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[00:00:00] Today on all about affordable NFTs, we're talking about cock punching the market and what Yeah, you heard me correctly. Uh, at this point, I, I imagine, uh, folks have already heard the Tim Ferris, uh, launch of his nft, but we'll get into that in a bit. How it, you know, livened up the market a little bit, gave it a little cock punch.

[00:01:06] I guess that's a thing we say. Boy. Yeah. I mean, you know, crypto needs more, more odd sayings to have people overhear in other conversations. Right from, from Normies. So now you can talk about, it's been minutes cock punch. Yeah. Did you mint, you didn't get the minty cock punch, right? I was on the wait list.

[00:01:24] I was right there at exactly the right time. It felt like the old days of, yeah, it felt like the good old days of like, oh, I didn't know I was in a gas war. Cause I thought I was. and approved pre whitelist. Exactly. At like the time when they said to do it and it got gased. I was like, whoa. I didn't think that was what we were doing here.

[00:01:42] Yeah. I was fortunate to have, fortunate enough to have one, uh, mint spot for that one and a, a raffle. Um, so it did mint, uh, those, yeah, it's been, been quite some volume. People get into that a bit more, but, uh, anything else new in your wallet recently? George? Well, uh, I already was, uh, celebrating the fact that I got the artifact Nike dunk, uh, not too long ago.

[00:02:04] Uh, still pretty pleased by that. But then I got dropped these, uh, shield Age things that I think, um, came as a result of one of our previous, um, uh, previous projects that we talked about. Uh, the sort of, um, looking for it, but the, the membership. So I hadn't gotten an interesting drop in of it. So yeah, I cotu tsunami sum.

[00:02:27] Pronounce that. Yeah, we did mention that one. Or, um, yeah. Cool. I, uh, had one, uh, I picked up one new piece today from Colby. It was a very small edition. Uh, uh, it was a hundred edition, hundred pieces total. Um, there were 70 for sale, quite really small. They were 0.2. It was a project they hadn't heard about artifacts.

[00:02:48] So that, that's those kind of interesting to check out a lot of 3D objects from. As they state a hundred, uh, premier crypto artists of col use is the latest one. We've had some others there too. Um, I think those are, I, I can't quite tell what's going on. They were, like I said, they were at 0.2 at one, uh, from the, uh, mint, but they were really just for sale on, on open sea, so it wasn't quite minting.

[00:03:13] It, uh, you're actually picking one of the, uh, the existing tokens and, and hoping that. out , you, you just beat somebody else to it. So missed on a few, got one. Uh, no, but it's, uh, little different experience. Um, it does feel like there's, you know, overall it does feel like there's, there's people waiting around for the right projects.

[00:03:35] Yeah, I mean, I think the, the degenerates are still here. If you look at like N F T sale volumes, , um, over the past seven days. Um, they're, you know, slightly up actually, uh, overall by about, depending on how you're looking at it, just on the Ethereum network by like 10%. So I wonder if, you know the, there's a, a December end of year bump, but I mean, we've been talking about it.

[00:03:57] I do have to do some harvesting. I'm like, it's kind. The clock is going and I'm gonna be so frustrated with myself if I didn't like, uh, go through the old, uh, catalog of broken dreams. We'll call them. Yeah, at the very least, I mean, I would say it's something I did last year was even just swapping. Tokens from the same collection with other people in that had pieces from that collection.

[00:04:19] Um, you know, if you're looking to, to move your token, um, you know, and, and sell it cheaply and then pick one up from another, if you don't, you know, maybe just wanna help somebody else out, maybe hop in and discord, look at ways that you can take a, uh, you know, realize a loss, um, and maybe help somebody else out.

[00:04:36] Those, those losses can be big when it comes to tax. Yeah, well, I'll be in our discord. I may have a Bonny or two that I bought at the wrong time. . Yeah. Up in our discord up project Discord, you know, uh, we, we are not , we're not, uh, excluding ourselves with this need to, uh, to, um, to take some losses here. Yeah.

[00:04:59] Well, on the news side, uh, looks like. You've shopped quite a bit here. You've got a ledger, just launched a new hardware wallet for your NFTs. Am I dumb? Like why? Like, I thought we could just toss our NFTs on their last wallet. Like what is special about this thing? Yeah, so this is, it's, it's an interesting wallet here.

[00:05:17] This is, um, little bit different than, than what you've seen before. A lot of the wallets that we've seen have been very much like u USB keys. Hmm. Uh, this is a, this actually has images. It looks a little bit more, it's a, about size of a credit card or the, uh, length by width of a credit card. It's thicker.

[00:05:35] It's designed by Tony Fidel who, uh, was with. Apple for a long time was the, uh, the designer of the, the iPod signed many of their, of apple's famous devices. Um, so what this does is put along the side, it's a, um, the sign, there's a digital screen that you can label it with, and then on the front there's also a digital screen, so you can see your NFTs there.

