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Coinbase NFT

Rough Transcript

[00:00:00] Today on all about affordable NFTs. We finally get to talk about Coinbase NFT time. It is time to speculate. I'm so excited. Your mic is not on. All right. Well, we have been talking about it. We already, I feel like, and now we finally get to to talk about it with a little more substance, but we're in based NFD has launched and at least in beta, what does it all mean?

[00:00:29] Basil? What does it actually mean? It's launched. That means we can all get access, right? Andrew, like we can log in right now and start using it, right? Not exactly. Yeah. I'm not clear how many people actually have access to this.

[00:00:39] Small as a hundred people, which may be ridiculous if it's that, then they really got to clean up the spam. They can literally just point out. Who's stop it. Stop it, John. You're the only John on the platform. Stop it. Well, anyway, I think that it's obviously big news and it came on on April 20th.

[00:01:01] You know, on a date that there are many other I dunno, and Ft, shenanigans launching all sorts of projects themed for the day. And I'm not sure why Coinbase did it that day, but they did seem to wait maybe for the you know, I'm sure they were doing some regulatory issues, the official, why they had to use that date, but, well, no I'm saying I'm sure there were some things going on behind the scenes.

[00:01:26] And then you do wonder if maybe their crypto experience led them. Launching that post NF, I mean, post a us tax deadline time. I mean, they do know how that tends to affect the crypto markets. Yeah, that's right. I mean, frankly, it didn't obviously moves a lot of money around. It usually causes a lot of sell-offs in equities and that probably extends to NFT markets as well.

[00:01:50] So like we're finally through this. Terrifying annoying, wait and see tax time. So maybe this is like kicking off a, a new start, but we'll get to some more of like the speculation on what we can tell. Cause neither one of us have an account. The other big thing that happened in the last week and we were talking about it.

[00:02:07] Oh man. This was the inverts moon, birds. We thought it would be big, right? We thought it would be big and somehow it was bigger. So I'm just going to like this is a Kevin Rose project coming out of the proof collective and proof podcast. And, you know, there's you know, it's a utility it's utility token gives you access and they're going to build them.

[00:02:31] It's. It's copy paste a roadmap. Like we'll have a metaverse we'll have a thing, except it's being done by somebody who was the founder of big who's used to executing. Who's built up an audience of whales. So it's, it's ridiculous. Can you give us some numbers? Cause I'm just using abstract. Can you put it in context?

[00:02:48] In terms of how big this launch was? Right. So I guess we should start by saying this minted. Two and a half Eve. And it was a, I think we mentioned this previously, but it was a raffle, only a white list. So I don't know how many entrance they had, but you know, if you were on that, it was like winning a lottery spot because they immediately were going for 80 or so I think nine Eve by the w.

[00:03:12] Lowest for that I saw. And at that point I I thought that maybe that was a little overvalued and thought I would have a chance to get in at a lower price and they just kept on climbing. They've done. Let's see, the first four days they set a new open, see record. 240 million traded. The initial, it should say the initial sale brought in about 78 million directly.

[00:03:36] So that's that's certainly going to get the attention of other other people with maybe the following or network that someone like Kevin Rose has and the experience that he needs, someone like that has. I'm sure they will look at that 78 million. In you know, a matter in a very short period of time, you know, as, as we know that there was a lot of buildup to that.

[00:03:55] But that is an impressive Mount. And now they've got 240 million traded. They are taking, and I believe, I believe it's a seven and a half percent cut of the of the, of each sale there. So I thought they were. Oh, I believe it's seven and a half. Let's see. So I could be wrong, but let's say that, you know, even at the so I guess we're at about 18 million, they've taken in at seven and a half percent on that 240 million.

[00:04:23] Although I believe that I've looked at a number just recently and it's, they've done a good number, a good number more than that. I believe it's up over maybe 400. 15 million now versus five days. So we're talking about crazy numbers. It's, I don't know. It's, it's done much more than I anticipated, as I said, you know, I do feel like that train has left the boat at this PO but the boat left the station at this point for me.

[00:04:51] And I missed that one. Unfortunately, you know, but I do think. You know, it's hard, it's hard to, hard to surmise that this won't influence a lot of other people to launch projects like this. I can't imagine that many will come even close to the success of this project, but you know, you can, there's a lot of wiggle room in there to do quite well without getting to a 30th floor.

