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A Blurry Future for NFTs


Is Blur Backing Itself into a Corner? 

  • NFT marketplace Blur to end double loyalty points offer, potentially impacting NFT ecosystem
  • Blur overtook OpenSea as the top NFT marketplace by volume after launching its native $BLUR token
  • Significant token rewards given to users, leading to increased trading volume and outperformance of OpenSea
  • Concerns arise as a few of Blur's biggest traders influence floor prices of NFT collections
  • Blur co-founder argues the success is good for NFT space, while others disagree
  • Potential drop in activity and floor prices when double points reward system ends on May 1
  • Some big traders exit Blur after realizing substantial losses in ETH
  • NFT ecosystem braces for impact as Blur approaches May 1 deadline; questions regarding system sustainability remain



  • Background on Blur
  • Controversy and concerns
  • End of double loyalty points
  • Departure of big traders
  • NFT ecosystem braces for impact

As the NFT ecosystem braces for the end of Blur's double loyalty points offer, the future of the platform hangs in the balance. While Blur has made waves in the NFT world and attracted pro-traders with its aggressive reward system, this strategy could ultimately backfire. The platform's reliance on a few major traders to drive trading volume and maintain floor prices has raised concerns about its sustainability. If Blur fails to adapt and implement a more inclusive, community-driven approach, it may struggle to maintain its dominant position and risk destabilizing the NFT market as a whole.