[00:05:59] Um, trying to make it a little, um, more okay activity happening on the device. Um, and they've used mostly hardware wallets out there. It's a little. Putting a key in and then really doing most of it on your, on your computer. Uh, I guess all I've done is as my desktop or my laptop, I should say, not on my mobile with a, uh, With a, uh, hardware wallet.

[00:06:22] Um, you know, that being said, uh, yeah, so there's a, looks really cool. That being said, hasn't actually been, uh, tested out much yet. Um, you know, ledger is a, a trusted name among hardware wallets. It's not one that I've used, uh, personally. Um, this is, this does use Bluetooth, which I've been, I've been somewhat hesitant to, to, uh, use a, um, hardware wallet with Bluetooth.

[00:06:47] Um, to me it's. The potential risks seem not worth the, the convenience of, of not plugging it in. Um, but I, I am curious to see what people think about this once it, uh, is fully released. I mean, it's some beautiful piece of looking tech, I'll say that. Mm-hmm. and a lot more than I think we've seen for a while.

[00:07:08] Yeah. I, you know, it's kind of one of those things like, I don't fully understand. The upside of having a screen, because I use my, uh, mobile phone to show things when I wanna show it really quickly. Like, oh, I own this thing. And like, um, and makes me nervous. Silly. One of thing around still putting the safes a lot.

[00:07:27] I don't wanna Oh, but then I usb Well, um, but I think it, you know, just having more options, um, for hardware wallets I think is, is great. They. They're, they're relatively underused at this point by, by the crypto community. I think.

[00:07:42] Let's see, next here, we've got some more, uh, Nike Artifact News. Um, so they are hinting at a, a move to earn, uh, type of, uh, feature for the, this new shoe that they have dropped. I think we, we talked about this a little bit. Um, they discovered they. They announced the physical shoe, um, at nf? Yeah, at the NFT Now event.

[00:08:10] At, at, during Miami Art Week. Art Basel. Um, and now sounds like they may be going, um, a little bit in the, uh, direction of, uh, uh, why my, what's the, uh, the one that's done this already? George, uh oh, the, it was on Solana, right? Right. Oh God. Oh, hold on, man. Blanking, blanking, . Um, but you know, it's interesting, you know, they've, we've got a couple, actually I think we have two items, step, a step in.

[00:08:42] There we go. You know, definitely a bigger name in this. And you know, we've seen them, I don't know, we've talked about with step, it's big. A lot of that is. About advertising and then being able to, uh, get you to check these things so that you're, you know, getting exposure to the new ads and everything. So, um, interesting that they're interesting to see that Nike's also getting into that.

[00:09:00] I would think that they would be a little bit more of, uh, gaming it or gaming it so you can get your own points and whatnot to, uh, use in their ecosystem. Um,

[00:09:11] we. Shoot up. We've got one other, uh, Nike story here. Um, that. I'm actually just throwing it in. Um, so this, so part of this news was a little disappointing to some of their, uh, longtime holders of the, the monolith boxes. Uh, this, the news was the shoes would only be available to ship to the United States.

[00:09:36] This had never been discussed before in, uh, in any of their drops. When they, I mean, they've gone from the artifact shoot to different. Nike monolith boxes and, and whatnot. So this has, uh, definitely disappointed some of the holders. We've seen some, some, uh, big price drops in, um, a couple of their collections as well.

[00:10:01] Um, you know, so they're, um, it's not clear to me if this, the, the move to. Part would also be blocked outside of the us. My, my hunch is that it's not going to be supported outside of the us so that would be a, you know, relatively big detri detriment to the international, uh, customer base. Yeah. I'm managering They're having a real fun time in the, in the legal department.

[00:10:24] I just, I was also looking at this, are we, are we saying that there's another official word for the. Physical, digital called Fidgital. Are they gonna stick with fidgital as a real word? Are we doing that? I, I mean, it's pretty bad, right? It's a, we gotta do better on that. It feels, I feel like it's going around and I really don't like it.

[00:10:44] I think it's too late. It's not up to us. You're telling me I'm still ruining, I'm still rooting for my ons. I just wanna call NFTs ons. Come on, . I. All right. We get onto our next story here. So, oh man, we've talked about Reddit and how they're just killing it, but not with NFTs, of course, with digital collectibles, right?

[00:11:05] So they have, they're not NFTs, very clear. Definitely NFT Man, 216,000 minted in a single day. This is a new record for, for their platform and I. For any platform, um, you know, outside of somebody just saying that they maybe minted a whole bunch of, uh, tokens on their own. Um, this is, this is crazy. They just keep coming in waves.

[00:11:28] People are, there's new creators. Just, just learning from what's been done before and, and killing it with, with new releases. This is cool. I have not, you know, I, I still haven't fully jumped, you know, fully. Uh, jumped into that NFT or the, uh, the Reddit n f t universe. But man, this is, this is great. Yeah. And guess what?

