, but then it looks like they are trying to cash in on that trying to extract the maximum. Possible. They're really trying to extend the maximum value possible And, you know, I don't know that it tells you in your lifecycle. Another one to point out is the sandbox and, you know, the sandbox, we we actually had it as a, as a project. I will say we called it. that, was like a, you know, one that we actually did pretty well by, you know, the price, you know, frankly it ran up it was up there at like five eith. But currently it sits set a floor of one point. And it has steadily dropping month after month after month. You know, you could get but ultimately like it comes back to it's a map made up of 166,464 and growing the end growing part is sort of the inhibitor.

[00:21:44] Point here. right.

[00:21:46] Here's, you're looking at something that like, literally you have celebrities involved with built assets and dog, I mean, is, is in there. How much more, how

[00:21:54] much more do you need to know? truth is if you just

[00:21:57] keep printing the money machine,

[00:21:59] ironically, the thing that you know, all crypto

[00:22:01] is anti.

[00:22:02] If you keep the money

[00:22:04] machine, the land machine

[00:22:05] printing people will figure out the value pretty. Well, inevitably I won't say quickly, inevitably. So I dunno, I I think we we've thrown enough questions at building this way on, I don't know. I think I would feel different if the making It so that like you could.

[00:22:25] What's accessible though at 200,000 plots. I mean, if they did a third, if it was one I mean, I don't know. It'd have to be a, I mean, we'd be still talking it's too much.

[00:22:36] I don't know. I mean, maybe there is a me, you said, there's almost 200,000. I was surprised to hear what you just said.

[00:22:43] There's almost 200,000

[00:22:44] Yeah, a hundred and thirty six, a hundred and sixty six there only I don't understand how 9,000 listed on open. See, I

[00:22:50] think it's still in, like, they're talking about where they're going to

[00:22:53] end up and where they are releasing. In that cycle. So the cap.

[00:22:57] And then conversely NFT worlds have held because it is kept fixed at 10,000. However, I have not seen true utility come from NMT

[00:23:08] worlds, or the ability to cross and walk around worlds inside of there.

[00:23:12] But that's actually that, those one

[00:23:14] that climbed up and it's kind of held a little bit, it's come down off of its hot.

[00:23:18] So it might

[00:23:20] be that's sort of slow

[00:23:24] it will see. I have, I've seen some, some integrations with, on how much people are actually using these. I mean? we're seeing all over the place. The the, the peak of many of these NFTs seems to be the the lead up to these announcements, the, the news And the announcements of the actual product and the seems to not for the price of these projects, it seems like people are much more excited.

[00:23:52] Ahead of the release than they are things actually come to fruition. So it's interesting. I think that'll change at some point. Or at least does because I want to be excited. I want to be excited about what is actually here, as opposed to just hoping that the thing is even better. Yeah. could still hope that things are even better, but I think, you know what I mean? I don't think it's sustainable to just look at everything like it's going to be great. And then once it gets here, be everything. I think there are great things then some of these projects are delivering and we can't just look at this as like, well, that's it.

[00:24:25] Yeah. I mean, hype, the expectation meeting reality can, can be a tough one. One more I want to just throw park, which I think is a different play. Metaverse interaction, actually their drop wa was live in this, past

[00:24:39] week. So people that were

[00:24:41] in there know we talked about it got their, you know, free drop no

[00:24:45] minty into their wallets the other week. and that's more about curating ecosystem that is open, but it's the asset of the character that is imbued with that type of value, which is which is interesting. And sort of, is it metaverse land or metaverse identity?

[00:25:02] That is where you, you store your value.

[00:25:04] And so that's just like a and we're going to see a

[00:25:07] lot

[00:25:07] I think, a lot more

[00:25:08] exploration of what's possible. that metaphor has term I think is now evolving somewhat. I think a lot of people are coming to the idea that it's not necessarily this, these digital lands in. Much more of a kind of ecosystem that evolves in between NFTs and these digital lands and crypto. So you know there's a there's a few different ways that it's going to be, you know the people are, are, these companies to do it. I am. Very wary of projects that have huge caps on the project, regardless of projects are launching. I think it's think it's a lot healthier for the launch with a smaller demand and

[00:25:48] Hey, don't it look like a giant cash grab.

[00:25:51] I mean, honestly, even if they kept it to 48 and you know, ecosystem holders, when it bothered me as a non holder, I think that would do more for the value.

[00:26:02] I don't know that people from holders of, of, you know, of cats really is I don't know. I mean, I guess they're universe, but I don't know that it really does They still have other ways to get into it. I don't know. We'll see what happens. You know, there's different, different different tactics and it's certainly evolving.

[00:26:22] Take a look at the human park floor though. It's at 0.049. I'm on polygon. Gas lists and they're they're backed by the studios that did a Zed run. So it's kind of interesting, I will say cause this is the gen one that they put out there and so yes, there will be others. But these are officially gen ones that are, that are floating around out there.

[00:26:46] All right. Any, anything else to add?

[00:26:48] No, I think that's it. George.

[00:26:51] Alright, great topics. See out there. Good luck.

[00:26:54] tactics and it's certainly evolving.

[00:26:59] Take a look at the human park floor though. It's at 0.049. I'm on polygon. Gas lists and they're they're backed by the studios that did a Zed run. So it's kind of interesting, I will say cause this is the gen one that they put out there and so yes, there will be others. But these are officially gen ones that are, that are floating around out there.

[00:27:24] All right. Any, anything else to add?

[00:27:29] No, I think that's it. George.

[00:27:31] Alright, great topics. See out there. Good luck.