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All About AFFORDABLE NFTs, hosts Andrew aka Rantum and George from Mostly Stable on ZED Run, help navigate new projects, interview expert guests and explore NFT trends. Whether you’re on your first or fiftieth NFT, we’re going to have something for you.

And a quick note that we are not financial advisors and nothing in this podcast should be taken as investment advice.




Affordable project

- - infinite pieces of generative art, owning gives access to TilesDAO, who helped throw an impressive party in Brooklyn and seems likely to hold more in-person events  - keep us honest run down NFT NYC 

  • Major themes 
    • NFTs are permissionless & decentralized, should give voice to more creators
      • 51% of speakers that applied to speak were accepted (500+)
      • Opening talk at Town Hall 
    • In person access via NFTs
    • Ownership / rewards given to early fans / adopters
  • Layout and vibe of the event 
    • All around 
  • What type of people were there
  • Interesting uses of IRL NFTs?