[00:11:50] It's all happening on Polygon, I'm pretty sure here. Um, , full disclosure. Yeah, I like Polygon.

[00:11:59] Okay. We've got, finally, we've got ape. Staking coming and it's causing problems because of course, right? You guys rolled something else out. Uh, there are people that are losing all of their, to their steak tokens because they sell, they do not realize that they're bored, ape or they're muttin or whatever.

[00:12:21] Ape they might have or dog or whatever. I don't exactly know how the, the staking works, but it, it is essentially the key to the tokens. If you stake with, if you stake the tokens, you must have that NFT to get them back. Some people don't seem to realize this, think that's maybe based on the, the wallet instead, other people losing some pretty big, uh, big token amounts from this.

[00:12:43] Um, this is one. The numbers look insane right now. There's people . If you go on Twitter, you'll find people talking about, you know, retiring, living off the, uh, the staked token income. You know, we've seen how these play out. If you're thinking about anything back like that, please, please look at how those have played out in the past, every single time.

[00:13:04] Not like, oh, maybe this is different every single time. , it's almost tiresome watching that movie play out again and again. And just to explain the way that like staking is promised is you lock up your coins here, we give you yield from the magical yield ferry. Don't ask any questions about the magical internet money that will obviously just keep coming as long as you keep pumping the price and nothing will ever happen.

[00:13:30] Cuz you know, music will always keep playing. The money must come from somewhere and you know, I would hope. , anybody new getting into it would realize that. But if you're already in, here's the weird thing, I will say this as somebody who has been in the middle of, you know, the circus while the music is playing and it's like pretty amazing, you know, when magic money is just dropping into your wallet.

[00:13:55] It just doesn't last though. And it, you know, it can, it can be hard to pull out, but like if you possibly can, you know, capture that initial investment as quickly as possible. And, you know, do not think of it as like a huge opportunity. It just, where does the money come from? And it can't be magical Internet fairies.

[00:14:15] That's the answer.

[00:14:17] All right. Hey, do you remember that, uh, story about we're gonna buy the Constitution? You know, all the, the, oh, it was getting, that was like a year ago today almost, right? Yeah. You know how that died? Well, it's. Another, there's another group getting together trying to buy the Constitution, um, constitution DAO two.

[00:14:37] This is another copy of the Constitution. Remember, if you remember from the last one, it was, it ended up being bought by, uh, Kenneth Griffin from Citadel, um, , Citadel Ventures. He basically saw that Dow had raised about 40, I wanna say about 45 million or something. So that is 45. Oh one, you know, whatever it might be, ready to go 46 million and, and, uh, beat that bid.

[00:15:04] Uh, I think they're trying to, so they're selling NFTs with this one. I, I know they're trying to not say exactly how much they have. I don't know exactly how it's gonna work. I mean, it's on chain, but, you know, I also think it's a pretty different environment than, than maybe we were in at that time. So we'll see.

[00:15:22] What kind of money gets, uh, gets raised. To, uh, to go after this addition. Is that the Affordable project? go? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I think you wanna bring that one. . I just like on their site, they've got Nick Cage, they're really playing it up. Um, just a picture of 'em. Not like public endorsement, but, uh, pretty funny.

[00:15:47] Good luck. I don't understand the, I mean, the utility of own. an artifact like that, but I guess I do. At least it's worth something, right? Like ar arguably, like if you have people like, uh, Ken Griffin, like spending over 47 million to buy the thing, there's some market out there. Yeah. I mean, they're not making more.

[00:16:11] Well, I mean, I guess, I don't know. Are they, are they on the blockchain? I don't know how many there really are

[00:16:17] They've raised 36 eats so far. I just found that app. So maybe it's a ways to go. 36 eth Looks like they've total public amount raised so far. Th what's No, you're missing. It's gotta be more. That's not gonna do it. . They're getting boy.

[00:16:38] All right, well, we'll see what happens. We'll, uh, we may come back with an update on that . Yeah, well, we talked, well talking about, speaking of Polygon, as you were earlier, we got Starbucks and their N F T efforts back here. They are actually rolling these out to beta, uh, beta testers now. Um, I, yeah, we've talked about how we haven't really, uh, seen much about this, but, you know, maybe there are just more beta testers being able to use the points and everything, but, you know, they're, they're moving ahead.

[00:17:09] That's. I'm kind of shocked to see that nifty gateway is going to be powering their marketplace. Yeah. Why? . Why? Why? I mean, why am I shocked? Why are you No, no, no, no, no. Why are you shocked? , uh, why are they, why are they doing that? Why are they throwing in with a centralized NFT marketplace that has ties to Gemini Winklevoss twins that I think owe or owed as much as 900 million from the FTX scandal and collapse?

[00:17:40] I don't know. Just questions. Just questions. Full disclosure. I have, I think, systematically removed every single, uh, nifty I had on that. , uh, just in case. Yeah. Not so bad. Can't hurt to have that in your, your own wallet, right? It's self custody. Mm-hmm.