[00:05:12] Yeah, look, we're going to dive into a lot of the implications of this. You know, we were, we were both sort of like we had parked some ease and I think we both have a, I had a reservation price. I'll say my reservation price was five eighth. Had those things gotten to five eith I would have pulled the trigger and it was, I just feel so frustrated that I was like, I knew it was coming.

[00:05:34] I knew it was going to be big. I knew it would be a worthwhile investment, but I like looking at it. I can't be angry for no. Blindly pulling the trigger at eight E like, I can't, I can afford it, but like that's, we're talking about a massive investment in a startup company, right. In essence, that is been around for a year.

[00:05:55] Like the proof collective has been around for you. We can get into it. But I dunno, I was frustrated because I really wanted to get one. I felt like I had followed the project prior. I knew about doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter. So, yeah, that train left and. I I'll just be S I'll save it for the next episode.

[00:06:13] I'll save it for next episode. Well, it's a, yeah, it's impressive. So yeah, we will have to talk about that some more, get into that with what this means, you know, there's a lot going on still. You know, at this point we've just seen that floor climb and of course, we'll keep, keep watching where it goes, because I think it does have a lot of implications for the NMT marketplace.

[00:06:32] You know, or they'd have to market as a whole moving forward. Small one here, the sandbox years up to raise 400 million at a 4 billion valuation. It's really strikes me as a lot of money. Yeah. I mean, I I'm gearing up for that too. Does this mean they have someone ready to, to give them that money?

[00:06:51] I mean, that, that is a, that's a big valuation. I feel like it's a sandbox has been somewhat overlooked. Recently it seems alphabet with NFP world sort of taking over that. Voxel, like building in the don't know, with sort of a gaming aspect to it, but but clearly their wealth, they're still at least attempting to get 400 million.

[00:07:11] That would be a, an impressive raise. Okay. Yeah. All right. I say we jump into an affordable project. You found us something interesting. I'm excited. I know nothing about this thing and I hope you don't pre. Well, we'll see, I hope you don't get me to buy another thing, but right now, just full disclosure, I don't own any of these things.

[00:07:30] Do you own any of these fellowships? I do. Yeah. So this is so it's called fuel world. It's fuel paint drops. A few OSHA's is a young NFTE artist. Believe he got started in an FTR last year, 17 years old 18 now does a lot of, I mean, he does a lot of paintings including in real life painting projects where people can even kind of participate in some of the paintings, but very influential artist.

[00:07:58] I think he's in. That we'll we'll sort of help. We'll help bring a lot of people into the space. He's got quite a following and as an artist really seems to influence people to want to want to interact with the pieces. So. Does paint drop was actually a nifty gateway, which I'm sure Georgia, you know, won't like but it was a, let's see, it was an open edition originally.

[00:08:22] And each paint drop was 1000 was $1,000. There are paint drops that, so there's paint dry. That are multiple drops within them. So if somebody had bought maybe three at the at the nifty gateway auction, they were then minted into a single NFT that then contains three paint drops. So if you look at the collection, you'll see different paint, drop sizes.

[00:08:48] Most of them are, are of course, just one single paint drop the total collections about 7,300 pieces. So that includes all of the different Large, a larger size paint drops that were amended in the NFT PR in the original open edition collection. Excuse me. So the, they are going to be part of a fuel world.

[00:09:10] There's not a ton of details on what that exactly means at this point. But they, the, the paint and the amount of pink in your drop will sort of be, will this determine how valuable it is within the world can be redeemed for different Different things within the world. He does a lot of clothing has had a lot of like shoes done.

[00:09:30] Some drops with artifact, a company we've mentioned the past and it's now owned by Nike. So I would imagine there'll be some opportunities to. Redeem for different pieces maybe to combine these pieces. So I think this is a longer term, hold the floors around 0.4 eith right now, which let's see today's traces.

[00:09:54] Let's see how much that is over the over the original mid price. What do we got here? So, yeah, we're just a little bit. It looks like 1300 or so. So it's a little bit over the floor. I've seen some, some people buying them in bigger batches, but, you know, I think he can be patient and be able to pick them up for not much over the mid price.

[00:10:13] And I think it is one that would be a longer-term hold good to get exposure to a young artist. And I think it'll be an interesting project. The future world. You know, whatever that is launched, you know, have to stay abreast of the, the infer, their info there, but could be interesting to see what he does with that.

[00:10:29] Yeah. It seems like there's also an access element to this as well. If you go to that site, fuel world, that IO. So this is like is their first generative and it's definitely like talking about. You know, giving access to future potential drops unlock things and fewer world, including canvas and fuels.

