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All About AFFORDABLE NFTs, hosts Andrew aka Rantum and George from Mostly Stable on ZED Run, help navigate new projects, interview expert guests and explore NFT trends. Whether you’re on your first or fiftieth NFT, we’re going to have something for you.


Affordable Project:

Redlion Studios - 1st NFT based magazine.

About: issued first comic ETH-Men quietly on Tuesday with 1000 mints announced on Discord. New comic DeFi Verse launches Friday, Oct 08. Planning physical editions already published 54 weekly issues of NFT digital mag Redlion Gazette


Theme: Must know NFT platforms


Essential tools

  • Platform highlight: Opensea
    • Covered previously 
    • Introduced new listing UX, may help reduce ‘fat finger’ listings
  • Etherscan
    • Free tool to browse tokens, transactions, wallets, etc
    • Track gas fees, view pending transactions
  • Discord
    • Most nft projects use Discord heavily for community building
    • Mute heavily, it’s very noisy and active
    • Staying engaged can yield early info, insider tips
    • Most avatar/pfp projects listed here to help show how rare items are in collection
    • Great for finding good buys, setting sell prices
    • More rare doesn't always mean more valuable. Some traits may be more common yet more desired
  • Must have zed tool: Stacked Naks
    • Full stats on your stable and overlay with the ZED RUN platform to quickly evaluate competition in races





And a quick note that we are not financial advisors and nothing in this podcast should be taken as investment advice.