[00:17:58] Well, I can talk about Zed cause I know we're gonna be pushing our, uh, We're gonna push in our talk about Cock Punch, uh, a little bit later. But, uh, look, Zed, the, I would say the game that, uh, really got me into NFTs, uh, with regard to horse racing and whatnot, uh, you know, they're still kicking four years down the road and they have a major update to the platform, which is always kind of funny because there's a lot of people who bought a lot of these horses.

[00:18:27] And a lot of, I know, yeah, I know of some, I know of one in particular, one of them. Uh, but they're, I will say impressively updating and not afraid to sort of innovate, but they're adding like levels, which is gonna increase, um, how people are getting like, experienced points on top of their horses. So, you know, it's kind of interesting to see that they had an original asset near Horse, which was an N F T, but there were hidden attributes, um, that could sort of only be seen on their system, not necessarily publicly.

[00:18:55] You could see their stats. So, These NFTs are sort of evolving in a game, in a way that I don't see any other game doing. And they're, you know, , they're doing it all on the blockchain. It's all in public, right? It's happening on Polygon. So they're trying to just make it, um, you know, more fun as a, as a gameplay.

[00:19:13] And, you know, I have a bunch of these horses that are being lent out on a regular basis now. And, you know, people, people are, are racing them. Um, it's interest. Awesome. I feel like we should have like, theme music for, for the stables, the stable report or something from, for George. What's going on with, with not stable report?

[00:19:35] it's, it's mostly not stable. It's actually stable. Let's not moving too much. Awesome. Um, let's see. So we don't, well we're gonna discuss a big project today. We don't have a specific project that we're. Going to, uh, to bring, I don't think, unless you, you have a surprise for us at the last moment here, George.

[00:19:56] I don't have any buzzer beaters. You know, I think, uh, I, I'm still just, uh, enjoying the fact that I picked up the, uh, The artifact there. But I will say because of the, uh, , because of the news that we just talked about with Nike and people being, I think, a little frustrated, um, the floor price is, uh, well below where I, uh, would say you, yeah, I was talking about buying it before you had, it was such a great buy until that.

[00:20:24] It looked like you had a great offer on it and things had kind of started picking up and then the news came out and, uh, you know, as, ah, it does feel like, man, anytime you, you actually release news, it's just, it's never good. Uh, floor Bryce is at, uh, 0.28, uh, call it two at 0.29. So, um, it is lowest it has been in quite some time.

[00:20:46] So if you think Nike can, you know, figure out how to make shoes a thing, uh, you know, maybe. Uh, pull up on it, but it's, um, yeah, I don't know. It's pretty much kinda my, my joke that I kind of expected that is like, as soon as I buy it, I'll tell you what's gonna happen. Yeah. Has that fallen knife right. I'm sorry.

[00:21:07] That is important. So let us, of course, let us know, uh, you know, we'll, we'll get to talk about Cock Punch and everything here. Of course, you'll have to let the, uh, let the community, let the, the listeners know if you do pick one up. Cause we know what that will we'll do to the price, right, George? Oh, right to the mo.

[00:21:21] Well, I mean, this podcast is definitely gonna drive it right back up, so no worries on that. Moving markets every day. All right, so we talked a little about this project. We, we, everybody knows about this at this point. If you're. Yeah, you probably do the Tim Ferris project that, you know, he started talking about on his blog.

[00:21:40] It's, you know, really kind of funny looking, uh, chickens, but it's a whole fictional, we are preveal here to just noting as we, as we record this, we are pre preveal. Uh, so, you know, who knows what may have. Post reveal. Yeah. Uh, well, I I did try to get one. You actually got one. Uh, it's sold at 0.3 and, you know, sold out in like classic in inside of minutes because there was like far more.

[00:22:11] Uh, I think marketing, uh, associated on it, uh, easy. Great marketer, isn't he? The guy knows how to market things, right? Like, you know, this is the person who, you know, made, basically made it under the scene with like a four hour work week, right? Where. , he actually came up with the title of that book after, like running a bunch of different ads to see what people would click on.

[00:22:32] And he is like, oh, that . So, uh, he's certainly been in the game and he has, you know, friends like Kevin Rose, who as soon as you, I think have him on your project in any way, shape or form, saying like, I'm gonna support this. Like, there's just a lot of institutional. Uh, and old holders that all just follow him no matter what.

[00:22:54] So right, you get the proof holders, you get the moon Bird people and anyone that just feels like they maybe missed out on those and still is a big fan. You know, I think overall we've, we've seen a lot of collections recently that I think speak to people that, um, maybe are of a similar age background, whatnot.

[00:23:15] To Tim Ferris. And you know, one of the things that he was great at with his marketing of his books was really understanding where to, to make it feel like he's everywhere in a specific community. And I think he's done that here. He's been on Kevin Rose podcast. He's been on, he's been on just, just all of the, the major, uh, n F NFT and Crypto Media

[00:23:37] Um, it's been on that tour and it's, it would be hard to not know about this if you're, you're in crypto. Um, This was, I mean, it was impressive volume here. This was a collection of 5,555 pieces. Pretty, I feel like we've seen a lot of collections going smaller recently, maybe with, you know, with the, uh, the editions of the market and, you know, this is a, this is a big collection sold out quickly, as you said.

