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All About AFFORDABLE NFTs, hosts Andrew aka Rantum and George from Mostly Stable on ZED Run, help navigate new projects, interview expert guests and explore NFT trends. Whether you’re on your first or fiftieth NFT, we’re going to have something for you.

And a quick note that we are not financial advisors and nothing in this podcast should be taken as investment advice.

Affordable Project: Shark DAO

Theme: Fractional NFTs

  • - platform to allow anyone to fractionalize an NFT
  • - similar to above
  • DAOs - when DAOs buy, generally done so in a different manner where DAO owns asset, DAO members own ‘governance’ over that asset, not direct control
  • NFT Liquidity Pools
    • Purpose
      • Allow for easy buying & selling of popular collections (floor generally)
      • Enables those without funds for a full NFT to invest in collections
    • Platforms
  • NFTfi - lending protocol: 

Additional Resources