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Theme: 5 Tips for New Collectors in this market

  • For all 7 of the new people looking to get into NFTs, this is for you.
  • Where to start?


  1. Use Metamask to get a wallet and protect the key. Load your wallet using CoinBase.
  2. Define your budget, but don’t buy, spend +two weeks doing practice (paper bids not real)
  3. Participate in a free mint to get the feel. PS borrow a ZED Horse and do some free races
  4. Stalk 3 discord groups. 
  5. Buy your first affordable NFT. Browse our project list and just see the rise and fall of once popular projects. 

Tracking Spreadsheet: 

Midjourney image: a kid’s style drawing of Elon Musk riding a rocket to Mars - @things-on-strings