[00:24:04] I think, you know, you mentioned that it was about 10% overallocated not clear to me that it. It was only 10% based on how quickly that went. Uh, I think it may have been more regardless. It's, I mean, it's, it's impressive that there was this much just waiting out there for this, this project. He, he's then acted as a collector in the space, although I, as far as I know, his wallet is, is not known.

[00:24:31] Um, but he has been at different events that reached out at the, uh, the, uh, Martha. Event for art blocks, um, as was Kevin Rose. Um, so, you know, he's, he's definitely been around and seems to understand a lot of the, some of the nuances of, of, of the NFT ecosystem and how to release a project. But this is, it's pretty different than from anything he's done before.

[00:24:59] I mean, this is a, it's a, it's gonna be a fictional. Right. With these characters. He's launched a separate podcast to, I dunno if you'd say to support it, but it's sort of about kind of the, the creative exploration of this project. Right? Yeah. He's done some unique things here. Obviously we talked about the item size, which is different.

[00:25:21] Uh, he has made it very clear, I, I don't think he's having a discord. Maybe that's, , he is promising exactly zero utility . Um, and like he's doing it like very much upfront, which, you know, if you look back pretty different than, you know, the Kevin Rose style of being like, oh, I'm gonna be sending you like all this kind of stuff.

[00:25:43] You're gonna get alpha into discord. You're gonna be part of this. Like, I think Tim is just like, look, I design some really cool, funny, uh, art that pairs with an entire, uh, story narrative that he's just going to launch and. Uh, whole podcast behind it. And so it'll, um, you know, it'll be a potential creative asset, uh, that he, you know, tries to, to build behind.

[00:26:07] And I see Gary Vaynerchuk trying to, you know, do this with, or talk about doing this mm-hmm. , uh, with, uh, v Friends, right? How there's gonna be stories associated with all these like little motivational cri critters running around business like, okay. Uh, This is, um, an interesting experiment. I was, I was frustrated.

[00:26:27] I, uh, I really did wanna get one, but now I'm, you know, sort of hawing this, uh, , this price. Uh, as it kind of comes down, I think there's like, uh, probably a lot. What are we looking at right now? We're at point, point, uh, nine, six. Um, and I know you obviously picked it up at 0.3 probably on Right? This wasn't, I mean, I saw at one point there.

[00:26:49] Solid sales at 1 1 5. And then it seemed to come back down to one three when I last looked at it, uh, before, before going to, to, to sleep the, uh, the night of, of the mint. Um, so it's come down a little bit. very, uh, I'm curious to see what happens with this. It's, yeah, it's very ex, almost the opposite of, of proof and what Kevin Rose has done in terms of not, you know, promising nothing.

[00:27:15] I don't know exactly what to expect, um, in terms of the project and it, and it's not, it's not the type of project that I would typically just jump into. Because of the lack of details and lack of clarity about what's going on. It's the Tim Ferriss name certainly is, is what's carrying this project right now.

[00:27:36] Yeah. Uh, clearly that's, that's in there. I, I do see that they did over 7 million in, you know, the first seven days and like, it hasn't been seven days, but it's been, you're sort of like aggregating a few days. , uh, whenever this comes out, I think it's also, um, it's interesting to see. I have never seen something of this volume, uh, go directly toward a nonprofit, uh, the Foundation, uh, which, you know, it is Tim's Foundation, so you're like, yeah, I did go to a nonprofit, but I think it's maybe slightly different what it is.

[00:28:10] Your own personal, basically like nonprofits, you're running. Right, right, right. Like that, I mean, yeah. You, you get go do good work. That's fun to do with it. And you know, there's something about, you know, try, you know, believing in what you're doing. But yeah, it's not giving it away. We're not going, it's not going.

[00:28:27] The Humane Society, I mean, again, look, there's a lot of oversight. Um, you know, because it's a, you know, they have to file as a public charity, uh, a nine 90, which you get full, uh, disclosures on how people are compensated. So you get the top three people that are compensated at the organization. Like my other, my other world is deeply in nonprofits, so I looking at this from that lens too, being like, holy cow.

[00:28:52] Like if, you know, had a celebrity in a way to, to do it, like guess what? Like he, you don't pay taxes when you donate all of that money to a nonprofit and then you use it operat. You made money. So one of the things that, you know, I would give you, I imagine if he's giving it to that, that's also giving money to a nonprofit, even if it's his, it is a filed, we could, you know, I have a, I have a nonprofit that I run and I could have a drop and I could send all of the money to that nonprofit and I could hire me, which I do.