[00:10:51] So like definitely not just a PFP, how it say ER, it looks kind of cool and yeah, I mean betting on young artists and, you know, sort of first community level. Is interesting little pricey for, for affordable. And I always like you, you joked, you're like, oh boy, it's from nifty gateway. Like yes, nifty gateway, ha I have some issues with it.

[00:11:15] But it's great for on-ramping. It is great for pulling in new artists. And also recently I realized, I didn't know this before that they actually found. Like they convinced people to do. And I did not, I did not know that actually that's so they've they've certainly brought that that's certainly a win for the NMT industry in general.

[00:11:36] I mean, it's hard to imagine that that everything that has happened this past year would have happened without people's. With, I don't know, let me say, I mean, not certain things would have happened. He certainly helped bring a lot of attention to the industry and a lot more money into it. Correct. I think he accelerated the sort of Christie's level game for sure.

[00:11:56] Which then sort of imbued the rest of the artists capital a, that we're working for a long time originally in the medium, also that lift. So again I, I will say. Just to come back to the statement though, when I look at a piece that I saw an open edition mint on nifty, it means it's saturated the market of people that value the thing at X price.

[00:12:20] And we've even seen that with our own holdings in our X copy pieces, which are like oscillating above and below mid price right now. And that's fine. So that is just stuck firmly in the back of my mind of like, this was an open edition. Probably for 10 minutes and it's saturated the market. Now the floor does seem to be holding in and around this point here.

[00:12:42] So like that post, like, it looks like it dropped on on April six and it did have a little peak trough kind of game there. So take a look at it and remember like go back and listen to one of our thin versus thick floors on this. But this is. It's relatively one other note I would look at if I were to get it.

[00:13:03] If I were advising someone to get one of these, look at the doodle count, there is some rarity there, and sometimes you can find most of the one page. Drops are single doodle count, and I don't know how much this will matter, but the there, the two doodle counts are much rarer and are often sort of the hidden in there at the floor price despite being much rarer.

[00:13:30] So I think there is an opportunity to maybe pick those up When people don't quite realize that there is a difference between them you know, and it may not mean anything in the fuel world, but it could. And I started that and I think it could at least help in a when selling it once people start realizing there is a different level of rarity to those, oh, this is awesome.

[00:13:50] Good job bringing us up. I'm definitely gonna look at it. And again, just shut out. Like when I'm going to look at it I'm not sure yet, but I like that. It's not just a PFP. I'm looking for things with utility. I'm looking for artists capital a, that are going to be in the game and build up a style and brand.

[00:14:06] And yes, I definitely have heard ferocious come up a bit. I'm also gonna use the wagging tool to like, do exactly what you said. Look for the. It was called a trait gap Delta and looking at the trait gap deltas. So it basically means there's like a whole bunch of mini floors based on all of these silly traits.

[00:14:22] Some of them don't mean anything. And some of them actually mean that you can find something that has I high Delta, right? You want that large difference between like where it's listed at the low versus the next highest price which can get a little junked up when you have a ton of. Traits, but it's worth taking a look at.

[00:14:41] So just sort of sharing a bit more of like what it means when kind of look at a project because each one is unique and we could spend forever on it. But thank you for bringing that to us. Very interesting. All right, well, let's move on because we finally get to talk about Coinbase NFT marketplace.

[00:14:58] I was, it, this was like announced. Nate the chatter around, I believe it was, I think it was no fun a year in crypto township, you know, six months. Exactly. That's the fuck, man. That's a long time ago, you know, we've had, we've had multiple seasons. There was a bear market in December, you know, and then we had the rally in January and then we had another bear market and another rally.

[00:15:22] And I don't know what we're at now, but it, it moves fast. So we've got a few cycles here since. Launched. It is the, as we mentioned, it's a beta, so we haven't actually gotten to list or, you know, use it directly, but you can actually use the, you can go onto it. Anyone can go on to the to the site and try out certain aspects of it.

[00:15:41] So yeah, what's your, what's your impression, George? A bunch of things. One, anybody can go to NFT dot Coinbase dot. And I'd encourage you to go there and click on the things. There's a lot that I feel like I can Intuit by looking at the UX decisions. And so some of, some of these pieces are, there's a discover section, right?

[00:16:02] Where they're trying to use this as an editorial, very clearly an editorial driven kind of thing. But also there's going to be like a for you section so that maybe they're going to curate NFTs based on what's in your wallet, as well as trending collections. And then there's a very interesting. Accounts to follow, and that really speaks to the social second, cause this is a platform for a social second type of utility.