[00:29:28] I work for it and I pay myself through it. I, I, I'm, I don't mean to be throwing any fud actually at, at all. I'm just looking at it can be done the wrong way. It can be, there's a lot of, there's a lot of variables in here, and we've seen cases where it's not done right. I'm not, neither of us are saying that that's the case here, or if Ferris is doing the, let me just take that clip, and we're like, well, hypothetically, , I think we've seen some issues where people have tried to, To maybe give money to certain organizations in the crypto space to maybe make things look better than they are.

[00:30:09] Again, not what's happening. It just can be done. Um, and it hasn't been done too, some pretty ridiculous, uh, degrees in crypto anywhere. Well, The other question that kind of raises in my mind here, um, is that, let's just be honest, like it takes money to build community, to build assets, to build that podcast.

[00:30:29] He's going to now all of the secondary sales, of which he gets 6.9% because he's a goofball, 69%. Like it's just funny, , 6.9%, uh, of the transactions that, um, you know, I, I don't know what networks are gonna. You know, allowing this, or not allowing it with author fees, but like, that's how that will actually generate its initial revenue, right?

[00:30:55] Like, although the guy knows how to run a podcast, I'm sure he can get ads on top of his, like, fictional narratives and like go from there. But that, you know, it is a very different thing starting a company with like just the royalties that come off of this versus like starting a company with 7 million, like, you know, that's headcount, right?

[00:31:12] that's head of marketing, head of creative, like, you know, the. Is, um, something Yeah, and you figure that most of those, you know, a good percentage of the royalties are gonna come in, you know, shortly after men. You know, as we, as we are recording this, it's really, we're less than a day and a half think we're about 30 hours, uh, from mid time.

[00:31:35] Um, so, you know, we've seen a ton of volume and, well, it's hard to say, you know, the, the number of transactions likely slows down. It's hard to say what's going to happen. The price. So, you know, you don't know what the royalty, uh, royalties will end up being. Um, you know, that being said, it is, you know, he's got a big project to run here.

[00:31:54] He is doing a podcast. He has, he, he announced the new podcast on his current podcast and said it was a. I think he said it was a 32nd promo for the new one. It was still a five plus minute recording because he fills those things with ads. He's real. If you've listened to his podcast, you'll know that man, there are a ton of ads and there are a ton of listeners.

[00:32:16] They pay some big money. Uh, he, you know, he's found a way to make it work and he's not. Yeah, we, you know, we just talked about how it's his own nonprofit also, if he. if, if things weren't going so well. That's a lot of, a lot of money he just raised, you know, he, he's clearly, uh, clearly doing all right otherwise, that he, that he can do something like that.

[00:32:36] I, I do expect that he'll be able to bring some of that to the, uh, the new podcast as well. Yeah, there's, um, you know, as I look at it, there's one wallet that has, um, like 10% of the project and it's unnamed exactly. and maybe tens like he may have just held on, he must have held onto it. So likes kinda interesting to be like, oh, there it is.

[00:33:00] Like none of 'em have moved out. Um, as far as I can see, they're just like all airdropped to this wallet. So, uh, you know, I wonder how much of that supply the thing or something. I would think. Yeah. So I mean, if you're in this project, that's like one of those things that we're looking at to be like, all right, what is the distribution of holders?

[00:33:22] and in a different world, right? Like, you know, you, if you have, uh, 10% of a project that will potentially just be sold along the way. Um, it's important to know that. And again, without a, a discord, I wonder if that actually kind of bites them a little bit because these people are gonna feel less of a camaraderie with each other, less of a connection and understanding of like, what's, what's being planned, other than like tuning into the, like , the podcast b.

[00:33:51] Right. Yeah, that's, that is interesting. It's an interesting, interesting choice not to go with the, the discord. I think we've feel like we've seen that from, from some of the Freeman projects recently. You know, obviously at 0.3, this was not a Freeman kind of, uh, I don't know. I think we've, I'm not saying we've seen the end of Freeman's.

[00:34:08] I just think, you know, people got maybe a little carried away with the idea that everything was going to be a free mint. And you know, more often I think this is going to be. I think most successful projects will actually start with a midprice because there is demand and it does give them something to play with, um, in terms of building afterward.

[00:34:27] Yeah, I um, think it's another example too. You know, your. You're able to see, like, here's somebody who has, you know, uh, a brand and trust. And so if you're a creator who has built up an audience and audience trust over a period of time, like this is a playbook. And we've seen it, you know, run, uh, many times, but like, you know, really, I can only think of the, like Gary Vaynerchuk, Kevin Rose, Tim Ferris, like, uh, you know, you get some other stuff out there.

[00:34:58] But in terms of like people that had. Large audience of podcasts, like running that type of play? Um, I, there's a lot more out there and I think there's a lot more creators that are like, at some point I know I'm gonna have to get into this game. Uh, I, you know, I think they'll probably care about not wanting to rug their supporters.