[00:16:28] And it's much more of kind of like an Instagram vibe meets open sea, which is very interesting. My mind immediately goes to the way that, you know, if you use Venmo, it made PayPal social, and suddenly you have this like funny feed of like, oh, so-and-so pay them for. Gambling or beers. What have you? This seems very clear that because they have this like little add button and it's like add an ad to follow for, you know, they got the blue check marks, even they even have the blue check marks.

[00:17:00] So I think you see a much stronger profile first type of imagery, which means they're associating and bringing in an FTS as the primary medium of sort of the social post. Yeah, I agree. This is it. It seems very social. I wouldn't say social maybe first, but social forward. And much it's something that people have maybe, I don't know.

[00:17:26] So he'll ask for an open seat, you know, and then I think a lot of people are also wary of opening it up to. To the opening up these social aspects, because I mean, as we've seen on on Twitter and even in emails, there's certainly a lot of potential for for, for deceitful links that being said, you know, if they're ready to actually monitor and, and, you know, clean up what is posted on their marketplace, you know, I think it could be a very interesting feature to add in here.

[00:17:58] And you know, obviously we've seen that Instagram is quite successful by they let people share pictures. Comment on them. So I, you know, adding some of that into the NFT world, which is so visual as it is, could certainly be. I do think it's interesting that despite the the sort of social forward part of this, that it's, there's, from what I've seen, there are complaints about people registering accounts without any sort of verification or account names without any verification.

[00:18:26] So you've had in certain instances, some sort of web them, sorry, that's some sort of NFT Twitter. Personalities being faked on the NFL, on the Coinbase platform. And those names inside of one case, it's a name being held for, you know, held for some, you know, read some of that type of price. And, you know, that's a little disappointing that there wouldn't be a little bit more engagement with the current community.

[00:18:52] I mean, it's, it's not that hard to go and find who are some of the big influencers in And if T Twitter and, you know, in various other places and at least make sure that those people are verified on the, on the platform, because I think that would go a long way to helping people have more security on the, on the platform in general, the mistakes that are going to be made.

[00:19:14] I think it's really smart, albeit frustrating that there's a limited number of people in here because frankly, if, if something is wrong with the contract, something is wrong with. They probably want to figure it out in a small contained environment rather than 3.7 million over 4 million. Now, probably on this week.

[00:19:32] It's just, yeah, that's what I've heard. I've heard over 4 million, so yeah, it'll, you know, it's hard to imagine that they can, you know, how they will be able to monitor comments in a, in a way that I don't know it in a way that keeps users safe. So I'm wary of, of how that works out. You know, we've seen that.

[00:19:51] How hard it is to kind of monitor what, what things are being posted around on social sites. On many other occasions and, you know, although 4 million is nothing compared to those networks, that's still a lot of people that could be posting and very difficult for one platform to, to fully monitor, I believe.

[00:20:09] Yeah. I would say the overall UX is. It's clean. It is a very visual, obviously the point of it is to get out of the way of the beautiful, weird, bizarre art that you have. And so I I'm impressed really with just how clean this is. Maybe that's to a fault, as you may miss some of the features you are used to in terms of being able to dial into a project, but it is really accessible, I'd say, which is what you need.

[00:20:39] For that larger adoption, because I'll be honest, even still with all the open sea updates, it's still very wild west and easy to make mistakes. Also. There's comments. Did you see this on individual? So that's part of what I was referring to. Yes. And that comments that are being left there. So I've seen a lot of negative comments being left with other people's real names and that's, you know, that's a little, I don't think that's a great user experience for anyone.

[00:21:06] So, you know, that's what I would hope would get cleaned up in some ways. But yeah, like you said, it is it's, it's very visually pleasing. I do like that there is some I don't know, curation to this. It's not complete, not any contract will just automatically be listed here. At least that's what I've understood.

[00:21:27] But Han looking through the comments, it's, it's a lot of junk in there. So we'll see if that can, you know, how much that adds to it and it, you know, if it gets to a point that it's not, I don't know. I'm not sure what they'll be used for. I'm not sure if, if there's a lot that it can, that can be positive out of that for these NMT collections that I don't know.

[00:21:48] It's not like you're looking at one piece of art that needs to be criticized. Yeah. I know. Obviously, like everyone's trying to pump their own bags and, you know, go about unleashing their discord armies on no, this or that. So it's definitely something that's going to be. Manipulated quite a bit because there's both social and financial incentives in play.

[00:22:09] And also remember the internet. I'm trying to think, you know, my first approach here was to kind of browse through this shop section and just get a feel for what's getting posted. And frankly, like what is at the front door, right. Like, so I look at that front door and trying to figure out what are people going to be driven toward potentially as like, oh, what makes sense from like first person?

[00:22:32] As in like, what will potentially benefit from a reasonable floor for a good project that is listed here and I'm having a hard time kind of getting that because I get trending collections, which is just not helpful. It's like, yeah, okay. Go buy a moon bird. And like, that's not what people are gonna do go to shop.

[00:22:51] And one of the things I did is like, look at price lowest. I could imagine people doing that because there's limited numbers of. Features. So that'll say like, okay. And I'm trying to look for anything of quality in this like lowest list NFTE, because again, this many people wander into a new store, they have access to capital.

[00:23:10] Like what they're going to do is shop this. So I'm trying to figure out if there's an angle on analyzing the UX and what's listed and picking up any of these projects. I haven't found any alpha yet. I might have some in the next podcast, but I'm I'm looking around. What do you think. Well, yeah, I guess there is something there, you know, I don't know how much the, you know, how much the collection or, you know, what's offered on the platform will change as they evolve and as they start letting new people in you know, I obviously didn't, haven't heard much about the plans of actually opening up the marketplace to more users.

[00:23:42] So we don't know. You know, at this point, I would imagine it's a pretty small amount of volume that's being done on the platform. You know, and that's, that's going to change, you know, as we've mentioned in the past, and there's a Coinbase effect to tokens and we've, we've talked about how that can happen with NFTs as well.

[00:24:01] And, you know, the idea is just more exposure to more users is generally very positive for. Dogan for a NFT collection, especially one that is already doing well. So I think that that's, you know, we're going to, I think it is worth watching what happens here. You know, I think it may be somewhat early to start making our, our plans of which projects may may be featured once they open it up to more people.

[00:24:28] Because we really don't know that part yet. You know, we really don't. I'm really interested in this sort of discovery though. There's something here and this for you, I don't think should be sort of overlooked. I'm talking about the discovery element because what is that the top of, for you for the 40 you discovery page right now?

[00:24:50] Just curious or what are some cold blooded creepy? Okay. I've just, I mean, I imagine this is a personalized feed here. Is that, how can I, cause I'm not signed in, but it seems to like, it's like changed. It's true. Yeah. That's a, that's a good point. I'm not signed in either, so I don't have a wallet. Then I see a doodles.

[00:25:10] Then I see a psychedelic stuff personalized to me at all. No big projects, but, so here's what I'll say. Why that's interesting to me is because. There are more individual NFTs listed on open sea than there are. I've heard this like pages on the internet, right. Websites on the internet because it has proliferated so much.

[00:25:33] So that means that discovery is sort of this huge opportunity. And like, I'm wondering, is this going to be algorithmically generated editorially driven based on my price range based on. What interests and, you know, it's similar to the way many, I think artists have found potential success because they are, you know, in an EDM category that gets picked up and they get added to playlists.

[00:25:56] And so paying attention to how this sort of curates, not just at an individual level, but macro, it may be like, this is like the, the front page of when you land on it. It may actually carry some, some influence there. So again, I don't have the. I don't have the next tech action, but this is like what I'm seeing.

[00:26:16] When I look at the page and potentially extrapolating about what 3.74 million users do when they wander into this? What the heck should I buy? Like what year is interesting? Right. I th I think one thing that's important to take into consideration is kind of the level of user that will be coming in here.

[00:26:35] You know, we're not as much talking about the early adopter, the, the, the person that's as willing to put up with with some of the technical challenges, you know, I think they're trying to overcome that. I don't feel like there's going to be a whole lot of, I think there's. Multiple chains listed on here eventually.

[00:26:53] And it's not going to be a whole lot of impetus on the user to figure out the technical challenges. It definitely feels like it's made to make it easy much like Coinbase has made crypto easy for someone to just connect their bank account, put some money into a token. You know, now I don't know how many tokens are on there.

[00:27:09] It used to be a very small number to make it simple. You know, but I think that's kind of the approach that they're going to take here. Relatively simple to get started. You can get, make it friendly, make it for the next that next wave of adopters that are curious, but somewhat hesitant right now.