[00:35:17] Uh, so watching it carefully because Tim cares, uh, and has c. Uh, that brand of trust. So I, uh, I don't own one, but if that price, I, I'll, I'll throw a dart at it. I was gonna ask you, what, what is your, what's your target? My target on this 1.6, I think there's a lot of people in here flipping this thing. I don't know how he kind of fully distributed it out there, but I don't think, um, the Venn diagram of.

[00:35:43] overlapping. Tim Ferris fans and holders of this are, uh, anywhere near aligned, uh, right now. Yeah. There, you know, I feel like it's something, you know, there were a ton of raffles for this, um, across different projects and I, I get that to some degree that there's no way to, to really gauge how genuinely interested people are in the project.

[00:36:09] And I hope that we can find ways that people. Have interest. It's something that I think if is where an artist that had released things before, a creator that had released things before, it's something that maybe you can find people that are actually holders, take a, you know, take a snapshot, something like that, a little harder with brand new projects and I.

[00:36:28] I think you're right in that it ends up being just a lot of people that won and are looking to, to flip it, you know? And, and it's hard not to if you, if you don't care that much and you paid 0.3 and it's up to 1.3 the same day, or even one, it's a nice little nice little flip if you, if you don't, you know, for not doing much.

[00:36:47] Um, yeah, I mean it's a, it's a much bigger buy for, for. Like you that's looking, that actually is generally interested and now you're thinking, well, what is the right entry point? Because there are a lot of people still, still flipping. Yeah. Look, it's, it's also kind of very clear that like, you know, you try your best, but like there are people in here who clearly got like, 40, 50 of these things, and I can look at them right now.

[00:37:12] The top 100 owners, the number two and number three people had 47 and 58 respectively. And they are just constantly selling. They're just just completely selling into this market. And so, like, I, again, well that's the thing, right? Like maybe I, I don't have the whole narrative, but like I do and can look at Davis, I dunno.

[00:37:35] I, I, if it. Yeah, you can do some more digging. See if those wallets are connected to the, the, to Tim and the team. I hope not. Cause I, you know, that's something that definitely frustrates me when I see people that have access, um, early access or, or privileged access to, to a project and getting too much at selling.

[00:37:54] Cause I, you know, I'm not saying that you can't sell. , but I think that there's a, you know, there should be more of a lockup period for those that do have access. So I hope that it is not that case. Not saying it is, you know, we have seen it at, you know, in, in, in projects before. Yeah. I'll send it to you. I mean, it's like this person's, you know, made bank on this, you know, and it's clear they got a ton of these in the door.

[00:38:16] I'm seeing at least, uh, 20 sales. Um, and you figure they're probably about tripling if you know at least. Yeah. Looks he's tripling. Um, on that. Uh, so again, when you're Oh, this mic cre to the pros. You though Yeah. Think I might even know who this is. , he's gonna check. Make sure it's not a friend of it. He like, oh, nevermind.

[00:38:41] I think I, yeah, I might I know him. I mean, look, if you, if you get it, I mean it's not the do it. Yeah, but I mean it's the name. So wait, this, I did see this person buying a lot early, but I also think. Yeah, I guess I'd have to look at, you know, did they actually buy them or they, uh, you know, were they, did they mint that many?

[00:39:03] Um, you know, I, I would think that with a raffle we'd see a relatively, um, Why distribution to a large number of unique wallets? Hmm. I don't, doesn't, uh, doesn't always work out entirely like that. You know, as you said, there's this person, a lot of these, um, it's a, you know, at the same time, you know, there may, I don't know where this project is going.

[00:39:24] Um, it does feel like there is, there's a lot of demand and, and still people looking to get in and I. You know, I would think that the, there is a, I dunno, I don't see this one as one that's gonna be back to, to anywhere close to the midprice, um, anytime soon. I think, you know, it won't problem, it just won't, it just won't.

[00:39:44] I, um, I'm throwing a dart at 0.6. I think the other piece here is like, I mean, this was on my radar immediately. I was like so fast to get on like the white list. I've listened to all the stuff in the past. I think I, yeah, I think that's what you can really see. The fact that like, when you have those elements, Person, trusted brand long time in the industry.

[00:40:03] Probably a bit of a tech band, something funny, creative, something that they obviously put care into. And then that type of media blitz like, just try to get on the white list, you will make money. It's like, that seems now, will, should you hold it indefinitely? No freaking clue. But it's very clear when you have an over, like this is the old play when you over subscribe, drop with a, you know, a person or brand that's like trustworthy, like number probably go up.

[00:40:28] Yeah. And I think that's, what a lot of people saw a year. Um, you know, people went for this mint, whether they were ready to hold it for a long time or just flip it cuz it looked, I mean it's sort of a no-brainer when, when you see this sort of attention and, and we weren't the only ones that saw it. . Yeah.