[00:27:27] And it's, it is a very different I'd say it's a different user mindset than, than the average open, see user opens the users are, are, you know, have been more willing to take those risks and are on these, you know are willing to put up with maybe the problems. But this will be a new, you know, it will have a lot of influence where, how will they direct attention for people that aren't thinking quite as Quite the same way as other users that maybe are thinking of in the verify, you know, trust, but verify sort of mentality.

[00:27:59] That's more accepted on web three and, or sorry in like the I don't know, in the open web three then these sort of dated marketplaces. Yeah. I I'm just, you know, I'm excited. I wonder how quickly they're going to roll this. Yeah. Yeah. That'll, that'll be interesting. I mean, I'm sure that some of that depends on how it's going and the feedback and everything, but yeah, that we've got to watch this now because you figured that it's, we're not going to see those long delays of, you know, something soon and then hearing nothing for, for six weeks at this point.

[00:28:33] Yeah. Well, they they're in the game, they're in the game now and it's going to impact them. And it will be bringing in more liquidity, more liquidity to more projects. Yeah. I don't know what it means in terms of the NFD marketplace, but I do know their, their stock has not been doing well since its IPO.

[00:28:54] I believe it's quite low, so I could definitely see them trying to use this to instigate a little bit more action in. Stock. I, you know, I can't, I have no idea exactly how that would all come into play, but it seems like NFTs are. Sort of being used as a way to to bring back some of the the forward thinking growth mindedness of investors that has sort of fallen by the wayside recently.

[00:29:26] Oh my gosh. You're not kidding. The past year. It's down 53%. That's ouch. Ouch, ouch. Currently Yetta. Yeah. Right. Should have actually, instead of this, stuck on a button. Although, I don't know, a year ago, you may, you may still be down. I don't know what the price, not 53% though. I can tell you that. No, not that much.

[00:29:47] All right. I'm just looking through the show notes. Oh, KYC. I had a note. I know your customer stuff may be in play for some of these projects though, if you're coming. So here's the game. If you're authenticating and coming from Coinbase, right. And they're managing your wallet and this is like a management.

[00:30:03] It's KYC. They know that they know your information and you know that they know that. Which has tax implications and reporting and just know that going in. However, they also, from a report I heard are allowing for just connection via meta mask in the, I have the Coinbase wallet. Right. That's interesting.

[00:30:22] Right. So that's like, okay, that's a, that's the side door. So part partially KYC there. And it seems like any projects, you know, once you're in the door, you can kind of be listing stuff. I thought it was going to be much more. Curated, but from what the list I just looked at, it seems a lot more open than I realized.

[00:30:40] And yeah, if you're checking out on an individual project, it's, it's nowhere near sort of where you need it to be for filters and like, understanding like what's going on with the product. It's like really feature lacking when it comes to like, Well, we were just talking about it, right? Hey, look at this, you know, filter on the attribute for number of doodles associated with it.

[00:31:00] Like none. No, no, none of that's there yet or who knows if it's there or not, and maybe they're going to rely on other pieces. And in the back of my mind, you know, just to put my own bags here the Wagni tool like comes into, you know, hand quite quickly when you're saying like, look, I need something to analyze what's going on.

[00:31:19] I see. There's like interesting things going on. Coinbase, but I like, I want to check out what's going on with these traits and details. So these third-party tools I think we'll have a run-up of interest as well when people realize like, wait a minute, like, what is this project actually doing? What are the traits?

[00:31:37] What are the angles? Who are the holders? And it's also going to drive up, I think, speculation based on influencers, on the activity of influencers and being able to track whale, wallets, and like their moves are just going to be much more. Associated with, for example, like Elan tweets about buying Twitter and suddenly shit goes wild.

[00:31:55] Like, look, if pump punk, you know, X number, whatever, tweet something, or now a NFT posts, something in their feed. I think it's going to be much more about like alerts and people paying attention to it. So there may be a, a greater consolidation around these NFT influencers. W I have an episode theme for that in the future.

[00:32:16] All right. We'll have to get onto that later. I think we have covered everything on this one, George. We did it Coinbase up. I can't believe we did this episode. I was so happy when it came. I didn't, I beat, I beat you to it. I was like, ah, I posted it in our discord. So yeah. Join us in discord. We have conversations about this, you know, tell us where we're right.

[00:32:37] Tell us where we're wrong. But if you're going to. A five-star rating, please do it on whatever app you're listening to. If you're going to leave a three-star like just leaving the discord, just let us know. All right. Thanks. All right. Bye George.