[00:40:46] Well I, you know, it's disappointing cause you saw this, you, you did see this even earlier. You got on the wait list so early and I guess that's where I feel like shouldn't there be, you know, I, I won three through a raffle much later. Didn't have to pay much attention and, you know, It almost goes back to the days of when there was, uh, you know, just, uh, hustling and different discords to, you know, get on the lists and, and do all the different things.

[00:41:09] And, you know, you do see that there is something to that. Cause it, yeah, it takes time and like you put in the time and you get rewarded for that. Like there's no, you know, no way around that. And. Uh, I'm surprised he didn't have us, you know, pre-buy a, a book or something to help him get another , another New York Times bestseller.

[00:41:27] And, you know, I, I mean like, it's funny if he just, if he just did it, it was just, it was just almost nothing. It just said Cock Punch in the book and still I New York Times bestseller. It would've been pretty funny, dude, straight up, like, could have been a graphic novel. Like he could have gone ahead and like done it and be like, go buy this book.

[00:41:42] And you're like, all right, fine, I'll go buy this. Like, I'll go buy 10 of 'em, like Gary V did that. , like, I think v2, I mean there's a book drop. Oh, so this is already done? Yeah, yeah. No, no, no. Tim, Tim doesn't follow . It's like Damnit. You did it first. , I love it comes back to how many like trees. Can I like incinerate to make some books?

[00:42:03] Yeah. Yeah. Now that the blockchain is, uh, yeah, , I don't, I'm against books cuz it uh, hurts the environment.

[00:42:11] Oh man. All right. Uh, we had one other narrative here, like, I don't know, we'll come talk about it later, but it just feels like one long band-aid ripping event after another with, you know, various platforms and fallout coming. We were speculating before we turn on the mic, like, Whether or not Heather is on the track.

[00:42:29] Did we get anything right about this year? Did we get anything right about this year? ? No, I don't think so. I was so bullish. I did real predictions, but you know, I think we should, uh, maybe be more explicit about some predictions just so we can really see how bad we are, are. Did fair. We did talk about some of the themes, and I think we should try to go back to that at some point in one of our upcoming episodes.

[00:42:53] All right, that's a good idea. How wrong were we about the themes of this year? , who predicted the multi-billion. Frauds and blowups. Um, oh yeah, we, I mean, we have to do a classic prediction episode. I feel like that's just, everyone loves that, have two idiots guess of what's gonna happen, like Sure.

[00:43:14] Yeah. Did you, I mean, have you picked that? We were going to have just massive blow up after massive blow. Why didn't you let us know, and why are you still here listening to this? Because you should have been out of this already. So, , I, I just, I'm not gonna believe you. If you told me that you knew that was gonna happen, show me the receipts.

[00:43:36] should be on the chain. Uh, but yeah, I, I really kind of hope that like 2023 is less bandaid ripping, like just if tethers gonna collapse, just do it already. Like let's just go down, go down. Oh, it's not, that's not the way you, it's not the way that's all. Bandaid are ripped off . Apparently not. I mean, it's supposed to be like that, right?

[00:43:59] We are just slowly removing this, you know, as, as is constantly, uh, said in the, the x copy discord with anyone cuz it's just, it's max pain, you know? It's, it's, it's alluding to his max pain and friends that just cannot get back to. To, uh, min mint, you know, and it's, uh, just, well, that's the only, I would say, is this a fair, is this an accurate statement?

[00:44:24] Is the only X copy that is below its min price? I, yes. Also, coincidentally, the only X copy that I have ever bought at Min Price. Oh man, Jess, I'm just saying coincidence, maybe.

[00:44:39] Yeah, I like my, I I'm very proud to have an next copy. I'm pleased with that thing. Uh, it's, it's, you know, uh, I love the project. I think there's probably still board to come to it. And I still love the references of, man, you know, what is the max pain? That is what we will get. . Oh God. Yeah. Um, all right, well, uh, we'll go out.

[00:45:01] I'll have to go hunt. I feel like we did, uh, Our projections about what was gonna happen this year. So we'll go. We talked about some themes and you know, I know, know, gaming was gonna, you like music. I was all about gaming and at that period of time I had like some, like we doing really well with some of the gaming stuff and then, you know, everything imploded.

[00:45:21] Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm . We were over the metaverse though, so. We were right. , we were over the Metaverse we're like, this can't go on. Oh yeah. You know's idea of what that was. And man, remember those, those virtual land prices getting up to 20, come on, . I mean, you do more than I do because I think you held a lot more of 'em than I did along the way.

[00:45:46] I, no, I mean, I had, I didn't have much, I didn't do blow on these at all. I think. I think you had a sandbox spot at one point, right? And I had That's pretty good. You had the NFT Worlds nfs that I, yeah, I, I, you know, I think I made like 0.3 on that. Sold that at 0.7 when I those got up over 10. I know . Yeah.

[00:46:11] Yeah. You know. All right, well, uh, see you out there. Leave a rating reviewed, drop into Discord. Maybe we'll, uh, do some horse trading. Literally. Yeah. Swap your worthless tokens. Help someone else out. . All right, see you out there.